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Clyde 1 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Clyde 0 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Clyde scorers: Boyle (o.g.)
Aberdeen scorers: McKinlay, Ward, McDonald.

17/11/1906 | KO:

Played at Shawfield Park, the ground of the former. The Clyde started the game in a business-like fashion, bearing down on the visitor's end, and forcing an abortive corner. Murray had a fine run down, but shot wide. Both teams had a look in, and after Clyde had forced three corners play opened out, and Lennie got away. He centred nicely to McKinlay, and that player found the net with a low hard shot. Clyde now became aggressive, and through a slip by MacFarlane in clearing his goal, an open goal was left to them, but they were too slow. Aberdeen forced play, and Manson was kept busy saving some splendid shots. Ward getting possession, walked through the home defence, and added Aberdeen's second goal. Near half-time MacFarlane brought off a great save, holding a penalty kick from McAteer. Half-time:- Aberdeen, two goals; Clyde, nothing. The second half opened with the visitors pressing, but Clyde took up the running, and got in front of MacFarlane. Boyle was so hard pressed that he passed into MacFarlane, who, however, was not in position and the ball went into the net. Clyde strove hard to equalise, but were forced back, and towards time McDonald added Aberdeen's third goal. Result: Aberdeen, three goals; Clyde, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 19/11/1906

So far as Aberdeen was concerned, the premier game on Saturday was that that Shawfield, Glasgow, where Clyde were opposed in a League match. The traveling eleven showed a difference from previous locations, there being a good deal of shuffling to bring out a respectable fighting force. The teams were:-

Clyde: Mason; Gilligan, Watson; walker, McAteer, Robertson; McCartney, Spence, McLaine, Cowie, Murray.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, H. Low, W. Low; Robertson, Ward, McKinley, McDonald, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. D. Turnbull, Hurlford.

At the very outset, Clyde moved down on the Aberdeen defence, and after a fruitless corner and then a hard save by Macfarlane, venue changed and Mason was on the defensive, a hard shot from McKinley just going past. Once more Clyde swept up the field, and three corners fell to them, but this state of matters was quickly changed by Lennie, who bounded off with the ball, carrying it up to the corner flag and then centring to his pivot, who allowed Mason no chance of averting disaster to his side. This was exciting enough, but the local lot were not behind, and a rush on the Aberdeen citadel looked like equalizing the footing of the teams. Boyle stepped in and sent the ball to a safe position amid loud calls for a penalty from the crowd, the allegation being that the back handled. Mr. Turnbull, however, decreed otherwise, and there was nothing for Clyde to do but press on again. This they did, and when Murray got round Boyle Rab had to give away a corner in saving. Aberdeen's turn came, however, and they made good use of, Ward finishing the invasion by waltzing round the home backs and driving straight into the net. Two goals down was too much for the crowd, and a spurred their favorites on with shouts and cheers.McLaine forced a corner, and from the resultant kick a penalty was granted, but McAteer drove direct into Macfarlane's hands.

When the teams crossed, Aberdeen still held their lead, but when I got through the locals had a good chance of getting their first point. He tarried too long, however, and the ball going to Lennie, the winger flashed along the line and crossed to Ward, who tested Mason with a great shot. Clyde made a strong effort for goal, but, strange to say, when their hardest work failed to bring it, the point was gratuitously awarded them. Boyle was having a bad time of it, and passed the ball back to his custodian, but the latter was not prepared for this move, and the sphere rolled gently over the line, much to the amusement of the onlookers. Before the finish, McDonald beat Mason, and when time was sounded the score stood:- Aberdeen, 3; Clyde, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 19th November 1906

Great Doings at Shawfield.

Our arrival in Glasgow on Saturday was accompanied by very bad weather which brightened up a bit after lunch, only to come down in torrents after the game had started at Shawfield. Owing to the vigour of last week's game at Dens Park, we missed the faces of two of Aberdeen's best-known players - Tom Strang and Johnnie Edgar. Owing to the threatening nature of the weather, an earlier start than usual was resolved on, and well it was so, for the light went away fast at the finish. There was a goodly crowd within the grounds (Rugby having little attraction for the Bridgeton folks) when Bert Murray hooked on to the ball and sped away towards Macfarlane at express speed. Paddy Boyle interrupted the cross, and several other rushes, with corners resulting, were none to our liking for a start. A little steadiness was all that was required, and this came from the halves, who commenced to take the ball no themselves; and having a shot or two oil their own, the forwards began to clip in. McKinley tried to get through but was sandwiched, and then Lennie made Gilligan look small indeed, when he neatly slipped the ball on and rounded the back, centred perfectly, and McKinley had the ball past Masson before the crowd could realise it. It was just as fine a bit of work as we have seen for a long time. A strong appeal by the Clydesiders was made for a penalty after this, but neither the referee nor ourselves could see it. Ward got a splendid opportunity to show that he can shoot, and the way he brushed the opposition aside and scored, sealed the fate of the match. When eventually the Clyde got a penalty (and they did clamour for it, as they found the defence too good for them), "Rab" rose like a hero to the occasion, McAteer "palavered" with the ball till he got it in position; the meanwhile, "Rab" was surveying the motions quietly, and when the kick came he pounced on the leather like a cat, and as smartly put it round the corner. We had a splendid first half, and it ended here.

Clyde made matters hum at the start, driving the ball well in front, but their chances lacked sting. Bert Murray played well, but he was often yards ahead ot the others. Then occurred one of these incidents which are only to be seen once in a dozen years. Boyle was being pressed, and without looking behind to see if Macfarlane was ready he passed the ball back, to the surprise of everybody, as Rab was making tracks to get yards on the other side. The consequence was a gift of a goal to the Clyde. With another extra spurt by Lennie the match was settled, as he gave the ball to Macdonald, who scored easily. The game ended - Aberdeen 3, Clyde 1.

The Players.

Clyde got a surprise. Their defence was easily outwitted, but their weakest part seemed the middle line, which could not hold the Aberdeen forwards. Amongst the forwards, Bert Murray was easily the best. Lennie and McKinley were in advance of the others on the home side, the left-wing the fastest of the two, but Robertson and Ward played surprisingly well together. The halves were simply A1; nothing could have been better than their fine understanding with each other. Bar the misunderstanding which led to the goal, the defence was as perfect as it could be. Boyle, Gault and Rab defending in their usual safe manner, gave those in front great confidence to persevere.

Chatty Bits.

Though almost completely recovered Edgar was left out of team on account of his not feeling well on Saturday.
It was just as well, for the heavy ground would not have suited Johnnie on Saturday.
Tom Strang seems to have got more serious injury than was first thought. He over-reached himself at Dens Park, and been far from well since.
McDonald partnered Lennie, and got on very well at inside left, and the third goal, which he scored, was a beauty.
Robertson and Ward were the right-wing, and Jimmie ploughed through the heavy ground, and took considerable portions of Shawfield home with him.
Willie Lennie was in great form, and was the means of the goals being scored. Gilligan did not like his trickery!
It was a dirty day in Glasgow, and most of us were glad to home by the 6 o'clock train.
The talk in Glasgow was the defeat of the South Africans at New Hampden by Scotland.
We were able to announce the result at Pittodrie to hundreds who gave hearty cheers for Scotland's victory.
The A's arrived home very despondent over their reverse at Fofar. They were so cocksure of victory that the result was bound to make them consider their modes of playing a differ game.
By the third team's victory at Pittodrie they have now to meet Fraserburgh Hearts in the next round.
This much is due on Saturday, and unless they are granted an extension, or go to Fraserburgh, it will be some weeks before Pittodrie is vacant.
The Hearts of Midlothian have parted with Menzies, their International centre. A big price for his transfer has been paid by Manchester United.
A Football Strike. - Dundee A, or rather eight of the team came out on strike on Thursday last. Their places were filled on Saturday, and the merits and demerits of the case are being eagerly canvassed. The directors having suspended the players for demanding wages does not altogether sound well.
The Scottish Association have decided not to take any stand against their late treasurer for the missing £1800. The reason is that the victim is in such bad health.
In appointing Mr. J. H. McLaughlin as treasurer the S.F.A. have made an excellent choice, for no one has done more for the game than the late president of the League.
Aberdeen have agreed to assist Muir in his "benefit," which he is to receive from Dundee, and which will be played on 2nd January, on Dens Park.
At the request of the Leeds City directors, a collection for the late "Sodger" Wilson's widow and family will be taken on Saturday at Pittodrie. [David "Soldier" Wilson died of a heart attack during a match between Leeds City and Burnley. AFCHT]
It looks strange that Manchester United should come to Scotland for players, and the Hearts go across and book two from Wales. They are reported to be good captures.
Mutch was at the top of his form on Saturday - nothing could beat him. Long may he continue in that vein.
McLeod was the most promising forward, and the goal he scored gave clear evidence he can shoot. Johnnie Wilson, the old Orion favourite, caused many a merry laugh by his antics. He has still the happy knack of parting with the hall opportunely, but seemed afraid to shoot on his own.
Park is another junior that an eye should be kept on. He has great possibilities if let out.
The Qualifying final is due at Tynecastle on Saturday, and is purely an Eastern club one, the contestants being Raith Rovers and St. Bernards. This tie has more than ordinary interest to Northerners, the Saints having quite a number, of players from Aberdeen and Peterhead, while Raith Rovers have got good service out of Geordie McNicol.
The Saints are hot favourities, and they have certainly punished their opponents more severely than the Rovers have done, but this counts for little when the final rub comes on. We hope to see the best team win, and a good game played without accident.
Henderson, ot the Dundee, got marching orders on Saturday at Paisley. There has been little surprise at that, for his play generally borders on the miraculous, man or ball style.

Source: Bon-Accord, 22nd November 1906

Clyde Teamsheet
Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Walker, McAteer, Robertson; McCartney, Spence, McLaine, Cowie, Murray
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Shawfield Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. D. Turnbull, Hurlford
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