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Heart of Midlothian 3 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Heart of Midlothian 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Heart of Midlothian scorers: Walker, Peddie, Dargue
Aberdeen scorers: McDonald.

26/10/1907 | KO:

There were 8000 spectators at Tynecastle, Edinburgh, and these saw a game which fluctuated curiously throughout. At the start the Hearts were strong aggressors, and MacFarlane had to be on the alert to save shots from Walker, Dargue, and Colombo. This continued for ten minutes, when Aberdeen picked up a better game, and made several raids. In one of them McDonald netted a fine cross by Lennie, and this lead they held through the rest of the half, the football in which was poor. There was no improvement for a time after the game was resumed, Thomson even missing a penalty kick. Then the Hearts attacked strongly, only to find MacFarlane in splendid form in goal. Eventually Walker scored the equaliser, and with the getting of this Aberdeen were done with. Peddie headed through the winning goal for the Hears, and Dargue, just on time, scored a third, so that the Hearts eventually won easily. Score:- Heart of Midlothian, three goals; Aberdeen, one..

Source: The Scotsman, 28th October 1907

The Aberdeen team travelled to Edinburgh on Saturday, and played the Heart of Midlothian in a Scottish League fixture before between 3000 and 4000 spectators. The teams were:-

Heart of Midlothian: Allan; Reid, Collins; D. Philip, Thomson, Dickson; Tomlinson, Walker, Colombo, Peddie, Dargue.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; McIntosh, Halkett, W. Low; Macdonald, Simpson, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee: J. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir.

The Hearts lost the toss. Walker initiated an attack by passing back to Philip, who led Tomlinson away. Aberdeen repulsed the attack, and Reid was called upon, the Hearts right back beating O'Hagan, and clearing with a smart effort. Walker let Tomlinson away, but Hume checked the movement, and Dixon covering up, crossed to Dargue, who dropped the ball well in, Colman clearing. After some quiet play, Tomlinson broke away, and dodging Low tried a low ball. Hume blocked, and Dargue sending across a good ball, Macfarlane punted out strongly. Keeping up the pressure, walker had a quick shot, which Macfarlane saved on his knees, and a minute later Walker lifted the ball over the bar. After Macfarlane had saved from Philip, Colombo tried gamely to get the way, but he was shouldered off, and Aberdeen taking up the running, put in a stiff attack. O'Hagan failed to reach the net with a long shot, and Macdonald sent past from a pass by Murray. A raid by Aberdeen had disastrous results for the Hearts, when Lennie run down the line and centred across. Collins, through some misunderstanding, failed to notice Macdonald, who, coming in behind the back, opened the scoring for his side. Play brightened up after the Hearts' reverse, but Aberdeen, throwing off the attack, again got down, and Allan had twice to save from O'Hagan and Murray. A breakaway by the Hearts followed, and after Tomlinson had played the ball against Hume, he made amends by forcing Macfarlane to handle. Macfarlane had to concede a corner when closely pressed by Tomlinson. At the other end Aberdeen attacked hotly, Dixon clearing, and then the Hearts attacked. Walker, from a corner, headed into Macfarlane's hands, and a foul against Hume was safely negotiated, after which the Aberdeen men give a display of clever footwork. From a cornered taken by Lennie, O'Hagan got the ball a yard out, with but Allan to beat, but the Hearts' goalkeeper saved in brilliant style, and when called upon again he made a remarkable save.

Aberdeen attacked at the commencement of the second half, Reid giving relief. Walker at length got through, and gave Dargue a chance of an afternoon, but the little left-winger drove the ball in front too far, and failed to catch it up. However, the Hearts returned to the attack, and forced a couple of corners, which Aberdeen cleared, amid great excitement. In the midst of a rally in the Aberdeen goal, Thompson could be seen vainly cleaning a penalty, but it was not until the next attack that, for some happening in the crowd about the goalmouth, a penalty was awarded. Thomson took the kick, hit the post, and in the succeeding melee Aberdeen cleared, and racing to the other end, Simpson was only drawn up in time by Thompson. In a spell of severe attack by the Hearts Thompson was prominent. Wearing a different ball, there are running for once when the Hearts' defence and dance, six of their players playing the ball ere Thomson, getting in, cleared. At last the Hearts got down, and looked unlucky in not scoring. The Hearts at length scored, Dargue crossing an accurate ball, and Walker equalising the game. The Hearts returned to the attack, but the Aberdeen defence was grand. A ball by Walker was brilliantly saved by Macfarlane, and although well attended by Colombo, the Aberdeen goalkeeper brought off a great save from Thomson. For running, the Hearts strove hard for the lead, and Tomlinson, beaten by Hume, forced a corner. In great excitement Tomlinson dropped a beauty, and Peddie getting his head on the ball, but the Hearts one ahead. A breakaway by when he threatened of trouble, but Collins, crossing or more, cleared the danger, and at the other end Dargue got a nice pass from Peddie, but his parting shot, though straight, lacked sting. In the next attack, however, Dargue, getting a beauty of a pass from Colombo, scored a third goal for the Hearts.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 28th October, 1907

A Disappointing Result.

A cold, cheerless sort of day awaited our arrival at Tynecastle on Saturday, when, despite the atmospheric conditions, there was, a good attendance to witness the start. If there was anything remarkable in the play at the start, it was the earnestness with which the Heart's players threw into their work. Aberdeen's defence stood up to the attacks like a solid wall for a short time, and then we had a spell of pressure at Allan, who saved from Simpson and Murray. It took our men a fifteen minutes to settle down, but once they got moving, kept the Hearts' defence on tenterhooks. Success was bound to come, though O'Hagan should have scored from a corner before. Macdonald cut in beautifully, and accepted a cross from Lennie, and had the ball past Allan before the goalkeeper knew where it was. Murray had a lovely chance a short time after, and how he missed it no one could tell. Leading at half-time by one goal hardly represented the run of the play, but the old fault of the Aberdeen forwards was more than apparent - foozling at goal-mouth. It was this hesitancy to shoot and throwing away chances that gave the Hearts some hope of pulling even, and when they did that their mission to win seemed easy. The last fifteen minutes saw the Aberdeen lying down its if they had never been in the game at all. It was sad to us to behold three goals going on after doing most of the pressing prior to that, and, to our memory, it was the first time we had seen Aberdeen defeated at Tynecastle.

The Play and Players.

That Aberdeen lost by 3 goals to 1 was entirely due to their own foolishness at goalmouth. In accepting the crosses from the wing men, Murray and O'Hagan displayed exceptional weakness in shooting, and ought to have had their side three goals up before the Hearts got their chance. One thing has to be taken into account, however, and that is Charlie Thomson used his weight rather unceremoniously at times, but for all that the chances were there. Macintosh was also below form, and seems to want a rest in our opinion. The others all did well, especially Macfarlane in goal, who was in great form and saved the situation at the start. On the winning side Thomson and Walker stood out head and shoulders above the others, Colombo being greatly indebted to the internationalist for making his play look more than common-place. Next to Walker, Peddie was the most dangerous forward, while the wing halves were fair, and the goalkeeper exceptionally smart.

Chatty Bits

Aberdeen have still the old trouble to contend with in their forward line.
A good shot, one who has little fear to use his weight and can use his feet, is wanted, and wanted badly.
Is there none of the reserves fit to do this? They can always get above one goal in a match.
This one goal business is getting a bit stale, and for their own reputation the forwards should make an effort to improve on it.
The A's scored five times on Saturday and had two disallowed. They are working up the table rapidly.
At this rate there is nothing to hinder them being top this year if the team is left alone.
In the first round of the Aberdeenshire and District cup Harp easily overcame their Fraserburgh rivals (Victoria) by 8 goals to nil.
. Peterhead, after a drawn game at Fraserburgh, beat the Hearts of that town by 7-I, in the first round of the same competition.
There was a large crowd present to see the tie between Keith Strathisla and Huntly United. After a stiff game, Strathisla won by 2-1.
Fraserburgh seem to have suffered badly on Saturday, but their time will come if they keep pegging away.
For a town of its size Fraserburgh does well to keep so many senior clubs together, and all do well on their own grounds.
It is expected Toman will be all right for Saturday, as he was able to move about freely after massage treatment.
The accident appeared quite simple, but it might have proved dangerous had he been allowed to resume playing.
We are afraid Dunfermline have seen the last of Innes, their centre half, for some time. He was quite unable to last Satur¬day's game, and had to retire, without coming in contact with anyone.
Gault is still keeping his place for West Ham, and Boyle, for Bristol Rovers, is doing great work.

Source: Bon-Accord, 31st October 1907

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet
Allan; Reid, Collins; D. Philip, Thomson, Dickson; Tomlinson, Walker, Colombo, Peddie, Dargue
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Referee: Mr. J. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir
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