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Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)

10/11/1906 | KO: 14:45

A crowd numbering between 9000 and 10,000 witnessed these rivals play a hard and fast game at Dens Park, Dundee. Aberdeen, to the delight of a large number of their followers, who had travelled by special train, rose to the occasion and played a most spirited and determined game, which gave them the superiority in the first half. Ward struck the post, and Edgar with an open goal missed the rebound. Dundee, by the manner in which they resumed, looked like getting goals. The home team had all the play, and shot well and often, but they could not pierce Aberdeen?s defence, which was grand, MacFarlane having two miraculous saves. Result:- No scoring.

Source: The Scotsman, 1906-11-12

Beautiful weather favored a meeting between Aberdeen and Dundee at Dens Park, Dundee, in their Scottish League engagement on Saturday. The ground was in capital order, and everything pointed to a keen, interesting game between the two northern rivals. Dundee's position on the league table entitle them to start favourites, but Aberdeen, occupying a place among the last half-dozen clubs, were determined to make up for their last year's collapse on the same ground. Fraser, outside left, was absent from the Dundee team, and McKinley, Aberdeen, stood down owing to an injury the previous week. At 2:45 before a large crowd of spectators, the teams lined up as follows:-

Dundee: Muir; McKenzie, Jeffrey; Lee, Dainty, Henderson; Webb, Russell, Cox, Macfarlane, Mitchell.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; McDonald, Ward, H. Low, Edgar, Lennie
Referee - Mr. J. B. Stark, Cambuslang.

Aberdeen won the toss, but there was practically no advantage either way. Play opened quietly, with Aberdeen the attacking party. With a clear field, H. Low got away in the centre, but he was pulled up for offside. Good work by Halkett and Edgar kept the game near the Dundee goal. Thus early the visitors were showing up well, the players entering into the game with plenty of confidence. Dundee eventually got away on the right, Webb's speed being noticeable. Crossing up the right time, Webb gave Macfarlane a rare opening, but the inside left shot wildly in his attempt to beat his namesake in goal, the ball being sent flying to the opposite wing were a gentle that would have placed his side a goal up. Even at this early stage the spectators took a very lively interest in the game, and both teams got plenty of encouragement from their respective supporters. A large crowd travelled from Aberdeen to witness the game, and they had good cause to make themselves felt, for the team surprised everyone by their brisk, go-ahead play. Dundee could not get into their stride, for the Aberdeen half-backs seldom allowed their opponents to become dangerous. The football was not altogether high-class, science being discarded for a time, but the keenness of the struggle made up for any absence of the finer points of the game. Halkett was prominent for smart tackling. After getting the better of a tussle with a left wing, the Aberdeen right half sent the ball spinning across to Lennie. The left winger in turn crossed to McDonald. Rushing ahead, the outside right just failed to reach the ball. Henderson got there first, but missed his kick. Jeffrey, however, nipped in and banged the ball into touch. Dundee were hemmed in on all sides, the Aberdeen right wing, admirably backed up by Halkett, giving no end of trouble. The Dundee left back, however, was rather unfair in his treatment of McDonald, who was twice badly tripped, one on another occasion Jeffrey deliberately took hold of McDonald from behind when the latter was well on his way to goal. Henry Low kept begging away in the centre, but spoiled a good opening by getting off side. A momentary breakaway by Dundee was checked owing to Cox being offside. There was plenty of strong kicking by both teams, with Aberdeen as a rule, pushing home the attack with great persistency. Cheered on by the crowd, the players rarely slacken their efforts, hard knocks being given had taken by the players on both sides. In a game between two rivals such as Aberdeen and Dundee it was only to be expected that feeling would crop up here and they are. An accident to Edgar necessitated his leaving the field for a few minutes, but he returned and played up with rare dash. The Aberdeen backs had a comparatively easy time, thanks to the Stirling work of the three halves. Ultimately Webb got away on the Dundee right, but was fouled by W. Low. A long drive by Dainty was cleared by Macfarlane. Returning to the attack, McDonald and H. Low had a clever passing run, the ball being carried well into the Dundee territory. After eluding Henderson and Jeffrey, the Aberdeen outside right slipped the ball into the centre. H. Low picked up the pass and made straight for goal. nearing Muir, the Aberdeen centre forward, from about a dozen yards out, drove the ball with great force towards goal, where Muir bent down and brought off a magnificent save. It was the tit-bit of the game so far. Fast play ensued, and for a downright, go-ahead brisk game nothing better could have been wished for. The struggle was indeed a great one, and Aberdeen created a good impression by their dashing football. Strong back play by Dundee was a feature of the game. Aberdeen were distinctly unfortunate on one occasion. A chance shot by Ward took Muir unawares. The Aberdeen forward shot for the far corner of the goal from about ten yards out, and, with the goalkeeper at the opposite side, the ball appeared certain to pass into the net. However, it struck the post, and rebounded into play. Edgar came rushing along, but he failed to reach the ball, the inside left splipping on the ground in his effort to open the scoring. A long shot from Dainty was cleared by Macfarlane, who also dealt with another immediately afterwards. Nearing half-time Aberdeen tried hard to open the scoring, but were beaten back.

Dundee were soon round the Aberdeen goal after the restart. They forced matters to some purpose, and stretched the Aberdeen defence to the utmost. A foul close in for Dundee gave Cox an easy chance. The centre, however, sent the ball wide of Macfarlane. Back came Dundee once more, and when Mitchell skimmed the crossbar with a remarkably good effort the excitement round the field reached a high pitch. Mitchell was showing up grandly on the Dundee left, his cross is in front of goal causing no end of trouble to the Aberdeen defence. Wilfred Low's head was greatly in evidence at close quarters, and he repeatedly got the ball away at critical moments. Halkett, too, was prominent in defence tough, while Strang's breaking-up tactics spoiled any attempt at combination by the Dundee forwards. Webb got dangerously near, but was knocked off the ball by Gault. Sound defence kept Aberdeen's goal intact, although it must be said that Dundee were having the best of matters. Sudden breakaway by Edgar and Lennie was followed up by the last named getting past the Dundee backs. Dainty, however, came to the rescue, and checked the left winger's progress. Play for a time was fairly even. The pace was kept up with a rare spirit by both teams. As the game went on, the Dundee spectators shouted frantically to the team to get a goal, but goals were not to be had at any price at Dens Park on Saturday afternoon. A quick rush by Aberdeen found Lennie in possession near the Dundee goal. He crossed to Ward, who sent in a fast shot, which struck McKenzie when Muir was out of position. Still, Dundee were having the best of the game, Macfarlane in particular improving in his play. Time was wearing on, and still no goals were scored. A magnificent drive by Russell from near the penalty line was tipped over the bar by Macfarlane. Then Dundee altered the team. Webb went into the centre, Cox shifting to inside right, and Russel on the wing. The shards from the crowd were almost deafening when the ball was kept bobbing in close proximity to the Aberdeen goal. First one player and then another tried to force the ball past Macfarlane. Good opening out work by Edgar gave Henry Low a chance. The centre dashed ahead and slipped through between the backs. Dainty and McKenzie, however, closed in on Low, who was promptly grassed. Lennie next lead the way. He tried both Lee and McKenzie, and then passed to the right, where McDonald shot on the wrong side of the post. More clever work by Lennie looked promising for Aberdeen, and a corner to the visitors was cleared by Jeffrey. Next minute Macfarlane brought off a great save. The ball came bouncing down the field towards Webb, who hooked it into goal, where Macfarlane met that with the tips of his fingers, sending it behind. The closing stages were characterised by play of the most exciting description, and the whistle sounded with a game drawn - no scoring. The result was a correct indication of the run of the game, Aberdeen were the better team in the first half, while Dundee excel on crossing over.

The gate realised £200; stands, £30 - total, £230.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 12th November 1906

Quits at Dens Park.

Very few of us who travelled in the special to Dundee on Saturday were confident of victory over our great rivals. Still, we had the hope that our boys would put up a good fight. In this we were not disappointed. From the moment Dundee put the ball a-rolling on Dens Park, our hopes were never allowed to falter.
To begin our story, we had some anxiety as to how the forwards would settle together, as we were informed that McKinley was too ill to play. Henry Low took the centre, and Ward went on to partner McDonald. Our lot quickly fastened on to the ball, Henry letting drive a fast grounder to Muir. Billy and his two backs were none too comfortable for a while, the play of Aberdeen being too persistent for their liking. There was a bit ol a lull when Edgar had to retire through the effects of a blow on this clever little player's "wizzen," from which biood was flowing. During his absence, Halket had several old scores to pay off, and, along with Tom Strang and W. Low, got Dundee's front line in a tangle. Every time Dundee tried to get away, the middle line stuck to them like leeches, preventing combination, and bursting up any concerted move. It was a treat to us to watch this. "Ecky" revelled in tricky work, Strang had one optic on the ball and the other on Cox, while "Wolfie" Low ploughed his way through everything in his own dour, determined way. It was bound to tell, and none were more surprised than the Dunaonians, who had expected a much easier passage. Had Aberdeen scored at this period it would have been nothing more than a just reward for superiority over their opponents. Ward had Muir beaten all the way with a "teaser" of a shot, which Edgar might have converted from the rebound had he not lost his pins in his anxiety to get there. We were clearly having the better of Dundee in this half, which closed without any scoring and Aberdeen hot favourites. The pace quickened as the second stage advanced, Macfarlane of the "blue brigade" being the first to show that Dundee were not to be bottled up as they had been. There was just a trifle more of the hard charging than our light-weights were able to stand. McDonald fared none too well in the first period, and he seemed to be a marked man for a big lunge at. Cox and Webb had changed places, and, with it, there was a big improvement in Dundee's attack. The new centre gave "Rab" a powerful drive to hold, and our custodian seemed to be in that mood that, no matter what came to him, he could negotiate with ease. Half-volleys, quarter-volleys, or full volleys from forwards or halves - they were all one to Macfarlane. Lennie became more conspicuous in this period, and many were of opinion that the referee would have created no hardship had there been a penalty in our favour by the way the left-winger was grassed inside the penalty area. Dundee were having the better of the exchanges towards the end, and we heaved a sigh of relief when the whistle sounded without any scoring.

The Players.

Those who caught our eye most amongst our opponents were Dainty, McKenzie, and Jeffrey. The forwards did not display the pretty football they gave us at Pittodrie in August last; there was a marked falling off in this line. It was well on in the second period before their shooting was ever dangerous or near the mark. Webb, closely followed by Macfarlane, was the best. There ought to he every credit given to the Aberdeen players for their Saturday's work. They kept up such a steady pressure when beset with accidents, which quite kept the crowd in good humour and entranced with their play. We do not think it would be right to individualise when all did so well and everyone fitted into the other like a machine. It was a rare, hard game, in which Aberdeen lasted the pace and were only beaten in one respect, and that was in the force of charging. All over, no one will grudge the other the point, and will look forward to the return with glee for another great game.

Chatty Bits.

Are we downhearted? No. We have made amends for last year's debacle. To bring a 6-0 defeat down to a goalless draw is something to be proud of.
Most of us were sorry that McKinley was unable to play. We fancy the original selection would have scored. When will Aberdeen get that run of bad luck thrown off? They were beset with it at Dens Park.
Johnny Edgar bad to be medically examined on his arrival at Aberdeen. He has pluck, has Edgar, when he returned to play with such a hurt as he had received.
McDonald, also, was in the "wars," but it is not expected he will he off through getting roughly handled.
Halket made his Dundee friends marvel at his play. They have not got another "Ecky" on Dens Park yet.
The Aberdeen contingent got a little more of their own way this time at Dens Park.
Odds were certainly against Aberdeen winning at the start, but opinions were very varied at the finish.
There has been a rapid recovery amongst the Aberdeen players during the week, and they are all reported fit.
Henry Low is again included in the first line, and really he is great player. As fine a half as one could wish for on a field, he can play in the front rank equally as well.
As centre forward on Saturday, Henry gave a display worth all the others who have been in the same position.
We are inclined to think that Aberdeen have at their own door a very fine player, who only wants some encouragement.
Young's displays in the A team have been worth keeping in view in case of emergency.
There is no use going to Fulham for a new centre with as good talent at home only requiring looking after.
Brechin City did not maintain the fine start they made, and "lagged fearfully."
Allan Lawrie was just a trifle too active on Saturday for Lyon. He was superior to the little back.
It was bard lines on the Brechiners to get such a whipping on their first visit, but the retiral of Lyon meant a lot.
If Allan Lawrie would only put his mind to it, and play like what he did last Saturday, his place in the first team would not be long in coming.
Aberdeen are on the hunt for a good reserve goalkeeper. Are there any budding custodians locally who can apply?
Jamie Robertson is the only spare man who is not playing on Saturday, and he will be reserve for the first team in case of accidents.
The latest report from McDonald is that he is mending fast.
The winner of Saturday's cup-tie at Pittodrie have to play the Fraserburgh Hearts. The city team have choice of grounds. East End United fancy their chances on this occasion.
We heard on Saturday that Aberdeen were likely to be asked to provide the opposition for Billy Muir's benefit at Dens Park on January 2.
There were two spectators at Pittodrie on Saturday - sons of an old contributor to Bon - in the persons of Messrs. William and James Dey from Pretoria.
Both these gentlemen were enthusiastic supporters of the "whites" in the good old Chanonry days.

Source: Bon-Accord, 15th November 1906

Dundee Teamsheet
Muir; McKenzie, Jeffrey; Lee, Dainty, Henderson; Webb, Russell, Cox, Macfarlane, Mitchell
Aberdeen Teamsheet
MacFarlane, Boyle, Gault, Halkett, Strang, Low, McDonald, Ward, Low, Edgar, Lennie.
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Cambuslang
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