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Aberdeen 2 - 3 Heart of Midlothian

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 2 Heart of Midlothian

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: McKinlay, McKinlay.
Heart of Midlothian scorers: Bauchop 24, Couper, Bauchop

03/11/1906 | KO:

The initial Scottish League meeting of these teams took place at Aberdeen, in the presence of about 6000 spectators. The Hearts were without McLaren and Menzies, and R Thomson was, therefore, played at right half to allow Williamson to go forwards. The northerners included a recruit, Macdonald by name, from Baillieston Thistle. The Hearts began in determined fashion and attacked strongly the ball almost going through the home goal after rebounding from Couper, against whom it had been kicked. Aberdeen were able to sandwich in a brief attack, but the bulk of the aggression came from the Hearts, for whom Banchop opened the scoring after some good play. The visiting defence was kept in hot water for some time following this score, and Allan had to save more than once. Hearts forwards, however, again got into their stride, and Couper, from a fine forward pass from C. Thomson, slipped the opposing defence and scored a splendid goal, the interval seeing the Maroons with a two goal lead. For the first half-hour of the second half Aberdeen played a great game, and only grand defence by the Tynecastle men saved the situation. Latterly, however, McKinley reduced the lead. Towards the end the Hearts livened considerably, and C. Thomson with a long shot improved their position, but soon afterwards McKinley again scored for the northerners, who followed with a strong finish, but were beaten. Result:- Aberdeen, two goals; Heart of Midlothian, three goals. Gate receipts amounted to £170 in all.

Source: The Scotsman, 5th November 1906

Ideal weather, a great throng, and bright expectations of a rousing game of the conditions that prevailed at Pittodrie on Saturday, and, with the hearts in opposition to Aberdeen, there was good reason for the laughter. Both teams were well represented, turning out, under the supervision of Mr. John Martin, Camelon, as follows:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; McDonald, Edgar, McKinley, H. Low, Lennie.
Hearts:Allan; Reid, Collins; R. Thomson, C. Thomson, Dickson; Pearson, Walker, Couper, Williamson, Bauchop.

Promptly at the hour the Hearts were on the field, and Aberdeen following almost immediately, up until start was made, Aberdeen starting operations against a stiff south-easterly breeze. After a game attempt on Aberdeen's left, the Maroons' van now invaded the local defence, and a centre from Walker was banged by Gault hard against Coupar, and rebounded into Macfarlane's hands. Lennie, after his illness, was early conspicuous with tricky work, but the home defenders were kept busy in the early stages of the game, the Hearts' attacking line exhibiting find combination. Lennie and Henry Low lead the way to Allan's end, and the extreme winger sent a nice cross over to McDonald, who forced a corner. The advantage was fruitless, however, and Bauchop once more turned the venue to Aberdeen Territory, where the operations of the wing were broken by Boyle. After some scrimmaging in midfield, Wilf Low let his brother off, and a pass from him to Lennie was banged two wards Allan, and just missed the off post. The next which came from Aberdeen's right almost immediately was even more dangerous, and accurate pass from McDonald being Breasted into Allan's hands by the home pivot. The Hearts' were nonplussed by the and clever feeding of the Aberdeen backs and half line, and any excitement that prevailed was in Allan's vicinity. Following upon a raid by Aberdeen's left wing, Couper, ever on the lookout for a chance, snapped the ball, and bursting through got across to Bauchop, who in turn carried well up, with Boyle pounding across the field to intercept him. The winger sent the leather with the side of his foot across to goal front, just out of Macfarlane's reach, and the sphere rolled into the far corner of the net. It was a smart bit of work, though there was an element of luck in it, but it was a lesson to Aberdeen. Coupar was a keen blade, and it was not long before he was once more breaking through, his effort, this time, however, being lost by Pearson, who slipped. Rab and to face up to a breezer from R. Thompson, but the next minute Allan had to hold a hot shot from McKinley. McDonald fully justified his inclusion in the team, and are more than one occasion he got the better of Dixon. Twice in succession Lennie sent over deadly cross is, which only required backing up to culminate in goals, but the first was nipped by a maroon defender, and Edgar disposed of the second chance - a clear goal- by shooting high. A number of futile attempts were made by the Aberdeen front line to get at Allan, and it was from the breaking up of one of these invasions that the Hearts got their second point. It was in reality due to good work by Charlie Thompson, but Coupar had a big share of the credit. If anyone was to blame on the Aberdeen side, it was Boyle. The Hearts' pivot past well in front, and the home back stepped in front to block the centre's passage. He reckoned without his host, however, for Coupar nipped round, and getting to the leather first, by and straight past Macfarlane. It was pretty much a drawn game, but the strangers showed more keenness in following up an opening, with the result that the home custodian had twice to handle. Allan which left no time for rumination, but he held up his end well. Bauchop made a desperate attempt to secure a point for himself. He flew down the wing, leaving Gault standing still, as it were, but after driving into Macfarlane's hands, the winger finished by driving into the side of the net.

Aberdeen started with a general drive to wards Allan, but it only lead to an exchange of end-to-end runs without anything of note resulting. Aberdeen's invasions were constant and promising enough, but slow work spoiled the chances, when hasty shooting was not responsible, although McKinley followed up a weak attempt by Edgar with a hot drive, which Allan just succeeded in intercepting on the goal-line. Reid and Collins was strong and smart, and they had for a spell to exercise both these qualities to the utmost against the homesters' pressure. There was no lack of excitement certainly, and it was confined entirely to Allan's quarters, but, as before, the locals' deplorable up lack of judgment at the critical moment nullified all the previous work. The pressure was bound to bear fruit, and at last it came through McKinley. Boyle punted hard to the front, and the pivot shot from 20 yards, completely beating Allan. This event had a rousing effect on the crowd, which soon communicated itself to the players, and brought out a nice combined run by the Wasps' front line. The period was crammed full of spirit, and twice Allan had to do a bit of smart dodging with the ball in his embrace and a couple of black and gold men in close attention. In the same way as before, Hearts increase their lead with a surprise run. They held the local citadel in siege for a brief spell, and a cross from Bauchop was driven home from long range by Charlie Thomson. This in addition to the leeway brought Aberdeen down in force upon the Hearts' defence, but, harmed though the attackers strived, they could not surmount the final obstacle. A few minutes from time Aberdeen got their second point under rather fortunate circumstances. McKinley with the ball was well in, and Allan missed his chance to return, with the result that after a slight scrimmage the home centre managed to draw the ball over the line with his foot. The scene that followed was seldom been witnessed on a football field. The players struggled fiercely in front of Allan, and it seemed that the ball must go through. The crowd roared, and excitement was at fever heat, as again and again the ball was driven in, and again and again returned by the merest fluke. Hard at it, the Aberdeen forwards and half-line kept till within a minute of time, and a huge punt saved the situation, the whistle sounding as the locals were preparing for a final attack.

The drawings amounted to £170.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 5th November 1906

A Narrow Win.

There was not the slightest possible shadow of doubt as to the Hearts' desire to win the points at Pittodrie on Saturday. Recognising that they had had the worst of exchanges with Aberdeen, they set about having their fastest and heaviest men on the job. Combined with weight, the extreme wing men were the fastest we have seen on Pittodrie this season. Bauchop and Pearson have the knack of lying well out on the wing, and flash along the line like deerhounds. Walker had the first outstanding bag of tricks to disgorge, tricking both Strang and W. Low, his final pass going to Couper, who was pulled up by Boyle. The Hearts were cleverer on the ball at the start, but their shooting at long range was of no account, Rab being able to judge and clear with ease. Henry Low gave McKinley a pass, which let the centre almost get through, and then came an effort from Lennie, who met the ball on the rebound, which deserved a goal. Had it been an inch lower it was bound to have counted. M'Donaht put across another, which, with a breath of wind, would have done the trick, but no goal! and the spectators weie left lamenting. Gault missed the ball and man at the outside of the penalty zone, and Bauchop beat Macfarlane after twenty-four minutes. To say the least of it, this was a gift. Aberdeen ought to have scored after this, Allen getting in the way of some raking shots, which the backs could not touch. It was hard lines when the left back played almost the same mistake, and Macfarlane was hopelessly beaten a second time, before the first half closed. Aberdeen resumed in fine style, both backs and goalkeeper having a seige made on them which they were unable to cope with, and the assistance of Charlie Thomson had to be resorted to. He, more than any other, kept the goal register clean. It was no more than due when, after a hot melee, McKinley beat Allen, prospects of a draw, if not a win, being talked of round the railings. The best bit of work on the Hearts' side was now witnessed, when Aberdeen's defence was outwitted and Charlie Thomson put on a third goal - a perfect beauty - with a full volley deck-clearer. It was not all up with our lads, who gamely pushed ahead, and when McKinley had another on his own, with five minutes to go, the excitement was up to fever heat. Everybody who could kick had a try at goal for the equaliser, Allen clearing frequently at great risk : the backs kicking out and using their weight unmercifully at times. The last ten minutes were value for the money. Encouraged by the spectators, Aberdeen had the Hearts tied up in a knot, but the ball would go everywhere but into the net. Tho local lads had to retire defeated by 3-2. On play, Aberdeen deserved to have drawn the game, and were decidedly unfortunate in losing. Such is the glorious uncertainty of football, and another object lesson that play counts only in the eyes of those who saw the game - it's the goals that put the points on the table.

On the Players.

Fast as the wing men of the Hearts were their poaching proclivities were too apparent. Bobbie Walker is as good as ever, and his clever footwork was a treat to look at. Charlie Thomson, in offensive and defensive work, was worth a couple of men, Allen in goal also having to be mentioned for his saving. The backs were never too sure, and the wing halves were no match for the local forwards. Aberdeen's front line did not work so well in combination as we have seen them. Edgar had an off day, and with the exception of one good shot did nothing right. Twice he missed dead snips. Henry Low did some clever things till he was hurt, and we have not the slightest doubt, but for this accident, we should have had a goal or two from the popular half-back. Lennie, McKinley, and McDonald all put in some great work. The halves have been seen to greater advantage, and none were very far above the others. Take away the two mistakes by Gault and the backs were grand, Boyle having slightly the better chance, while poor "Rab" was wanting over the two goals in the first half.

Chatty Bits.

The Hearts have left their impression on several of the Aberdeen players. McKinley, Henry Low, and Lennie have all been nursing bruises of one kind or another this week. The centre seems to have got the worst knocking about, and fears were entertained he would be off altogether this week. Henry Low was never himself after the rolling over he got near the pavilion, and felt the pains very acutely in the beginning of the week. All are expected to be sound for Dens Park on Saturday.
The team will travel with the North British excursion on Saturday, which leaves at 12 noon, while the Caledonian train leaves 15 minutes later.
Was Mutch the primary cause of the A's big defeat when he is left out of the team for Saturday? We never heard of his letting six past him in his junior days.
Urquhart will re-appear this week in the A team. Our information is that neither of the forward lines - at home or away - will be definitely fixed till before the match starts.
It will depend on the weather and state of ground who is to be played.
The Harp got the better of the University in the county cup ties on Saturday.
Aberdeen have not yet decided when their re-play with East End United will come off.
More than likely it will be at Pittodrie some time, if a vacant date can be found.
There will be a meeting of the Association Committee this week to arrange for the next round. Fraserburgh have now got some encouragement to work for a recreation park, and we hope they will be successful in their overtures.
A town the size of the "Broch" not having a proper pitch to play on is a standing disgrace to the citizens.
Now that a forward movement has begun, let us hope they will not stick till they have their object accomplished.
We will have direct communication with Dens Park on Saturday, and the scoring will be placed on our Telegraph Board.

Source: Bon-Accord, 8th November 1906

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet
Allan; Reid, Collins; R. Thomson, C. Thomson, Dickson; Pearson, Walker, Couper, Williamson, Bauchop
Attendance: 6,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. John Martin, Camelon
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Heart of Midlothian
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