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Hamilton 4 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hamilton 3 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hamilton scorers: Morgan, Forrest, McLean, Morgan
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie, Ward.

01/12/1906 | KO: 14:20

At Hamilton before about 4000. Morgan opened the scoring for Hamilton a quarter of an hour from the start with a hard drive. Then Forrest eluded the backs, and scored a second point, and MacLean after getting the ball near his own goal, and running the length of the field, put on a third. Aberdeen strove desperately to reduce the leeway, and the Academicals' goal ran some narrow escapes, but at half-time the score stood:- Hamilton, three goals; Aberdeen, nothing. The visitors played in irresistible form on the restart, carrying all before them, and Lennie scored with a fine shot, while a second point came soon after. With only a goal between them, both teams played keenly; but when Morgan scored a fourth goal for the Academicals, almost fro the corner flag, the game was as good as finished. Result:- Hamilton Academicals, four goals; Aberdeen, two. This was the Academicals' first League victory for the season.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd December 1906

Aberdeen played their seventeenth Scottish League match home for the season on Saturday, when they met Hamilton Academicals at Douglas Park, Hamilton. Both clubs were strongly represented, and at 2:20 the following elevens took the field:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Macdonald, Ward, McKinley, H. Low, Lennie.
to Hamilton Academicals: Edmonds; Brownlee, Davie; Macfarlane, McIntyre, Pritchard; McLean, Morgan, Forrest, Woodlock, Muir.
Referee - Mr. R. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir.

Aberdeen won the toss, and took advantage of a slight breeze. Douglas Park is narrower than Pittodrie, and the grass being very thick, the recent rains rendered the ground very heavy. The Academicals opened in a businesslike fashion, and it was soon evident that they had made up their minds to win their first match of the season. McLean and Morgan were prominent at the start, when Aberdeen had to act on the defensive. Gradually Lennie forced the game for Aberdeen, and a neat pass from the left winger was picked up by Henry Low, who got through between the backs, but with only the goalkeeper to beat, the inside left lost an easy chance by shooting over the crossbar. A brief attack on the Aberdeen goal was followed by a corner to the Academicals, which was easily cleared. Lennie got set agoing once more. Careering along the left wing, he crossed to the centre, where H. Low got possession. Steadying himself for a moment, the Aberdeen player was blocked by McIntyre, and again the Academicals' got to McFarlane's end. Hesitation on the part of Forrest and Morgan gave the Aberdeen backs and to clear, and as a result the Academicals lost a couple of comparatively easy chances of scoring. Play was fairly even, and there was little to choose between the teams. A clever save by Macfarlane, following upon a corner, infused more life into the game. Both sides strove hard to get the opening goal, and the Academicals were the fortunate side. McIntyre was specially prominent at centre half, and most of the attacking work by the home team could be traced to his play. Working his way up the field, McIntyre slipped the ball to Morgan, who shot on the ground, the ball beating Macfarlane, and passing into the net. As the Academicals led 12 minutes from the start. The goal had an inspiring effect on the Hamilton players, and for a time they fairly held the upper hand. McDonald got away on the Aberdeen right, and after the backs and goalkeeper and averted danger, the ball came out to Henry Low, who, from about a dozen yards out, sent in a finely directed shot, with plenty of force behind it. Edmonds jumped up, and just managed to tipped the ball over the bar. Play rarely slackened, and no sooner had one goalkeeper cleared than the other was called upon. From near the penalty line McIntyre drove straight for the Aberdeen goal, where Macfarlane brought off a very fine safe, reaching the ball with the tips of his fingers with his right arm at full stretch. Lennie was in evidence with a smart, tricky run, including several men en route to goal. Crossing up the right time, McKinley and then McDonald muddled an easy opening, and again Aberdeen forwards were at fault of the clever work by Lennie. Chances are equalising were frittered away by weakness on the part of the Aberdeen inside forwards, and it was evident that they were "off" their shooting on Saturday. The Academicals paid a visit to McFarlane's end, and one remarkably good clearance by the goalkeeper was cheered by the crowd. Morgan worked his way through the defence, finishing with a capital shot, which Macfarlane got rid of a tipping the ball around the post. The Aberdeen backs began to waver, while the forward play of the Academicals improved as the game went on. Halkett came to the rescue several times. An exciting incident occurred near the Aberdeen end of the field. Macfarlane was out of his goal, and while lying on the ground the ball was three or four times ended in by the Academicals' forwards. However, W. Low's head saved the situation on no fewer than three occasions, and ultimately the ball was got away after one of the most exciting incidents witnessed for some time. A breakaway by H. Low ended in Ward shooting close in, Edmonds saving on his knees. McDonald sent across several good centres, but Aberdeen could not score. A misunderstanding between the Academicals' goalkeeper and left back almost brought a goal to Aberdeen, the goalkeeper getting the ball away rather luckily. The Academicals broke away in the centre, good work by McIntyre being capped with a goal by Forrest, who'd run through and scored while the Aberdeen men were appealing for offside. A third goal soon followed. Working his way from midfield, Muir quickly outpaced the Aberdeen backs, slipping the ball far ahead. McLean snapped up the pass, and with a clear run in he beat Macfarlane for a third time. Lennie and Halkett were conspicuous for clever play, while McKinley struck the post with a hard drive.

Aberdeen played a greatly improved game on crossing over, and the manner in which the half-backs kept the Academicals' forwards in check was appreciated by the Pittodrie front rank, for they opened out the game, and played better together. Lennie and McDonald covered a lot of ground, and the Hamilton backs were pressed on all sides. A temporary break away by the Academicals' forwards was followed by a combined run on the part of the Aberdeen right wing. Ultimately McKinley got possession, and passed to H. Low, who in turn gave the ball to Lenny, and 5 minutes from the start the outside left and scored a brilliant goal from thirty yards out. The ball went banged into the net with great force, Lennie shooting of his right foot. The goalkeeper was completely taken by surprise, for he never moved until he stooped to pick up the ball out of the net. A high shot by Lennie immediately afterwards was cleared by Edmonds. A bad miss by Gault almost brought disaster, but Boyle covered up the mistake in time. Muir got away on the Hamilton left. Working round the defence, he centred right in front of goal, where Forrest caught the ball with his head. In an instant Macfarlane got into position, and saved an almost certain goal. The pace was wonderfully fast, and interest never slackened to the game. A smart run by Ward and McDonald brought the play two wards the Hamilton goal. McDonald closed in and shot hard on the run. One Edmonds caught the ball on the post, and then dropped it. Brownlie tried to clear, but Ward was nearby and tipped into the net. The struggle now waged fiercer than ever. Only a goal divided the teams, and with Aberdeen lasting the game better, the prospects of the visitors drawing level became exceedingly bright. Indeed, it was anybody's game. A terrific drive by Strang was finely saved by Edmonds. After this shot had been dealt with, Aberdeen's chances of equalising gradually lessened. The Hamilton men shook off the opposition, and for a time completely hemmed in Aberdeen. Getting little support from the backs, Macfarlane had a great deal of saving. Once he was beaten, but Strang's head got in the way of the ball, and a certain goal was saved. Nearing the close, Morgan shot a remarkably good goal for the Academicals, the ball curling in the air and landing in the far corner of the net. This settled the game, for Aberdeen rarely got away, and the whistle sounded with the scores - Hamilton Academicals, 4 goals; Aberdeen, 2.
This is the Academicals' first win, and they were the better team on the day's play. Their backs and forwards were very good, and all over the adapted their play to the heavy ground, whereas Aberdeen only occasionally got into their stride. The backs were weak both in tackling and kicking, while Lennie and McDonald alone of the forwards did well. Lennie was the cleverest forward on the field. Halkett was also good, well Macfarlane repeatedly brought off clever saves. The gate amounted to £67.

,b>Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd December 1906

Hamilton succeed at last.

Those who have been watching the Hamilton "Acas" for the past month knew this was coming. After a few days' heavy fain, the weather was fine in Hamilton when the team took the field, but the pitch had a treacherous surface and none too fast. Aberdeen started with a confident sort of air, but were not long at it before the halves had to exert themselves to prevent disaster. Gault and Boyle had left their kicking boots at home, for they were none too safe in their driving efforts nor in tackling. It was due to a bad piece of the latter work that let Morgan beat "Rab" ten minutes from the start. With this success the "Acas" were full of life, and they gave an exhibition of forward play to their friends they have not equalled this season. Their dash seemed to take Aberdeen's defence by surprise, and only Macfarlane was able to negotiate properly the inroads that were being made. Aberdeen were not passive spectators to all this, but they did not have the dash nor the finish of their opponents, and the second of their goals was again due to the misunderstandings of the backs. Aberdeen played differently in the second half and Were practically wearing down the score, when a surprise fourth goal settled the issue, and took the heart out of the attack when it was most needed. It was a great game, in which the better team, on the day's play, won by 4 goals to 2. The summing may be put as follows:? The Aberdeen backs were poor, and did not support the attack as they are wont to do. It was their off-day. The "Acas" have not done so well this season, and though we grudge tnem their victory against us, it was no more than their due on play.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen did not benefit much by their sojourn in Glasgow overnight.
They gave their home supporters a fright when the half-time score went up at Pittodrie.
If the backs had played up to their usual form, the points would have come north. The "Acas" have never played this season the game they did on Saturday. On their form they should have a few more point to come in shortly.
The ground was certainly on the heavy side for the light forwards, who found they could not maintain their pace.
Henry Low had some daring shots - one just a trifle off the mark would have been too good to hold.
It is a pity Aberdeen came down so easily before meeting their great rivals on Saturday at Pittodrie. Great things were being expected of them.
It was a very scrappy game which the A.'s served up a Pittodrie on Saturday.
They did not give one the impression that they will beat Arbroath this week.
We think a change in the forward line, after Saturday's exhibition, would be advisable. Those round the enclosure were unanimous that it was a mistake to keep out Young. He was better at goal-mouth than the whole three were against St. Johnstone.
Robertson and McKenzie were the two outstanding forward in Saturday's game.
The halves and backs were also in their usual harassing mood.
Though St. Johnstone took away a point they did not deserve it in play.
The old warrior - Sergt. Turner - was in great form, and saved dead "certs" repeatedly.
Johnnie Edgar was a spectator at Pittodrie on Saturday.
Considering the opposition at Central Park, the gate at Pittodrie was not bad, £34 all in being taken.
Jamie Dundas refereed very efficiently to both sides.
We do not expect to see a record crowd on Saturday, but there will be a few thousands to see the Dundee-Aberdeen game.
A special is coming from Dundee, so that we shall have a lively time of it.
We had anticipated that Macdonald might be changed to partner Lennie for this game. It may be tried if the left defence is too severe on him.
After Saturday's defeat, the feeling is strong that Dundee will be the victors at Pittodrie. We can hardly hope for anything else, unless they bring off a draw by rising to the occasion, and in this connection the defence will have their work cut out for them.
The defence will have to start well and keep it up.
If Manchester City have not been getting the support financially they used to do, on account of their team going badly, they will make up a bit on transfer fees.
By the decision of the Consultative Committee of the F.A., players who belonged to the City, under suspension, were to be allowed to be approached on the 1st of this month with the consent of the club.
Saturday was only the 1st of the month and the class men were all being arranged for.
It is plain and evident that negotiations must have been going on for some time despite the F.A.'s barrier.
Edmonsden and Burgess are likely to remain in Lancashire, Livingstone will go to the Rangers, and Turnbull to Manchester United.
It seems Everton, Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Celtic, and Rangers had each a representative in Manchester on Saturday over these players, but they cannot be signed till 1st January.
It will be a bad job on some of these clubs if they let any of these players slip through their fingers.
We heard, unofficially, that Aberdeen were after some of these men, but we cannot get any information which.
Evidently Menzies, of the Hearts, has not turned out a very profitable investment for Manchester United. He is on the injured list, and was lame on Saturday before the game was well begun.
If the United get Turnbull, along with Meredith, they will have a very fine right wing.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th December 1906

Hamilton Teamsheet
Edmonds; Brownlee, Davie; Macfarlane, McIntyre, Pritchard; McLean, Morgan, Forrest, Woodlock, Muir
Attendance: 2,500
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
Referee: Mr. R. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir
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