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Aberdeen 5 - 1 Lochee United

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Lochee United

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Ward, Simpson, Lennie (Pen), Ward, Ward.
Lochee United scorers: Downie

31/03/1906 | KO: 15:45

Only in the first new minutes was there the slightest semblance of the game at Pittodrie being classed as anything like close. It that time by a very pretty dribble on the part of the left wing, Lochee got a splendid goal. It was deserved in every way by the play which led up to it. Aberdeen set about their work on business lines after this, Lochee putting up a stubborn defence. Their main object seemed to be to keep the Aberdeen from scoring if they could not get a chance themselves. In this they were successful up to half-time, when the scores read one goal each. Once Simpson put on the leading goal, it became a question of how many were to be put on. Lennie and Ward were the other scorers. When the whistle sounded the scores were:- Aberdeen, 5: Lochee, 1.

There is not much to say about the game. Simpson and Ward were the effective players, and had McAulay and Lennie put in the same amount of devil behind their shooting after parleying with their opponents, the scores could have beep doubled without saying too much about Aberdeen superiority.

Source: Bon-Accord, 5th April 1906

With a view to working off arrears, so far as the Northern League is concerned, the Aberdeen directors decided to put a couple of teams out on Saturday, distributing the first and second eleven players equally over the two combinations. The opposition to be contended with - Lochee united at Pittodrie, and Forfar Athletic at Forfar - was not regarded as serious, and the strong representations of the northern club were confidently regarded as easy winners. The weather was exceptionally fine and the Pittodrie enclosure contained a large spectatorate when Mr. Davidson, Arbroath, whistled the teams out in the following order:-
Aberdeen: Tait; Willox, Gault; Halkett, J. J. Simpson, Robertson; Simpson, Ward, Hamilton, McAulay, Lennie.
Lochee United: Orr; Low, Gallaher; Smith, MacInally, Milne; Craig, Fraser, Dorward, Downie, McLaren.

The locals did not tarry long on the ball when it was set agoing, and within a few minutes the Lochee backs were kicking out, but a judicious pass to McLaren on the left these matters considerably for the strangers. The winger fairly showed that he was neat at footwork, and entirely unaided, he carried the siege right up to the home defence, where he successfully circumvented Halkett and passed to his partner, who, in turn, crossed to the opposite wing. In this way Willox was completely out of it, and when the sphere came back to Downie, the inside left neatly slipped it past Tait. A goal down in one minute was rather much for the Aberdeen crowd, and when Ward drove wildly behind at Orr's end, when the equaliser was almost a certainty, their feelings were not improved. Continued pressure, however, was brought to bear on the blue's defence, and Ward atoned for his previous blunder with a terrific shot along that are which completely beat the custodian. Orr made a valiant attempt to arrest the flight of the leather, and while he partially succeeded, the force behind the ball was too much for him, and it slid over the line. Bobby Simpson on the right wing was cheered repeatedly for fine work, and his manipulation of the leather when tackled by Gallacher was so neat at the back was generally left sitting, while the Aberdonian had pot shots at Orr. At the opposite margin, Lennie was in his element, waltzing round one and then another of the opposition, and dribbling through a bunch of the blue's. The crowd howled with the light at the display of trickery and in this work, Lennie was abetted by McAulay, although the latter at times allowed himself to be robbed of the ball. The Dundee suburbanites got off occasionally, but it was apparent that Aberdeen were taking matters lightly in the first half, and probably that explains when the interval found the teams on an equality.

Opening the second period with more businesslike intentions, Aberdeen soon end their opponents down to defensive work. Lennie continued to provide amusement for the crowd, but his work was more mirth provoking and dangerous. On the other side Simpson kept his men busy, and in a sprint for possession, completely outran Milne. We'll be sent directly across the goalmouth, and the lead was taken by the home lot. Gallacher worked hard to keep his end clear, and on one occasion he tackled Lennie in a rather shady fashion with the inevitable result that a penalty was granted, from which the victim of the foul added number three. There was no doubt as to which team was to claim the points, and right up to the finish Aberdeen held the Lochee citadel at their mercy, a combined effort securing a fourth point, well number five gave from ward, who drove into the net at close range.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd April 1906

Lochee United Teamsheet
Orr; Low, Gallaher; Smith, MacInally, Milne; Craig, Fraser, Dorward, Downie, McLaren
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. John Davidson, Arbroath
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