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Aberdeen 4 - 0 Dundee A

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dundee A

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Lawrie, Simpson, Simpson, McKinlay.

01/09/1906 | KO: 15:45

Aberdeen A met Dundee A in a Northern League fixture at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, on Saturday afternoon. The weather was oppressively warm, and when the players took the field the temperature registered 73 degrees in the shade. The teams lined up as follows before 2000 spectators:-
Aberdeen A: Lickley; Urquhart, Brebner; Robertson, J. J. Simpson, Gowie Robertson; J. Robertson, Lawrie, McKinley, R. Simpson, McKenzie.
Dundee A: Crumley; Oswald, Chaplin; Watson, Ramsay, Ogilvie; McDonald, Nimmo, Thomson, Seivwright, Hutton.
Referee - J. Wood, Perth.

Aberdeen A lost the toss and kicked off with the sun in their faces. The opening stages were fought in midfield, but the locals were the first to become dangerous. McKinley, seized a pass from J. J. Simpson, made off towards Crumley, who rushed out and nipped the ball from McKinley's feet as he was steadying himself to shoot. R. Simpson and McKenzie proved themselves to be a dangerous wing. The left wing men ran round all opposition, but when Simpson was about to shoot he was robbed of the ball by Chaplin. Dundee now had a look in but as their attack was somewhat weak, they were soon sent to their own end, where Crumley was again called upon to save a header from R. Simpson. Aberdeen's right wing were the best on the field. Robertson's long swinging passes gave Dundee's defence considerable trouble. The Dundee men were never allowed to settle down, for they had no sooner got the ball than they were set upon. Aberdeen's intermediate line kept their forwards going in grand style. They were all in capital form, and drew up the visiting forwards time and again. Dundee were outplayed in all departments. They occasionally managed to break away, but Urquhart's and Brebner were unbeatable. Any doubts the Aberdeen supporters might have had as to Urquhart's ability must have disappeared when they saw his display on Saturday. Although he was not so reliable as Brebner he was very seldom defeated, and always stuck to his man until he got the ball. A feature of the game was the neat, close passing of the local forwards, who were all over their opponents. Aberdeen, as was expected, drew first blood. The forwards, headed by McKinley, rushed down on Crumley in a body. Shots from R. Simpson and McKinley rattled the crossbar, and from one of the rebounds Lawrie put his team on the lead. This success inspired the locals, and, in spite of the great heat, they were again in Crumley's vicinity. The goalkeeper appeared to be very excited, as many of his clearances, although no one was near him, were accomplished rather hurriedly. Dundee worked hard, but they could not make any impression on Urquhart or Brebner. The work of the Dundee forwards was very erratic, and, although they occasionally got into a good position, they failed miserably in following up their advantages. Crumley at this stage was very excited. The goalkeeper in his anxiety to clear his lines, rushed out after the ball. He knocked down both the Dundee backs, and, as Oswald was lying on the ground, accidentally kicked him on the face. Oswald had to be carried off the field. On resuming after the accident, the locals on the right gave the visiting defence considerable trouble. Dundee now played the one back game, which robbed the match of all interest. The Aberdeen forwards were repeatedly drawn up for being offside, Dundee could not make any headway, and were continually in their own half of the field.

After fifteen minutes' rest the players again took the field, and in the first minute Crumley had to save a stiff one from Robertson. Aberdeen immediately returned the ball, and R. Simpson forced a corner. The kick, although well placed, was fisted away by Crumley. Oswald at this stage put in an appearance, and was received with loud cheers. He was not so seriously hurt as was at first expected. Now that the visitors were once more at full strength and made off in a body to wards Lickley, who, up to the present, might have been in the pavilion, where he did not even get a goal kick or a shot to save. A great try by McDonald missed by inches. Nimmo worked hard to get a goal, but he was never allowed to steady himself before parting with the ball. Dundee were soon sent to their own half of the field, where play raged fast and furious. Crumley had to save many shots, which he accomplished successfully, but in doing so, he did not inspire one with conference. From a breakaway by Dundee, Lickley had to throw himself at the ball in clearing. Lickley was far in advance of Crumley, and could always be depended on, when the backs were hard pressed. McKenzie, on the left, brand round several opponents, but only a corner resulted. Robertson was an earnest Trier, and several of his lightning shots for goal deserved a better fate. The chances are that if they had been straight on the mark Crumley would never have seen them. Aberdeen were the superior lot. At this stage play was somewhat uninteresting, as the great he was beginning to tell on the players, who took things easier. Dundee managed to force a corner, but it proved fruitless. In the last 20 minutes Aberdeen came away with great dash. Gowie Robertson was in grand form. Securing the ball from Urquhart, he tricked the Dundee defence into helplessness, and with fine precision passed to J. J. Simpson, the banged the ball into the far corner of the net, while Crumley had to stand idly by, as the ball flashed past him. Dundee tried hard to secure a point, but were very weak in front of goal. Dundee were outclassed, and R. Simpson could Aberdeen three up. There was no keeping the locals in, and 5 minutes before time McKinley scored number four. Aberdeen pressed until the whistle blew for time. Dundee's play was very disappointing. They were no match for the locals, who all played well, and amongst whom there appeared to be a complete understanding.

The gate amounted to £50.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd September 1906

Fine Play at Pittodrie.

Not for a long time have we seen the "A's" in such rampant form as they were in on Saturday. They commenced coolly, passed and repassed to one another in a manner like first-class artistes. There were no spasmodic touches about the play, it was the same all through, Dundee A being in a hopeless tangle. Lawrie opened the scoring with an unsaveable shot, Crumley having plenty of work before this. Oswald's mishaps led to a lot of offside decisions which did not go down with the crowd, and it prevented further scoring during the first half. Once the team were well set in the second period, there were three as fine goals scored as anyone could wish to see. That of John James Simpson was a treat. It was perfectly piloted by "Gowie" Robertson, and then the centre-half received it at the p ychological moment, and Crumley was nowhere in saving. Robert Simpson had the third with a nice overhead knock, and M'Kinley manoeuvred the fourth one beautifully. Dundee, with the exception of the backs and Crumley, played very poorly indeed, and were outclassed at every point.

The Players.

Crumley was the outstanding man on the Dundee side, the others playing very indifferently indeed. Lickley got very little to do. but what he did get was done very smartly. The backs were superb, Brebner being a trifle the smarter. At half nothing better has been seen in Pittodrie this season, they were brilliant. There was not a weak man in the iront line? - all triers who knew where the goal lay. McKenzie made a capital first appearance, and his partner, R. Simpson, was a success. McKinley, Lawrie, and Robertson also played with splendid judgment. The whole style of play was far above the ordinary Northern League class. Long may it continue.

Source: Bon-Accord, 2nd September 1906

Dundee A Teamsheet
Crumley; Oswald, Chaplin; Watson, Ramsay, Ogilvie; McDonald, Nimmo, Thomson, Seivwright, Hutton
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. Wood, Perth
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