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Aberdeen 1 - 2 Morton

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 2 Morton

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie.
Morton scorers: Spiers, Houston

31/08/1907 | KO:

In the First Division of the Scottish League these teams met at Pittodrie before 5000 spectators. Play was fairly distributed at the start, until the Morton found their bearings, when they caused no end of trouble to the home defence. Lindsay and Houston scored in the first period for Morton, and although Aberdeen played better in the second period, Lennie was the only one to get through. Result:- Morton, two goals; Aberdeen, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd September 1907

Greenock Morton supplied the opposition at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, on Saturday afternoon, when they met Aberdeen in a Scottish League fixture. The visitors were at full strength, will the locals showed two changes in the team that fared so badly against the Rangers. Davidson, of the A team, appeared and write half, Halkett taking Wilson's position on the left. Brebner was the left back, assume had been suspended. Although the weather was showery, the field was in good condition, and there were about 4000 spectators present when the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; McIntosh, Brebner; Davidson, Drain, Halkett; Macdonald, Muir, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Greenock Morton: Robertson; Stewart, Thompson; Greenlees, Houston, Macintosh; Urquhart, Dart, Spiers, McCubbin, Lindsay.
Referee - Mr. McGill, Thornliebank.

Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off towards the city. The locals opened briskly. Lennie got a neat pass from Murray, but the little man when on the run to wards goal was robbed of the ball by Houston. Morton's forwards had a run along the field. As somewhat easily overcame the halves, but McIntosh and Brebner drove them back. Drain getting the ball, slipped out to Macdonald, but the right winger was easily disposed of by Stewart. After a spell of quiet the end to end play, Morton took up the attack. Their forwards were kept well supplied with the ball by their halves. McCubbin and Lindsay had a grand run along the wing, but the outside man finished weakly. The visitors were now keeping the locals in their own territory. Although the Aberdeen halves worked hard, they could not shake off the Morton forwards. The attack ended by Mutch clearing a hot one from Spiers. Aberdeen, through Lennie, succeeded in getting into foreign territory, but it was only for a short time, has McCubbin and Lindsay initiated another attack on Aberdeen's citadel. Lindsay, after a neat piece of play, forced a corner, but the advantage proved fruitless. It was only occasionally that Aberdeen managed to break away after this. The local forwards gave a miserable display. There was no understanding amongst them, and many good opportunities were thrown away. They received practically no support from the halves, whose placing, with the exception of Halkett's, was wretched. A foul for Aberdeen close in looked promising, but the local forwards were no use against such a strong defence. Thomson brushed aside two forwards and cleared with a hard drive. Aberdeen returned, and Drain almost headed in. Aberdeen kept their opponents well in hand for a short time. Halkett was prominent for excellent feeding and good all-round half-back play. Aberdeen attacked for about five minutes', after which came a surprise. After a struggle in front of Robertson, Houston, who got the ball, dribbled round several opponents, and sent out Urquhart. The right winger was off like it here, Brebner being left behind in the race for goal. Urquhart centred, Macintosh muddled, and in a second Spiers had the ball in the net. It was a well-taken point, and Mutch had no chance whatever to save. Aberdeen wakened up after this reverse, and Robertson had to save from Lennie. A second later, Spiers almost broke through again. The Morton centre was in excellent form, Drain was no match for him. Spiers worked himself into position, and when the opportunity presented he sent in a hard drive. Mutch was ready for it, however, and cleared. Aberdeen were outplayed at every point, and another goal for the visitors was expected every minute. Mutch cleared numerous dangerous shots, but shortly before the call of the period he was again beaten. After an exciting piece of play in front of the Aberdeen's goal, Houston scored with a fast grounder. The custodian made a great effort to save. He threw himself at the ball, but the sphere rolled out below him into the net. Aberdeen fell away considerably after this second disaster. If the play was bad previously, it was even worse now, and it would have occasioned no surprise had Morton secured another point. A disappointing first half, so far as Aberdeen's play was concerned ended in favour of the visitors by two goals to nil.

Aberdeen opened with great dash. Their forwards, who were well led by Murray, were soon in Robertson's vicinity, and in the first minute the goalkeeper had to save a hot one from the centre forward. The ball hovered round the visitors' goal for some time. McDonald and Muir both missed good opportunities. The visitors gradually began to assert their superiority, and after a few interesting exchanges in midfield, Aberdeen were forced to their own end. Urquhart sent over a beautiful centre, but McIntosh, who had plenty of time to clear, appeared to lose his head, and almost sent the ball into his own goal. As it was the ball rolled on to the line, and the visitors were granted a corner. The free kick was well taken by Lindsay, and Mutch had to fist out. Aberdeen occasionally broke away after this, but the sturdy defence of the visitors always prevailed. The local forwards were, as a rule, easily robbed of the ball, and never got an opportunity to shoot. The visitors' play was far superior to that of Aberdeen, who gave one of the worst displays seen at Pittodrie for a long time. Aberdeen's backs were inconsistent, while the halves, with the exception of Halkett, were easily kept in hand. There was no understanding whatever amongst the forwards, and their efforts, to say the least of it, were disjointed and half-hearted. Lennie was Aberdeen's best forward, although he was far below his usual good form. After a long spell of play in Aberdeen's territory, the locals broke away, and Lennie scored. The left winger cleverly manipulated the ball, beating numerous opponents on his journey towards goal. O'Hagan and the little man combined well together, and when Stewart was overcome, the winger sent in a capital shot which landed in the net. The next minute Murray gave Robertson a hot one, and the goalkeeper cleared with difficulty. Play became very dull towards the close. Both sets of forwards had good opportunities, but their finishing was weak. A very disappointing game ended in favour of the visitors by two goals to one.

The gate realised £122, and stands £20.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd September 1907

Weak Defence.

The meeting of the Morton and Aberdeen was of the utmost importance to the followers of the home club, who were anxious to see how their team would fare against one of the smartest combinations in the west. While the forwards and halves put in a lot of good work and were frustrated time and again by a good defence, they had the misfortune. to be supported themselves by a very mediocre pair. The pitch had a slippery surface with the rain and made good footing difficult, but all the same the visitors seemed to steady themselves better at the critical juncture, and let fly when they had a chance. Mutch did not get the work to do he got at Ibrox, but what he was left to gather for himself was well done. Brebner displayed a weakness unaccountable in such a staid player as he usually is, his palpable inaccuracy in clearing giving away the first goal. Observing the weak spot, Morton made the most of it, and our surprise was that more goals did not come. They managed a second just on half-time. Aberdeen set off in surprising fashion in the second period, and had success met them in their initial burst, there is no saying what might have happened. It was Lennie, the ever-green, who scored with a gasper, there being many bad shots after this which had little or no effect. The game ended in a 2-1 victory for the visitors, though our opinion is that a draw would have more fitly represented the run of play.

Remarks on the Players.

Morton possess a set of dashing forwards, with perhaps more of the dash and less of combination. They know how to take up a chance when it comes their way. The halves are all triers, with a couple of very good backs, and a custodian who has had plenty of experience and knows a bit.
Only at intervals were Aberdeen's forwards seen to advantage; the right wing were the poorest, especially the outside man, who has gone off form just now. The middle line were not so prominent as we could wish, still they put in some good work. The backs were poor - very much so - while the goalkeeper was about the best man on the side.

A Suggestion.

We do not know all the details of Hume's suspension. We got it that he had absented himself from training, but he was very badly missed on Saturday. The pity is that this step was necessary on the eve of an important game like that of last week, for Hume was settling down to making a class player. Discipline must be observed, however, but if the suspension is to be enforced, it will be imperative to get a man to fill his place, for we had no confidence in his substitute on Saturday, who played the weakest game ever we have seen him play. The defence was weak, but we are also of opinion that the attack could he strengthened a bit, and that also requires looking after. Our suggestion, then, is that the forward line against the Hibs this week should be:- Muir, Murray, Wilson, O?Hagan, and Lennie. We have seen no one yet who can shoot like Wilson, who is a trier all the time, and in our opinion ought to be given an opportunity. Macdonald is not playing the game he did last season, and will be none the worse of a rest for a week or two, which will do him good.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen players have been badly slated this week by the press.
They seem to have only one notion, and that is that our local players must win at all costs.
It was a great mistake to have played Brebner on Saturday. His wounds may have been healed, but he was sadly out of condition.
Discipline must be observed, otherwise it would have been policy to have played Hume on Saturday.
It seems Hume's offence was that he got a week-end to go home, and only appeared for training on Friday forenoon. After explanations, Hume was cautioned, and ordered to resume training for Saturday's game.
If the same team does not score a success on Saturday, there will be several important changes.
These have already been contemplated, but the management desire to give the men a fair chance.
Has the advertisement appearing in a South paper anything to do with the Aberdeen?
We overheard on Saturday that several of the Directors have been on the hunt for players to fill the weak spots.
Macfarlane does a lot of good in the team by his judicious coaching, and this is where his understudy fails.

Source: Bon-Accord, 5th September 1907

Morton Teamsheet
Robertson; Stewart, Thompson; Greenlees, Houston, Macintosh; Urquhart, Dart, Spiers, McCubbin, Lindsay
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. McGill, Thornliebank
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