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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)

20/10/1906 | KO: 15:30

These teams met before 4000 spectators at Aberdeen. Aberdeen had by far the larger share of the play, but the sterling defence of Gilchrist and Howden kept them from scoring. A scraggy game ended in a pointless draw.

Source: The Scotsman, 1906-10-22

Partick Thistle supplied the opposition at Pittodrie, where they met the first Aberdeen team in a Scottish League fixture. The ground was somewhat heavy owing to the rain the previous day. There was a fair attendance of spectators when the teams lined up as follows, under discharge of Mr. J. B. F stark, Cambuslang:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; J. Robertson, Ward, McKinlay, Haxton, Edgar.
Partick Thistle: Howden; Lyon, Gilchrist; Gibson, Walker, Allen; Barr, McGregor, Wilkie, Gray, Campbell.

Partick, although losing the toss and playing against the sun, were not long in testing the home defence. Allan what the visitors away, and Campbell was almost through, but Halkett came to the rescue, and transferred to play to the other end. W. Low robbed Gibson of the ball and placed to Edgar, who made ground fast. Edgar easily got the better of Lyon and shot for goal. Howden, however, brought off a capital save. The next dangerous shot again came from Edgar, and Howden again cleared. Partick's defence was sorely tried for a few minutes, Lyon and Gilchrist proving themselves to be a pair of reliable backs. Gilchrist drove well up the field. Allan got the ball, and ran through the Aberdeen halves. He placed to the centre, who was eventually robbed of the ball by Boyle. Strong efforts were made by the visitors to get in Macfarlane's vicinity, but without success. Boyle and Gault were very safe. Sometimes they were outwitted, but as a rule they recovered quickly, and sent well ahead. Keen pressure on Partick's goal ended by Haxton striking the wrong side of the net with a terrific shot. For a time play was fairly even. The Aberdeen forwards were dangerous on the run, but they were invariably held by the visitors' halves and backs. The display given by both forward lines was weak. There appeared to be no understanding between the players, and many good opportunities went for nothing. Aberdeen had most of the play, but failed to score. Lyon tackled the outside man, and an interesting struggle followed between the forward and the back. Edgar had difficulty in getting away from Lyon, but eventually managed to do so, and, when at the corner flag, crossed to Haxton, who was lying handy. Haxton sent in a hard drive, but it was a few inches wide. Aberdeen forced three corners in quick succession, but the ball on each occasion was got away. Gilchrist let his forwards off, but they were beaten back by Boyle and Gault. Ward sent in a shot which raised the enthusiasm of the spectators. Howden had to throw himself at the ball in clearing. Away to the other end rushed the Partick forwards, Wilkie leading the van in fine style. Gault was somewhat easily beaten by McGregor, but Boyle, rushing in, cleared with a hard punt. The Aberdeen forwards were almost continually dangerous, but weak finishing spoiled many good opportunities. McGregor sent in a shot which gave many of the spectators a fright. The ball was neatly placed, but it struck the crossbar, and rolled slowly down the back of the net. Howden saved several shots from Ward and Haxton, after which the game became very uninteresting. Strang and Halkett put in a lot of useful work, but unfortunately their neat passes were not taken advantage of. J. Robertson failed miserably in accepting passes. He did not appear to keep control of the ball, and as a rule he was often robbed of it. Wilkie got away on his own account, and easily got round Boyle, but his parting shot was somewhat high. Partick forced a corner through Campbell, but Boyle relieved. Macfarlane got his first shot to save from Wilkie. The custodian cleared easily, as the shot was a very soft one. The players took things easy towards the end of the first half. Halkett was the only man on the field who did anything really useful for his side.

Partick opened the second half briskly, and Boyle cleared very weakly. Partick's left wing was very dangerous. A long shot by Wilkie resulted in Macfarlane giving away a corner. The kick was well placed, but Boyle headed out. Strang and Low transferred play to the other end. Howden had to save from McKinley. Partick again got away, and Boyle, in his anxiety to get in his kick, was hurt, and the game had to be stopped for a few minutes until the back recovered. Robertson enlivened matters somewhat by beating Gilchrist and crossing quickly to the centre. Haxton got the ball, but he sent behind. The exhibition of play was, on the whole, poor. The front ranks of both teams failed miserably when near goal, Aberdeen being the worst sinners in this respect. The home halves set the forwards an example, but as the shots were taken at long Range Howden always succeeded in clearing. Robertson had many opportunities of getting away, but he invariably preferred to play the old-fashioned game by sending the ball to the backs, expecting them to send it ahead for him, so that he could run after it and ultimately get possession of it. Robertson's play was unsteady and disappointing. Play ranged from end to end, there being very little excitement. In the last ten minutes Aberdeen, as customary, came away in grand style, and Partick's goal had many narrow escapes, but there was no scoring when the whistle was blown for time.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 22nd October 1906

Another Disappointment at Pittodrie.

Last year Partick Thistle, very luckily in our opinion got away with two points. On Saturday they had again more than their fair share of this commodity, and bagged one point into the bargain. Incidents of play were few and far between, on the one side, while how often Aberdeen failed to score was the burning question amongst the home supporters. True the defence was sound, but frequently a litile perception, or even a quicker turn would have led to scoring by the home forwards who seemed to lake matters too easily for some time in the first half. They were playing that confident sort of game which begets carelessness, and this was their undoing. Being able to outwit the middle line, their eagerness for goal left them divided as to the proper course to take. Partick's forwards were never greatly in evidence, but their defence was sound and they knew always to be on the spot when there was danger in the air. Gilchrist was the strong man, with Howden on the alert, and Lyon chipping in when either were in straits. It was a damper of a game, with no incident worth description. There might have been some consolation for the spectators if a goal had been got through, but they were kept continually watching near things, but still far enough away to be profitless. A goalless drought!! How long is this going to go on at Pittodrie?

The Forward Problem.

It seems that all the hopes and promises that new forwards would be introduced into the Aberdeen have come to nought. Last week the Directors concluded their engagement with Ford without having anybody to take his place. They surely do not mean to reinstate Jamie Robertson to the position he was thought unfit to fill last year. If they have such intentions, then we can only characterise this as bad management, and one that will do a great deal of harm to the club. Can't something be done in the way of picking up a class man? Are all the resources possessed by the manager and his confreres dried up, so that it is impossible to get the article required? As a matter of fact there are plenty of changes in the various teams just now to warrant us in thinking that some players might have been picked up by this time.

Chatty Bits. There were great doings at Dundee on Saturday, special trains coming from all quarters to Dens Park. There was a record crowd, the drawings beating the previous record by £50. The total, all in, was £724 16s. The absence of Quinn in the first half was badly felt by the Celts. He would have carried the ball through had he been there. Dundee gave the Celts the biggest fright they have got this season, and the return game should be a warm one.
By their win on Saturday Airdrieonians once more got up top on the table, and will take some pulling down.
The early starts will soon be on again, and this makes a material difference to the "gates."
Aberdeen had a poor forward line on Saturday. Edgar was not so good on the extreme left as on the right wing.
There is just a danger of overdoing this shifting about of players, and knocking them out of play. Robertson was very little improvement on Ford on the right wing. He seems a spent force as a player.
We fancy that Lawrie would have made a better outside-right lad he been kept at it.
Partick Thistle had a junior on the outside-right on Saturday. He played for Lanemark and was signed on last week.
We see they have signed on a new centre forward, who is expected to strengthen their attack.
Like Aberdeen they could be doing with some sharp shooters.
The Aberdeen players have raised over £20 to the Frank Barret Benefit Fund.
Aberdeen A were spectators at Pittodrie on Saturday. Their comments on the play were worth listening to.
Lochee could not raise a team to meet them; hence their enforced absence. The, have, as their worthy foemen, on Saturday, at Pittodrie, Arbroath, who will make them sit up.
A third team is to be raised to play East End United at Central Park. It is handy at times to have a few good reserves to fall back on when emergency arises.
If the first team is causing the directors a lot of heart-burning they have got some consolation that their Reserves are moving on the right lines.
It is said that Lickley and Brown of the A team shake the granite-dust from off their feet this week.
If this is so then there will be some difficulty in raising three teams on Saturday.
Arbroath are bent on having the two points this week. They are free from the qualifying ties.
Forfarshire have still a representative in Forfar Athletic in the Qualifying tie. They meet St Bernards at Forfar this week, There is a strong opinion in some quarters that St. Bernards are good enough to win the cup. The Forfar loons may have something to say to this, and will make the Saints go the whole ninety minutes.
East End and Shamrock have to finish their Scottish tie, as had a draw of three goals each last Saturday.

Source: Bon-Accord, 25th October 1906

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Howden; Lyon, Gilchrist; Gibson, Walker, Allen; Barr, McGregor, Wilkie, Gray, Campbell
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Cambuslang
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