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St. Mirren 4 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: St. Mirren 2 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: McPherson, Wyllie, Anderson, Anderson
Aberdeen scorers: Ward, Ward.

30/09/1905 | KO:

Played at Paisley. The ground men forced the pace from the start, and although Wylie missed a penalty kick, they led by two goals to one at the interval. In the second half, Anderson got another two goals for the ground men, while Aberdeen only managed one. Result:- St Mirren, four goals; Aberdeen two goals.

Source: Unknown, probably The Scotsman02-10-1905

Aberdeen quitted their stronghold once more on Saturday, and travelled on this occasion to Paisley to engage St Mirren for First Division League honours, but their visit to Love Street Park has not been instrumental in an augmentation of their points. Mr. Baillie, Edinburgh, was referee, and prompt to the minute the teams were lined up as follows:-
St Mirren: Rae; Stephenson, Crawford; Greenlees, Robertson, McAvoy; Wright, Wylie, McPherson, Hall, Henderson.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Robertson, Edgar, Ward, McAulay, Lennie.
Linesman - Messrs A. Dunn, Kilmarnock, and A. Wilson, Govan.

The strangers were fortunate enough to secure the favour of the elements, but, though they started with a stiff wind behind them, the Saints were first to press, Gault giving a miss which almost brought the Aberdeen goal to early disaster, while a few minutes later Anderson on the left wing had a very business-like try at Macfarlane's citadel. The northern men were quick to realise the trend of the game, and a hard tussle resulted in the venue being changed, although the incursions were repulsed by the home defence. Aberdeen kept the sphere safely within the opposition quarters, and had Lennie put a little more sting into his effort, Rae might have succumbed at an early stage. Play having been transfer to Macfarlane's vicinity, a stiff contest ensued between the home backs and the Aberdeen defence. Unfortunately, Murray happened to strike the leather with his elbow, and, of course, the spectatorate were within their rights when they demanded a penalty. Aberdeen's prospects looked gloomy at this stage, but it was not destined that they should yield first blood just yet, and a howl of derision ascended from the crowd when Wyllie's shot was observed to go wildly behind. The evil moment, however, was only postponed for a short time, and McPherson, in the pivot's position, was that means of placing Aberdeen one goal down. The centre forward had by this time been marked as a dangerous man by his previous attacks, but he first eluded Halkett and then darting between Murray and Gault, he sent in a shot, apparently soft, but sufficiently deceptive to outwit Macfarlane, the ball rolling easily into the net. Further pressure by the Saints kept the Pittodrie defence busy, and in the course of a struggle in front of the visitors' goal, Wyllie had the misfortune to lay Gault out on the grass, missing the sphere and planting his boot in the back's stomach. Gault soon got his wind again, and the game was transferred to the other end of the field, where Ward picked up a nice pass from McAulay and easily beat Rae, bringing out the equaliser. The equality of score appeared to freshen up Aberdeen for a time, but they found a stout opposition from the home halves, who broke up the attack and returned well into Aberdeen territory, where Macfarlane was subjected to a hot fusillade. The northern keeper, however, sustained his charge in good style. A determined invasion by the local quintette carried all before it, the result being that Wyllie overcame Macfarlane while he was battling against heavy odds. A few minutes before half-time Ward had to be led from the arena, having received a nasty kick on the face, and the Pittodrie lot, finishing the period without his assistants, succeeded in preventing further scoring, although Anderson rattled the uprights with a terrific punt just before the whistle sounded.

The start saw Lennie and McAulay cooperating well, and between them they carried the game right up to Rae, where a corner was conceded, but resulted in nil. The breeze now favoured the homesters, and for twenty minutes the game was confined almost entirely to Aberdeen Territory. Anderson bore down on Macfarlane, and the custodian rushed out to meet the advance of the enemy, but, successful though he is as a tackler, the redoubtable "Mac" had to own defeat on this occasion, and the ball plunged into the meshes of the net. Disaster trod upon the heel of disaster, and a blunder by Low, followed by miskicking on the part of the defence, Anderson once more came to close quarters with Macfarlane, banging the ball home with a shot that might be characterised as unsavable. Disheartened by repeated reverse, the Aberdeen men seemed to play with less dash than before, and it was only towards the close that they were aroused to effort. Their last try proved effective, Ward accepting a centre from Lennie, and finding the net without difficulty.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd October 1905

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Rae; Stephenson, Crawford; Greenlees, Robertson, McAvoy; Wright, Wylie, McPherson, Hall, Henderson
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley
Referee: Mr. Baillie, Edinburgh
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