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Aberdeen 1 - 1 St. Johnstone

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 St. Johnstone

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Hilton.
St. Johnstone scorers: Macfarlane

01/12/1906 | KO: 14:30

The crowd that assembled within Pittodrie enclosure on Saturday was a comparatively small one, despite the fact that Saint Johnstone, who provided the opposition, are the Northern League leaders at the present stage. The Perth team travelled with a weak representation, and the local eleven was at full strength, the teams being:-

Aberdeen A: Mutch; Willox, Brebner; Davidson, JJ Simpson, Gowie Robertson; J. Robertson, Hilton, Lawrie, R.Simpson, McKenzie.
St. Johnstone: Graham; McCubbin, Turner; Stewart, Auld, McCulloch; Buchanan, McDonald, Moir, Rough, Macfarlane.
Referee - Mr. J. Dundas, Dundee.

From the very start it seemed as if Aberdeen were to make a bold effort to retrieve the points they lost at Perth in the opening match of the season, for they made a swooped, from the kick-off, on Graham's charge, and engaged in a sharp tussle with the visitors' defence. Things look black for the Saints, but Hilton came to the rescue with a wild kick, which nullified a great opportunity. The attack was renewed with vigour, but the Saints ultimately cleared their lines and made off on the right, and called on Brebner to defend. A sound punt from the back again brought the sphere well down two wards the town, and Hilton danced round a few of the Stripes, but could not get away. So far little scientific football had been shown, but an amateurish attempt by bobby Simpson was followed by a good drive from Robertson, and then a fine, curling, drooping shot from Stewart Davidson, with all of which Graham dealt in a masterly fashion. Lawrie it was responsible for some palpable misses. McKenzie figure dwell on the wing, and a nice cross from him to the pivot went begging, with the result that the strangers' halves got up and cleared, while a few minutes later Simpson banged wildly in a combined run, when the Perth goal was completely at the mercy of the home quintette. It was now the Saints' turn to have a try, and this came through Buchanan and Moir, the latter driving straight up Mutch. The local keeper, however, collared the sphere, and with the assistance of the backs let the front line off once more in Graham's direction. Lawrie's performance was a corps of much feeling among the crowd, and, when he crowned his previous errors with an extraordinary miss from 10 yards, there was a howl of positive division. Moir got off on the run, and Brebner created a laugh by the method he adopted to bring the race to an end. The home back threw himself on the ground in the track of the birth centre-forward and while the couple sorted themselves out of the mix-up that ensued, the ball rolled lazily up to Mutch, who had no more to do and punt back. Evidently McKenzie had had enough of crossing the centre, so he made a solo effort, and bringing the leather close in, drove hard. The ball struck the upright, and the rebound was again caught by the winger, who sent across the goal mouth, where Hilton had a try with his head, but sent too high. The initial half was certainly uninteresting, and when it finished neither side and scored.

There was a prospect of a pleasant change in the opening of the second period, the Saints busting through the Aberdeen lines enough for a business-like fashion. Davidson had some difficulty in turning the tide, and his success was only temporary, for the Perthites forced their way in again, and Macfarlane, from the left, drove into the far corner of the net, giving Mutch no chance. Even the home crowd appeared to find pleasant diversion in the reverse, probably in the expectation that it would inspire both teams to better football. In this the crowd was correct, for no sooner was the ball set agoing once more than the home van flashed seaward, and surrounded the Perth citadel. McKenzie sent in a neat cross, which was taken by Hilton and driven straight into the haven, both goals having been scored within a space of two minutes' time. The Saints found it extremely difficult to move into Aberdeen Territory after this, and the game ruled pretty much in Graham's vicinity, where the two Simpsons had each good tries. Following upon this, Lawrie directed a weak shot towards the goal, but the custodian caught it under the bar, and cleared. While there was little excitement in the game, Graham was having plenty to do, and when he returned dangerous drives from Lawrie and Hilton in quick succession, there was a cry of approbation from the spectatorate. Latterly, the game degenerated into a display of hard kicking, with the occasional disorganised rushes, and the fall of darkness did not attend to improve the exhibition from the spectators' point of view. The Saints were mostly on the defensive, and when the whistle sounded the score stood - Aberdeen A, 1; St Johnson, 1.

The drawings amounted to £36.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd December 1906

Points Divided.

Taking an unbiassed view of the A's past performances, they seem to be a team that are all on one week and off the next. That has been the case at anyiate for the past six matches. How can this be accounted for? It cannot be due to lack of training, but we think it is more to want of nerve that causes this in and out form. On Saturday their play was worth more than one goal, but hesitancy and want of strength behind their shooting told its tale. Lawrie, Hilton, and Simpson all missed open goals in the first period, while the Saints worked hard and gave Mutch, Willox and Brebner some good bouts. It was Mutch who saved the situation in the first half, and no one could blame him for the shot he let go in the second period, for it was a good effort by the Saints and deserved to count. If either Hilton or Lawrie had missed the cross sent in by Mackenzie, which enabled the A's to draw, they deserved the sack right away. Fortunately Hilton banged home at the right time and saved the situation. St. Johnstone have to think their defence for the point they got, Turner, especially playing a great game for his side. The three inside forwards of the Aberdeen team were completely off on Saturday. The wing men were exceptionally good, and so were the halves and backs, while Mutch did not have a great deal to do.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th December 1906

St. Johnstone Teamsheet
Graham; McCubbin, Turner; Stewart, Auld, McCulloch; Buchanan, McDonald, Moir, Rough, Macfarlane
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. Dundas, Dundee
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