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Hibernian 1 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hibernian 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hibernian scorers: Callaghan

07/09/1907 | KO: 16:00

In the first of the season's exchanges these teams met at Easter Road, Edinburgh. The opening stages augured well for the Hibernians' prospects of victory, as they attacked well, but their shooting lacked direction and sting. Aberdeen had a few runs towards Rennie, who was compelled to save more than one. What danger there was in the Aberdeen attack came from the Lennie - O'Hagan wing. On the other hand Harker and Callaghan were the life of the Hibernians, who at this stage deserved to be one up, but the Northerners got away, and scored an offside goal. Just before half-time Callaghan had a run and shot on his own, the ball going just over the bar. Within five minutes of the start, Callaghan scored the first goal of the match with a wonderful shot from the corner flag. The Hibernians continued to press, but the ineptitude of McAulay spoiled some likely chances. Callaghan continued to play well, and sent in some fine crosses. Aberdeen wakened up a bit, but the defence of the Irishmen gave nothing away. Lennie had a fine try from the touchline which Rennie smartly cleared. Result:- Hibernian, one goal; Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 7th September 1907

Aberdeen visited Edinburgh on Saturday, and met the Hibernians at Easter Road in a Scottish League engagement. The ground was in fine condition, and fully 8000 spectators witnessed the game in warm weather. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; McIntosh, Hume; Davidson, Drain, Halkett; Macdonald, Muir, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Hibernians: Rennie; Maine, Allan; Gordon, Borthwick, Duguid; Callaghan, Harker, McAulay, Findlay, Ritchie.
Referee - Mr. Lithgow, Glasgow.

At four o'clock the Hibernians' kicked off. Play in the opening minutes was in favour of the Easter Road men. Their right wing forwards were fairly in evidence with fast, tricky play, Harker's cute dribbling and passing giving the Aberdeen defence plenty of work. Macfarlane saved brilliantly from Harker, after the latter had beaten Halkett and Hume. The players on both sides entered on the game with great spirit, and there was scarcely a dull moment throughout the first half. Back came the Hibernians' right wing payer, and Macfarlane once more distinguished himself with a brilliant clearance, Harker being particularly deadly in his shooting. Lead on by Muir, the Aberdeen forwards carried play in the direction of Rennie, who had little difficulty in clearing a high shot from the inside right. Strong play by the Hibernians' half-backs ended in a regular melee in front of Macfarlane. McIntosh and Hume averted danger, but Findlay got the ball, and with a fast, low shot the inside left almost opened the scoring for his side. Macfarlane, however, was on the alert, and saved on the post. Aberdeen again got away as the result of smart work by Muir on the right. Slipping past the half-backs, Muir passed out to Macdonald, who tried Rennie with a long shot. The Hibs' goalkeeper just managed to clear while surrounded by a crowd of players, and in the next minute Muir almost scored with a high shot. Rennie appeared to step back in making the clearance, many being of the opinion that the ball had passed under the bar. Aberdeen kept pegging away, one and, all over, there was a marked improvement in their play compared with recent games. There was little or nothing to choose between the teams, and with both sides striving their utmost to open the scoring, the encounter was a very interesting one, and fast to a degree. The pace, indeed, was very keen. Shouts of "Well played, Hibs!" and "Well played, Aberdeen!" Could be heard all round the ground. Aberdeen were meter in their movements, and on the whole played the more attractive football, but the Hibernians infused the greater dash into their play. Their half-backs the specially were vigorous in their tackling. On when the game, and still no goals were forthcoming. Lennie burst away on the left, beat the Hibs defence, and then centred right in front of Rennie, who rushed out and punted clear. Offside spoiled our rare opening for McAulay in the centre, while later on another infringement upset the Hibs' calculations near goal. However, despite sound defensive work by McIntosh and Hume, the Hibs could not be shaken off. McAulay and Harker rushed in on Macfarlane, who appeared to be hopelessly beaten. However, the goalkeeper cleared grandly, for he darted out from his goal and actually nipped the ball from Harker's toes. Aberdeen at this stage were well served by their half-backs, all three being at the top of their form, while McIntosh was very reliable at back. Macdonald had a clever run on the right, finishing with a shot for goal. Rennie, however, like Macfarlane at the other end, was quite able to meet all attacks. Play for a time was monopolised by the Hibs' right wingers. Indeed Callaghan and Harker were responsible for practically the whole of the forward play on their side. The inside player had his partner most unselfishl1y, and the outside man responded with some capital work, both in centring the ball and shooting whenever he had the chance. Closing in on Macfarlane, the Hibs' outside right shot with terrific force from about a dozen yards out. The Aberdeen goalkeeper was in great form, however, and again saved. Callaghan made another effort to place one his side on the lead, but Hume got in the way of a fast shot from the aggressive right winger, whose work so far have been a feature of the game. A mix-up between Duguid and Allan enabled Macdonald to get away on the Aberdeen right. Rennie, however, rushed out in time to prevent MacDonald's shot taking effect. Still, the Hibernians were desperately anxious to open the scoring. Adopting forcible tactics, they repeatedly attempted to rush the opposing defence, but there was no wavering on the Aberdeen side. Main was prominent in the Hibs defence, while Gordon at half-back was also in evidence. Macfarlane brought off a wonderful clearance from McAulay, the goalkeeper just reaching the ball near the crossbar. In attempting a second clearance, Macfarlane rushed out of his goal, but the ball was returned before he regained his position. Ritchie had the goal at his mercy, but somehow he completely missed the ball in a comparatively easy position. After this lucky escape, Aberdeen carried the play in the direction of Rennie. Muir was noticeable for clever work, and made openings for both O'Hagan and Murray, but the latter payer shot weakly. Murray, however, was pulled up for offside when he had a clear run in on Rennie, while strong, forcing play by Drain and Davidson was repelled by Main and Allan. A fast drive by Findlay was finely stopped by Macfarlane, while a shot from Callaghan skimmed the crossbar. Half-time arrived with the teams on equal terms, no goals being scored.

Aberdeen opened the second half with a raid on the Hibs' goal. A long, drooping shot from Halkett was cleared with difficulty by Rennie. Harker and Callaghan transfer to play to the other end, and within 5 minutes after the resumption the Hibernians' took the lead. Callaghan was the scorer, and his effort came as a great surprise - indeed, the forward really meant to centre the ball, but it curled into the net, high up at the far side. Callaghan had worked his way along the right, and, when near the corner flag, suddenly cut into goal. Steadying himself, he let fly with his left foot, the ball curling in on Macfarlane quite unexpectedly. The goalkeeper sprang at the ball, but only managed to reach it with the tips of his fingers, and Aberdeen were one down. The Hibernians' were soon back in the vicinity of Macfarlane, who caught a very fast shot from Harker. Macfarlane was kept busy for some time, but gradually Halkett and Lennie forced play on the left wing. A long shot from the left half was cleared by Rennie, who had to exert himself shortly afterwards in saving from Muir. Aberdeen were now having more of the play, excelling in the outfield, but their forwards were no match for the robust defence of the Hibs. The game, however, lacked the pace of the first half. Lennie was prominent in the Aberdeen front rank, but the others were very weak near goal. Breaking away on the left, Lennie easily beat Gordon, and then got round Borthwick. The left winger was well on his way to wards goal, when within a yard of the penalty line, he was badly tripped by Main. The free kick was cleared, and Callaghan and Harker were again active on Hibernians' right wing. Macfarlane saved cleverly from the outside right, who was undoubtedly the crack shot on the field. In all-round play, however, Callaghan was brilliant, is fast runs and clever manoeuvring for position being a feature of the forward play on the Hibernians' side. Twenty minutes from time Aberdeen made a final rally, and on play they were unlucky in not equalising. Lennie tried his utmost to place his side on an equality, and only the Stirling defence of Main and Rennie prevented Aberdeen from attaining their object. Hume and McIntosh frequently dropped the ball in front of the Hibernians' goal, but Rennie and his backs were very safe. Towards the close Lennie left the field suffering from the effects of his trip by Main. The absence of Lennie undoubtedly weak and the front rank up, for several chances were lost owing to the ball going out of play on the left wing. The game finished with Aberdeen playing pluckily for goal, but the Hibs defence held out to the close.

There was a welcome improvement on the play of the Aberdeen team, with the defence sound all along the line, although the front rank, while good in the open, lacked shooting powers. A draw would have been a correct result on the run of the game, which was keenly contested from start to finish.

Gate and stands, £170 3s 9d.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th September 1907

The Odd Goal at Easter Road.

However much your Aberdeen team disappointed you at Pittodrie the other week, they certainly enhanced their reputation at Easter Road on Saturday. Since the opening of the season the Hibs. have improved greatly, and they had out their strongest and best to meet Aberdeen. A fair reflex of the play would have been a draw, as with the exception of Callaghan's shot, which was a chance one, there was not a goal of difference in the play. Play ruled in favour of the Hibs. at the start, but Macfarlane gave us one of his best displays, while it restored con¬fidence in his forwards, who had to wait a bit before the Hibs. were done. Lennie and O'Hagan put in some fine work on the left, Rennie having to clear with difficulty.
One particular cross from Macdonald caused Harry no end of trouble, while another drooper from the foot of Halket was worth a goal. Then the Hibs. had a short spell of pressure, only to find the defence invulnerable. They were fast and interesting, Jack being as good as his master at half-time. There was a little flatness at the start of the second half, the visiting forwards showing the best combination, and with a little luck ought to have scored. It came as a surprise when the Hibs. burst away, and Callaghan let fly, from an impossible angle, which entirely deceived the defence, but the ball found its way into the net at the far corner. Some good shooting was seen after this but neither custodian was having any. Lennie missed one golden opportunity from close in, but none of the others looked like beating Harry Rennie, who was at his best. With their one goal lead the game ended, Hibs. being entitled to full points, though on play they deserved to be divided.

The Teams.

There was very little to choose between the two Elevens. Both lacked devil at goal, but their outfield work was good. Macfarlane was as clever as Rennie, the backs on each side working hard, with good judgment. There was not much between the two middle lines. The home lot were the more robust in their tactics, while the visitors placed and fed their forwards better. Callaghan and Lennie divided the honours as star artistes, but some of the others were not far behind. McAuley is still the same player, finding openings for others, but he lacks the dash for a centre. Murray was far and away superior to McAuley, but he got mixed up at times with the backs. There was a great improvement on the right wing, Macdonald and Muir playing good football.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen are as badly off for points this year as they were last at this time.
It is time they were bucking up and giving us a glimpse of their true form.
Dead bad luck seems to be floating after them meantime, but we fancy that an extra dose of training at ball practice would do them a world of good.
Macfarlane has completely recovered from his accident, and there is no question about it his presence gave the team a lot of confidence.
O'Hagan got his knee damaged at Faster Road, and may not be fit for Saturday.
Billy Brebner is another player on the injured list, but he is recovering rapidly and expects to take the field soon.
Henry Low seems to have atoned for his partial failure against Manchester City, by playing a fine game against Notts County. Sunderland were clearly the better side last week, and are now settling down to methodical work.
Aberdeen have a few stiff games to get through this month. St. Mirren, Dundee, Celtic, and Kilmarnock furnish the opposition, and it is a formidable task to get through with a team not going very strong.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th September 1907

Hibernian Teamsheet
Unused Subs: Rennie; Maine, Allan; Gordon, Borthwick, Duguid; Callaghan, Harker, McAulay, Findlay, Ritchie
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh
Referee: Mr. Lithgow, Glasgow
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