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Aberdeen 3 - 0 Dundee A

Scottish Second XI Cup First Round Replay
Aberdeen scorers: Robertson, Boyle, Davidson.

23/09/1905 | KO: 15:30

The replay of the Scottish Second XI Cup tie was played at Pittodrie on Saturday before a good attendance. The home side played much superior football, and ran out winners by three goals to nil.

Source: The Scotsman, 25th September 1905

After the keen contest at Dundee in the first round of Scottish 2nd XI cup ties between the "A" teams of Aberdeen and Dundee, great interest was manifested in the replay which took place at Pittodrie on Saturday afternoon, and the spectatorate which turned out to witness the event was characteristic of that at the first eleven game. On paper, the second strings were well balanced, and there was no lack of enthusiasm when Mr. A. S. Maley, Glasgow, whistled the teams out as follows:-
Aberdeen A: Herd; Murray, Boyle; Low, Thompson, Robertson; Harvey, Hilton, Davidson, Hamilton, Jaffrey.
Dundee A: Towns; McKenzie, Lyon; Taylor, McAteer, Bruce; Mitchell, Nimmo, Binny, Brown, Kerr.

The opening stages were exciting enough, and very early the Aberdeen men showed tricky work on the run, eluding the Dundonians on all sides, and effecting frequent incursions to the strangers' territory. The opening point, which fell to Aberdeen about 6 minutes from the start, was sensational enough, and a huge roar ascended from the spectatorate when Robertson secured the ball about 30 yards out, and sent it flying beautifully into the corner of the net just beyond the custodians reach. Although the preliminaries leading up to the point were skilfully negotiated, Gowie deserved full credit for the goal. The Blues game tearing down the field from the kick-off, but in the Aberdeen backs they found an insurmountable barrier, and it was not long ere the home lot were once more banging at Towns's end, and a good try from Harvey on the right landed the sphere in the side net, unfortunately, however, on the outside of the citadel. The Juteopolis men for a short spell claimed the better share of the game, but they soon lapsed into the position which they held in the opening period, due, to some extent no doubt, to the brilliant sun which shone in their faces, hampering them while negotiating the sphere in a lofty position. Hamilton and Davidson gave a fine display of diddling in midfield, but it availed not, and the Dundonians, catching on, took the leather down to Hird's quarters, but the utmost effort on the part of the invaders failed to keep it from going over the line as the result of a strong pass across the goal-line from Bruce. At the other end, Lyon at back played a fine dashing game for the visitors. In fact, the ex-Brechin junior filled his own position and put in a lot of half-back work, harassing the Aberdeen front rank, and feeding his own forwards with fine judgment. The Pittodrie men still held the upper hand, and the Dundee defence were caught continually on the qui vive, Towns having to return shot after shot, which looked dangerous. Jaffrey made a good cry from the touch-line, and the sphere was just sailing nicely under the bar when the custodian's fists intervened, and sent a leather out into safety. For a time it seemed that the Dundee end was almost untenable, so hot was the fusillade, and the sound of the referee's whistle declaring the interval came as a welcome relief.

The resumption in the second period of the game brought out little change in play, the locals still pressing severely. McKenzie and Lyon, however, are a pair of stout defenders, and it was seldom that the home attacking force got beyond control. McAteer aroused the ire of the crowd with rather barefaced fouling, bringing Hilton to a stop rather roughly, and the word of caution to the Dundee man from the referee seemed to satisfy them. Excitement was raised to a fever heat when the local quintette were observed rushing down the field, completely demoralising the opposition, and carrying the backs almost off their feet. The final touch, however, was not accurate, and only a fruitless corner resulted. Dundee were indeed suffering, and a couple of adverse corners almost brought about the downfall of their citadel, the second kick-in especially being well guided. The players were bunched on the goal line, and an effort was made to bundle the keeper, ball and all into the net, but over anxiety spoiled their chance, and the whistle sounding a foul completely bottled their hopes. The Dundee lads were now in a bad way, and a corner gave the Aberdeen the second point, Boyle, the back banging home, and giving Towns no earthly chance to avert the disaster. Hard though the pressure on the Dundee defence had been before, it was as nothing compared to the fusillade to which the visitors' defence was now subjected, their citadel being kept continually on the totter for a lengthy spell. In the final stages, Dundee made some desperate efforts to break away, but all to no purpose, the locals returning again and again to the attack with determination. The Aberdeen added a third point in the last five minutes of the match, a punt from Jaffrey rebounding off the post and landing at Davidson's foot, giving that player a splendid opportunity to send home which he did not miss.

The drawings amounted to £64.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 25th September 1905

Dundee A Teamsheet
Towns; McKenzie, Lyon; Taylor, McAteer, Bruce; Mitchell, Nimmo, Binny, Brown, Kerr
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. A. S. Maley, Glasgow
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