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Motherwell 3 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Motherwell 2 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Motherwell scorers: Cowan, Findlay, Cowan
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie, Low, McAulay.

13/01/1906 | KO:

An improvement.

At Fir Park, Motherwell, before about 5000 spectators. Each side was fully represented, and the Hon. Hugh Elliot, Unionist candidate for the division, kicked off the ball for Aberdeen against a strong breeze. Play was fast, and but for Montgomery the Aberdonians would have scored early. Eventually Lennie scored with a long shot, which rebounded into the net off the upright, and a few minutes later Low added a second goal. Thirty-five minutes' play had gone, and Motherwell coming away with a rush scored twice ere half time through Cowan and Findlay. Fifteen minutes after the staryt of the second half McAulay put his side on the lead again, after a sustained attack, and Cowan equalised for Motherwell from a foul kick. The remainder of the game was equally contested. Halkett and Lennie were the outstanding men on their side; and for Motherwell McNeill at centre saved his side from defeat. Result:- Motherwell, three goals; Aberdeen three.

Source: The Scotsman, 1906-01-15

The pitch at Fir Park, Motherwell, was just on the soft side for the "Wasps" on Saturday, when the team took their preliminary gallop, before commencing hostilities against the "men of iron." Looking on quietly, there was little to cause excitement, till Findly shot past Halket at a great rate, but Pat Boyle brought him to a standstill. Lennie next trapped a nice ball from McAuley. Threading his way through the opposition he delivered a grand shot, which proved the beginning of greater things from our versatile left winger. Thoroughly on their best behaviour, Aberdeen put in some delightful work, Lennie opening the score with a grounder which Montgomery could not get at. This was quickly followed with another goal from Henry Low, and with only four minutes to go of the period Aberdeen looked safe.

A change came over the scene, however, Findlay racing away Boyle missed his footing and collapsed, and Motherwell's left winger thus finding no opposition beat Macfarlane promptly. From the kick-off, the home forwards came down liker one man "Rab" having no earthly chance, the teams crossed level. After a while McAuley had a legitimate claim for another goal which was disallowed and a great shot by "Wilfie" Low led to his brother netting from Montgomery, who was unable to clear. Aberdeen were thus favourites again for winning, when "Rab" gave away the softest of goals and points were divided.

Summing up.

Aberdeen threw away their chance of two points most recklessly on Saturday. The onus on this occasion, however, lay not with the attack, but the defence. Boyle's misfooting led to the first goal, which ought not to have been scored, while we have seen "Rab" save many a harder shot than the equaliser in the second half.
Unfortunately, he was out of line, but his judgment ought to have been of some service then.
The forwards played lovely football. They were well backed up by the halves, who were particularly "nippy" in their clearing. Had the ground been harder, Motherwell would have had a very bad time of it, judging from the way Aberdeen were moving on the patches that were free from the mud and "glaur." Motherwell's left wing were the best. They were supported by three bustling halves and a pair of backs that require some shifting. Montgomery kept a splendid goal and was beaten by unsaveable shots every time.

Chatty Bits

There was a large crowd at the Motherwell match, but it was extremely partisan.
Aberdeen's first two goals were received in absolute silence, and they were better, efforts than those that equalised.
Motherwell are still due a visit; to Pittodrie, when Aberdeen should secure the points.
The players were-highly satisfied with the railway arrangements on Saturday, as they were landed home a little after ten o'clock. They do detest arriving in town on Sunday-mornings.
Kyle got a month's suspension for his assault on Johnnie Edgar. Thought he would have received a longer term.
As we hinted a fortnight ago, Charles Mackie, of West Ham, has been signed on for Aberdeen. He will be played against Queen's Park this week.
Mackie will have to play if he means to keep Henry Low out of the front line.
A place will have to be found for Wilfred Low. His play on Saturday was a perfect treat.
The Unionist Candidate, the Hon, Hugh Elliot, set the hall a-rolling on Fir Park. This sort of thing is a trifle overdone.
If Mr. Elliot has no better luck than Mr. Balfour at Manchester, then he had better not hurt his toe by any similar exhibitions.
Special training was begun this week, for the cup ties. It would be disastrous if Aberdeen goes out in the first round.
The A's form in the front line against the Wanderers was simply "rotten."
If Harvey was unable to play, why not have put Smith on the right, and Jaffray on the left? This would have done the trick.
The forward play of the A's was so outrageously bad last week that if there is no improvement to-morrow there will be changes.
Huntly qualified for the final of the Aberdeenshire cup on Saturday by defeating Macduff (Fife). They will now meet Peterhead.
Frank Barret is rapidly recovering, and may be able to play, against St. Johnstone tomorrow. Harvey is also convalescent.
Charlie Mackie will make his appearance against the Queen's Park to-morrow, having signed on for Aberdeen last week.
His papers were not forward in time to play last Saturday, but he has, been training hard all this week.
Even on his Northern League form Mackie ought to be an improvement in the position of centre, to any that Aberdeen have tried this season.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th January 1906

Aberdeen travelled to Motherwell on Saturday to engage in a contest with a Motherwell team for First League points. The weather was favourable and the game was witnessed by fully 4000 spectators, the teams being:-
Motherwell: Montgomerie; Coleman, McLean; Nicol, McNeill, McCallum; Richmond, Miller, Galbraith, Findlay, Cowan.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Robertson, Edgar, H. Low, McAulay, Lennie.
Referee - A. Edward, Jordanhill.

The opening stages of play were all in favour of the home lot, and Macfarlane was kept constantly on the defensive. The contest was hard fought, and scoring could not open until within a few minutes of the interval. Lennie was the happy medium of opening Aberdeen's account with a nice, clean shot, and although the locals made a strenuous effort to be siege the strangers' citadel, Henry Low broke up the attack by sprinting well down and adding number two for the northern team. Two goals in as many minutes was sensational enough, but more was to follow, and the home crowd cheered with delight when Cowan got the better of Macfarlane, a performance which was emulated by Findlay just as the whistle blew for the interval.

Naturally the resumption of the game that saw both teams going at their hardest, and some exciting moments were experienced at each end. Lennie again gave his team the lead, neatly dodging the defence and piloting the leather towards the custodian. Montgomery, however, returned weakly, and McAulay had little difficulty in finishing the work. Aberdeen were without doubt the cleverest lot, and while they kept knocking away at the Motherwell defence, the efforts failed to produce further results. The homesters, on the other hand were over anxious to score, and it seemed as if they were to go under, but two wards the close they succeeded in getting the much desired point, and a match ended in a draw.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 15th January 1906

Motherwell Teamsheet
Montgomerie; Coleman, McLean; Nicol, McNeill, McCallum; Richmond, Miller, Galbraith, Findlay, Cowan
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Fir Park, Motherwell
Referee: Mr. A. Edward, Jordanhill
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