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Aberdeen 3 - 1 Aberdeen Harp

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Aberdeen Harp

Aberdeenshire Cup Final
Aberdeen scorers: Ward, Simpson, Ward.
Aberdeen Harp scorers: Findlay

02/02/1907 | KO: 15:30

The final of the Aberdeenshire Cup competition was played at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, between the Aberdeen A team and Harp, Aberdeen. The ground was in a bad state, being very heavy on account of the thaw. There was a fair attendance when the teams lined up as follows, under Mr. Gilchrist, Partick Thistle:-

Aberdeen A: Mutch; Gault, Tait; Davidson, JJ Simpson, Gowie Robertson; John Robertson, Lawrie, Ward, R. Simpson, McKenzie.
Harp: Graham; Hay, Henderson; Milne, Anderson, Bell; Findlay, Cruikshank, Lawrie, Davidson, Gordon.

Harp won the toss, and were soon at Mutch's goal. Gordon and sent across a nice centre, but only a fruitless corner resulted. From the free kick Aberdeen got away, JJ Simpson sending well ahead. Aberdeen's forward line made good progress, and R. Simpson was on the point of scoring when he was cleverly robbed of the ball by Henderson. Aberdeen kept up a strong attack on their opponents' goal, but as they were all of a soft nature, the goalkeeper had no difficulty in clearing. The players had great difficulty in keeping their feet, if and play at times was uninteresting. So far, the game was fairly fast, but neither side could claim any advantage. Both teams had good opportunities to open the scoring, but the forwards were to anxious, and many good openings were lost. After a strong attack by the Harp players, John Robertson transfer to play to the other end. He finished a capital run with a neat centre, and although Ward had no one to beat but the goalkeeper, the centre forward shot weakly into Graham's hands. Harp retaliated vigorously, and Mutch went to clear a rocket shot from Cruikshank. Aberdeen were soon at the other end, where a corner was forced, and from the free kick Ward headed in. Harp wakened up after this reverse, but they could make no impression on Aberdeen's defence. Aberdeen came away grandly two wards the end of the period, and although corner after corner was forced, they failed to add to their score.

Half were early prominent in the second half, but for the splendid saving of Mutch would have scored. R. Tait and Gault played an excellent game, repulsing all attacks on the home goal. J. Simpson broke away, and placed well ahead, and R. Simpson forced a corner. The resulting kick was well taken by McKenzie, and J. Robertson, who got the ball, outwitted several opponents, and scored number two for Aberdeen. Harp now forced the pace, and Mutch had to save a number of shots. Aberdeen's backs could not shake off the determined attacks, and it was no surprise when Findlay scored. Aberdeen's right wing made capital progress, but they met a strong defence. Both teams had terms of pressing, and after a strong attack by Aberdeen's right, Ward scored. The Harp in the closing stages made a great effort to add to their score, but without success, and the game ended in Aberdeen's favour by three goals to one. The gate money, including stands, amounted to £35.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 4th February 1907

The Aberdeenshire Final.

There seemed to be great uncertainty as to the playing of this tie on Saturday, hence the paucity of numbers in comparison to other years at this important fixture. On examination on Friday night the officials saw the possibility of putting the pitch in order, and set about it with a will, so that on Saturday nobody but the most fastidious could have found fault with the order of things as they were. A trifle hard on the top, with a strong sun and plenty of salt, the pitch was in better trim by a long way than on the previous week. Aberdeen played towards the west goal and were strengthened for the nonce by the inclusion of Ward at centre-forward and Gault at right-back, Harp appearing as selected. A fine start was made, the surface not appearing to have any great effect on the footing of the players, the only apparent difficulty being in turning quick. Johnnie Robertson was the first to know that the pitch was a trifle harder than his hide, for after an excellent run he got a nasty turn up and had to retire to the pavilion for first-aid treatment. Harp had one or two sprightly runs, Alf Findlay dashing in with splendid judgment and squaring on goal in a dangerous-like manner. Gault came to the rescue twice, while Tait was blocking the player, and, punting well down field, gave McKenzie and Simpson several capital chances, which all but came off. There was then a long spell of defensive play on the part of the Harp, the A's shooting hard and true at Graham,-who saved brilliantly. On Robertson's re-appearance he made more work on the right, and a cross shot right in goalmouth enabled Ward to head past Graham, and thus drew the first-goal of the match. Though Aberdeen pressed for a time in the second half, the defence stood up well, Laurie being the scorer when it did come from a cross by the left wingers, which Graham only partly cleared, and left an open goal for the inside right to score with. A burst away by the Harp kept Aberdeen's defence busy for a time, and Mutch was beaten at close quarters. Ward and Laurie ought both to have scored after this, but neither exerted till the centre accepted a pass from Robertson, who looked suspiciously offside, but the centre made sure, and the game ended 3-1 in their favour. Harp played gamely all through, and made the game much more interesting than it would otherwise have been. The backs and goalkeeper were in fine trim, and the halves, though not altogether playing a faultless game, were worrying enough in their tactics. Findlay and Cruickshank were easily the best forwards, with Laurie coming next, and Davidson, as of old, too prone to hang on the ball and neglect his partner. Aberdeen were served well in all branches - not one of them playing what could he termed a poor game. In fact it was one of the best finals we have seen at Pittodrie in recent years.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen have landed the first bit of silver-ware for the season by winning the County Cup.
Time was when this was a great honour, and considered the " blue ribbon " event of the season.
The public made a poor response, due, no doubt, to uncertainty of the weather.
Only £36 odds was drawn, which will hardly recoup the local Assoc. for their outlays.
Of course Aberdeen ticket-holders had free admission, which made the attendance look much larger than it was as a "gate."
The pitch was in wonderful condition, and the play was keen, and nobody seemed to grudge the support they gave to a body who are trying to foster the game in the district.
It was wisdom on the part of the Aberdeen management to give Ward and Gault a trial on Saturday.
Both stood the test well, and may be relied on to do as well against Johnstone, if they are allowed to remain in the team.
Edgar is now recovering so rapidly that he expects to be fit this week. His leg is recovering, and it was only a stiffening which happened to it last week, and not a breakdown.

Source: Bon-Accord, 7th February 1907

Aberdeen Harp Teamsheet
Graham; Hay, Henderson; Milne, Anderson, Bell; Findlay, Cruikshank, Lawrie, Davidson, Gordon
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Gilchrist, Partick Thistle
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27 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen