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Aberdeen 3 - 0 Clyde

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Clyde

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Wilson, McDonald, Lennie.

13/04/1907 | KO:

The Aberdeen team on Saturday played their last, but one, home Scottish League match, their opponents being the Clyde, whom they defeated at Glasgow by three goals to one. There were between 4000 and 5000 spectators at Pittodrie, and the Aberdeen team got a rousing welcome on appearing on the field after a moth of engagements in the west of Scotland. There was a cold easterly breeze, and the pitch appeared to be in good condition. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; Halkett, Strang, H. Low; Macdonald, Simpson, Wilson, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Clyde: Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Walker, Chapple, Robertson; McArtney, McLaine, Mitchell, Craig, Murray.
Referee - Mr. Turnbull, Hurlford.

Clyde, with the breeze in their favour, and playing their characteristic bustling game, did most of the attacking in the first twenty minutes, and with Boyle and Gault, the Aberdeen backs, none too sure in their tackling and kicking, Macfarlane was kept on the lookout for stray shots. The Aberdeen half-back line were in good form, and not only held the opposing forwards well, but repeatedly let their own forwards away by judicious placing, although Strang was weak in this latter department. Boyle, hard pressed, and kicking wildly, gave away two corners in close succession, and from one of these Walker struck the cross-bar with a hard drive, the ball going over. Aberdeen could to not get settled down to their favourite style of play - quick short ground passing - the ball being kept too much in the air by the Clyde men, and by Boyle and Strang one the home side. Following a free kick against Clyde, an exciting scramble ensued in the visitors' goal front, the ball being ultimately scrimmaged out by the Clyde defenders. O'Hagan was several times prominent with clever dribbling, and one of his passes to Macdonald what the right winger away, Watson clearing just in time. After Lennie, who was not in his usual form, but spoiled Strang's good work by shooting over, Clyde went to the other end, where a weak return by Boyle, followed by a miss by Gault, lead in McLaine, who sent in a fast shot which just missed the mark by a few inches, one Macfarlane being completely beaten. Gault was again at fault, but Henry Low, running back, banged the ball across the field into touch. At the other end Macdonald sent the ball behind in trying to screw across. After 25 minutes' play Aberdeen scored, O'Hagan, after some bewildering dodging, got drowned Gilligan, and sent in a rocket shot, which struck the crossbar with great force, well out of Mason's reach. Watson caught the ball on the rebound with his head, and sent out weakly to Wilson, who, without a moment's hesitation shot hard into the net. A fine goal, got by two great shots, part of the credit being due to O'Hagan. After this reverse, Aberdeen's play brightened, and Clyde gradually slackened. Macfarlane cleared easily a soft shot from Mitchell, but he had more trouble in negotiating a fast one from Murray, who beat Halkett and Boyle, and shot on the run. Macfarlane touched the ball and no more, and it went past. A feature of the game at this stage was the dashing play of the Aberdeen right wing, who were superior to O'Hagan and Lennie in passing runs and in shooting. Following a free kick, the ball was sent into Macfarlane SP hands, and a few minutes later Murray, the Clyde's outstanding left, again run passed his opponents and finished with a fast grounder, which Macfarlane had difficulty in stopping. Clyde pressed, a big kick by Boyle bringing relief. Macdonald and Simpson aroused enthusiasm by our rare run to the other end of the field, but Macdonald's cross was cut to fine, and went over the line before the left wing got up. Near the close of the first. The Clyde goal had a narrow escape. Lennie had a chance, but he failed to take it, and ultimately the Clyde defenders managed to get the ball into the open.

Aberdeen outplayed Clyde in the second half of the game, and but for the stout defence of Gilligan and Watson, might have piled up a big score, as Mason was unreliable in the Clyde goal. It was owing to the weakness of the Clyde goalkeeper that Aberdeen got their second goal, after five minutes' play. The Aberdeen forwards came down the field and romping style and Wilson was in the act of shooting for goal when he was blocked. Halkett then got a foot on the ball, but it's Strathclyde players leg, and went to Macdonald, who shot at a sharp angle. Mason caught the ball on the goal line between his legs and the post, but failed to hold, and it rolled into the net. At this stage the Aberdeen team was in rare form, the forwards quick and clever, and the half-backs and backs impassable. One O'Hagan was clever, but Lennie failed to pick up many of his partner's passes. One Macdonald and Simpson went straight ahead at every opportunity, and as a consequence were more effective than the left wing. To find cross is by Macdonald and Simpson might have been turned to account, and Lennie missed an easy chance. At the next Aberdeen visits to Mason the finish was more creditable, a fast shot by Simpson being as much as the Clyde custodian could hold. Aberdeen were now are seldom away from the Clyde end of the field, and were again and again at exceedingly close quarters with the backs, who defended resolutely and well. In one attack all the Aberdeen forwards had tries at goal, and Strang finished up with his usual "spooner" over the bar. Macdonald run in and passed to O'Hagan, who shot 2 yards wide. Mason saved shots by Simpson and O'Hagan, and then was beaten for the third time. Halkett crossed to the left close in, and Lennie and Wilson made a rush of the ball, almost falling over each other in their anxiety. Either of them might have scored, as Mason was beaten, but it was Lennie who sent the ball rolling softly over the line. Clyde paid a visit to the other end, and a foul was given against Strang, who fisted the ball dangerously near the penalty line. The kick was well taken, and Macfarlane made a great save close to the upright. Aberdeen maintained a keen pressure to the end, Mason negotiating good shots by O'Hagan and Lennie.

gate £130.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 15th April 1907

Another Brace for Aberdeen.

On the first Saturday of this year, Clyde, in their friendly with Aberdeen, snatched a victory at Pittodrie which has rankled in the home players' breasts ever since. When they appeared on Saturday, and the preliminary canters over, there was no mistak¬ing the superiority of the one team over the other. Clyde, on, the left, made one or two good runs, Bert Murray having a couple of raking shots at Macfarlane, while Mitchell scraped the crossbar with a tremendous drive. These over, Aberdeen got away on the right, O'Hagan and Wilson missing a fine centre of Macdonald's. A tricky wind made the ball take peculiar curves in the air, and it was not an easy matter to calculate its destina¬tion. For their earlier failures, O'Hagan snapped up a cross from Macdonald, which all but found its way in, the crossbar being the obstacle. This did not deter Wilson picking the, ball from a crowd in the rebound, and banging it into the net. Macfarlane had several fine saves, having very little support, from his backs, who were playing very poorly this half. "Mac" kept his end up till the whistle sounded for a respite. The restart was sensational, for Macdonald had the ball in the net from a fairly long drive, which completely deceived Mason, who expected it was going past. Aberdeen might have scored on several occasions had they pressed home the advantages which they had, for by masterly play and close dribbling the home side were demonstrating their superiority in a marked degree. Not more than three times was Macfarlane called on to any great extent, and the only real danger was from a "double-toot" foul outside the penalty, which was so well cleared by " Mac " that he was cheered to the echo for it. Lennie added his usual goal, but his elevation was a trifle high on several occasions, when shooting on the run. This proved all the scoring, Aberdeen winning by 3-0, and thus retrieving their holiday defeat.

The Players.

Clyde's most prominent' men were Gilligan at back, and Murray, forward. The former broke up some very cleverly executed runs by Aberdeen's vanguard, and the latter was the only forward who seriously troubled Aberdeen's defence. Mitchell distributed the ball evenly to the wings but found Strang always in the way for any single-handed efforts. At centre-half Chappel seemed careful and placed well, but he is not the roaming, robust player that McAteer is. Owing to the wind the right wing was seldom seen. The poorest part of the home team were the two backs, who did nothing right. Macfar¬lane, being in his very best form, covered up their blunders. The home halves were inclined to lift the ball too much, Halket being an exception. In the first half Macdonald and Simpson were brilliant, and filled the eye most, while in the second period, O'Hagan and Lennie gave a grand exhibition on the left. Wilson is inclined to roam, but is improving greatly in his general play.

Chatty Bits.

The visit of Newcastle United, the English League champions, to Pittodrie, on Saturday week, should prove the tit-bit of the season.
Aberdeen have been left without a League fixture this Saturday. Is there any intention to dish the Newcastle visit?
No sooner was this fixture announced, than arrangements were made for special facilities for visitors from the north, who will have an opportunity of witnessing these great players.
We understand that the fixture with Aberdeen and the N. of S.F.A., at Inverness, is off.
There was considerable satisfaction at Pittodrie, on Saturday, at the announcement that Lennie had signed on again for Aberdeen.
We believe that Lennie refused a tempting offer to go elsewhere, preferring to do another term for the " black and gold."
Lists are now out for the marriage testimonial to Lennie, and we trust it will meet with a hearty response, as it deserves to do. Anyone desirous to assist can apply to Mr. T. P. Mackie at the Pavilion, and they will be supplied with all information.
Since the list of signatures was issued, the Secretary of the Aberdeen has been away from home, attending the Dewar Shield meetings, and has not been able to do business with the other members of the team.
The Dewar Shield draws on Saturday came out:- Aberdeen v. East Stirlingshire, Arbroath v. St. Johnstone or Vale of Leith.
The competition is to be conducted on the same lines as last year.
Now is the time when big transfer fees are talked about, and the Hibs. are once more to the front with a record for Macconachie their young back, who goes to Liverpool for £1000.
Last year the Hibs. got £600 for, Stewart, and at this rate they will soon pay off their new ground.
We note that the Hibs. have decided to stay another year at Easter Road, before they go down Joppa way, where their new enclosure will be one of the best in Scotland.
Hall and Macdonald of the St. Bernards have decided to change their quarter next season for English Clubs. They did not set the heather on fire while in Aberdeen.
Aberdeen were at Edinburgh on Monday playing Hearts in the return League fixture. The game was stubbornly contested and finished one goal each.
There has always been a close rivalry between these teams whenever they meet either away or at home. Owing to pressure on our space we are unable to give a detailed account of this game.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th April 1907

Clyde Teamsheet
Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Walker, Chapple, Robertson; McArtney, McLaine, Mitchell, Craig, Murray
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Turnbull, Hurlford
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