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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dundee

Scottish Reserve League
Aberdeen scorers: Nichol.
Dundee scorers: Strachan

12/11/1910 | KO: 15:00


A fairly large attendance of spectators witnessed this Northern League game at Pittodrie on Saturday. Teams:-

Aberdeen A: Greig; Hannah, Harper; Davidson, Macfarlane, Robertson; Hay, J. H. Neilson, W. D. Nichol, Edwards, C. Neilson.
Dundee A: Phillip; McRobbie, McEwan; J. Comrie, Strachan, Gowans; Dickson, Langlands, Walker, Graydon, Fraser.
Referee - Mr. Davidson, Arbroath.

Two new players appeared in the ranks of the Aberdeen Club - Edwards, a young English player, being at inside left, while J. H. Neilson, a brother of the left-winger, occupied the inside right position. There was not much science in the opening exchanges, but Dundee were kept pretty much on the defensive. In a break away, Walker, for the visitors, threw away a good chance, and then Aberdeen retaliated, Nichol finishing with a hard drive which scraped the post. The greatest pressure came from the home side, and the crowd was pleased to notice that in this respect the new men took a good share, Edwards having a fine long pot at goal, followed shortly after by a similar effort from Neilson. Find, robust play by the Pittodrie hearts kept the Dundee attack out of the danger zone. Dickson, on the right, was always a dangerous man, and, in addition to fine crossing, he gave Greig a warm ball to hold, his shortcomings as a surprise from the touch-line. The spirit of keen rivalry was very much in evidence, and a great outburst of cheering greeted the scoring of the first point by Aberdeen, who on play were well worth the lead. Macfarlane started the movement, and gave to J. H. Neilson, who headed in nicely for Nichol to score. The centre got the leather on the bounds, and a Dundee custodian was powerless to deal with the terrific drive which landed the ball in the net. There was no stopping the locals' attack no, and Dundee's defence must needs have been strong. The strangers had a dangerous incursion, however, and when Dickson squared beautifully, it looked odds on Dundee equalising. A whole line of players missed the chance, and when Graydon got possession, he had to work for position. He got a good drive, but Hannah was in the way, and the danger was averted. Dundee now had a little more of the game, and excitement was roused by a scramble at Greig's end, the custodian having to place the ball round the post. It was a good period, so far as excitement was concerned, and at the interval the home stars fully deserve their lead.

The resumption saw Aberdeen once more aggressive, and Charlie Neilson finished a run with a dangerous cross. The game had not been 5 minutes resumed when Dundee cut the equaliser. Strachan at long range drove hard for goal, and the ball found a passage through a crowd of players, and was in the net before Greig knew what had happened. Attacking at once, Aberdeen crowded upon Phillip, who was brought down with the ball and his hands. He was dispossessed and the ball netted, but the referee Dave a file, and the point did not count. After a series of midfield exchanges, both goals were visited with the result. Robertson made a good try from the margin, and then Nichol was hustled off the ball and on the point of shooting at close range. Hay and John Neilson were responsible for a dangerous attack in which the latter had a good effort at goal. A second later McEwen fouled Hay, and a hot pressure was set up in front of Phillip. Dundee's weight stood them in good stead. Back again came Aberdeen, refusing to be beaten off till a great shot by Davidson placed the ball behind, and dropped relief to a defence that was overwhelmed. Aberdeen could do everything now except score, and the Dundee defence was clearing at any price and in any way. Hearts and forwards for Aberdeen were on the attack, but while the crowded on all sail they got no reward. The closing 10 minutes want to have seen Aberdeen a head, and had it not been for brilliant work by Phillip, who saved great shots sent in, first by Nichol and then by Davidson, his side would have gone down. The defence was completely mastered, and the Dundonians were lucky to leave the field with a share of the points.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 14th November 1910

While the League teams were battling at Dens Park, the Reserves of Dundee and Aberdeen divided points, in the Northern League at Pittodrie. The local teiam had to undergo several altetations, Edwards being drafted into the forward line, and Neilson, a brotiher of the outside left, played for Scott at inside right, the Peterhead player being still unfit to play. Fast play ruled throughout the first half, and the locals got no more than they deserved when Nichol scored a beauty. Philip was in evidence with some clever saving, and but for him his side would have gone down badly. It was not till well on in the second half that Dundee scored, from a melee in front of goal. On play this was hardly deserved, but it served to make the Aberdeen put in a lot of good work, which went unrewarded through overexcitement at goal-mouth. Play was carried to the last minute in Dundee territory, and but for miskicks and the slippery condition of the pitch, the local Reserves ought to have won, instead of dividing the points. The new men acquitted themselves well, but the feature of the play was the fine work of Aberdeen's halves, who were all in splendid trim.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th November 1910

Dundee Teamsheet
Phillip; McRobbie, McEwan; J. Comrie, Strachan, Gowans; Dickson, Langlands, Walker, Graydon, Fraser
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr J. Davidson, Arbroath
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