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Motherwell 2 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Motherwell 0 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Motherwell scorers: Donaldson, Hume (o.g.)
Aberdeen scorers: Simpson, Murray, Lennie.

16/11/1907 | KO:

At Motherwell, before 4000 spectators. Aberdeen opened strongly, and scored twice in the first ten minutes, through McDonald and Murray. Motherwell retaliated and scored twice. At half-time there was a stoppage owing to bad weather. The result was:- Aberdeen, three goals; Motherwell, two goals.

Source: The Scotsman, 18th November 1907

The weather was cold and cheerless when the Aberdeen team arrived at Motherwell on Saturday. And drizzling rain set in early in the day, and Fir Park was in a very sodden condition. Rain fell throughout the game, and during the second portion of the match the weather completely broke down, the conditions being of the worst possible description. At 2:45, when the game was started, there were fully 3000 spectators present. The teams were as follows:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, W. Low; Macdonald, Simpson, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Motherwell: Macdonald; McLean, Rattray; Robertson, McNeill, McCallum; Nicol, Stewart, Reid, Donaldson, Robertson.
Referee: Mr. R. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir.

Aberdeen won the toss, and played with the wind in their favour. The visitors were the first to get within shooting range, Lennie breaking away on the left wing and crossing to the right, where Macdonald had a good effort to score, his shot going over the crossbar. The greasy ball and heavy ground were all against good football, but Aberdeen gave a surprisingly good account of themselves, keeping the ball on the ground, and shooting whenever they got the chance. For the most part Motherwell were kept strictly on the defensive, and in that department McLean and McNeill were conspicuous. Low was penalised in midfield, and from the free kick the home forwards paid their first visit to Macfarlane's end of the field. Hume, however, relieved with a strong punt, while Colman immediately afterwards checked the Motherwell left wing. The game was keenly contested, with Aberdeen playing the better football, especially in the front rank. Murray, Simpson, and Macdonald were the most prominent among the forwards, the left wing rarely getting a chance to settle down to their usual game. McIntosh and Halkett were clever at half-back, and it was mainly due to the strong play of the Aberdeen middle line that the visiting team were enabled to open the scoring. The game had been in progress for 12 minutes when Aberdeen took the lead. Macdonald got away on the right wing, and just when the left back came out to tackle him the Aberdeen outside right tipped the ball to Simpson. Laughter in turn passed across to the left. Lennie got on the ball and dribbled a few yards, finishing with a shot for goal. His effort struck the crossbar, the ball rebounding into the field of play. Macdonald returned it, and his namesake in goal fell in his attempt to save his charge. Simpson joined his partner in the struggle to nip the ball, and while the goalkeeper lee helpless on the ground the outside right practically walked the ball into the net. Aberdeen were now thoroughly on their mettle, and within 2 minutes Murray scored a second goal. Near the penalty line the centre forward picked up a pass while facing his own goal. He suddenly wheeled around on his right heel, and with the clever left-foot hook he landed the ball in the net, far out of the goalkeeper's reach. Macdonald was completely taken by surprise, and made no effort to save the shot. Motherwell rarely got past midfield, their forwards being easily held by the Aberdeen half-backs. Beautiful work by Simpson, Macintosh, and Lennie almost brought another goal, the first named shooting past the outside of the post with only the goalkeeper to beat. A sprint along the left wing by Robertson, who easily beat Colman, transfer to play to the vicinity of the Aberdeen goal. The Motherwell outside left lost a rare opportunity when he shot wildly past instead of steadying himself after he had beaten the backs single-handed. Encouraged by their supporters, the home team played desperately for goal, but Aberdeen, with the wind in their favour, kept their two-goal lead up to half-time, although Motherwell never slackened their efforts to reduce the leeway. One of the best shots sent in during the game came from the Aberdeen inside right. Simpson dribbled right through the Motherwell defence, and finished up with a terrific drive for goal. Macdonald made this spring for the ball, which he managed to reach and tipped over the bar. A corner to Aberdeen was cleared with difficulty, while McIntosh and Simpson followed in quick succession with fast shots for goal. Nicol and Stewart of the leading players in the Motherwell front rank, and when these two forwards had got the better of Hume, who missed his kick, the chances were all in favour of the local team scoring their first goal. Motherwell, however, were distinctly weak in front of Macfarlane. Towards half-time Aberdeen had to fight very hard in order to maintain their lead. Stewart, Nicol, and Reid repeatedly broke through between the Aberdeen backs, but only two shots reached Macfarlane. The first came from Reid in the centre. A few yards from goal he shot very hard with his left foot, but the Aberdeen goalkeeper brought off a wonderfully good clearance at full stretch. Next minute Stewart tried Macfarlane with another fast shot, and again Macfarlane was equal to the occasion. Aberdeen almost got a third goal when the Motherwell backs got mixed up during a rush by the visiting forwards, but the goalkeeper run out and cleared.

And the game was resumed the wind fell considerably, but the rain came down in torrents. Motherwell and once took the game in hand, but although they monopolised the play for a time, they were very weak in their shooting. The Fir Park team apparently started with the idea of running Aberdeen to a standstill, but the game gradually turned round greatly in favour of the Pittodrie eleven. Their forwards played an open game, and kept the ball always on the move. From wing two wing a leather was passed with commendable precision, with the result that the Motherwell defence, more than they bargained for. Macdonald was cheered for his fine goal keeping, and Motherwell were indebted to him for the smallness of the score against him. Simpson, Murray, and O'Hagan each made splendid efforts to increase Aberdeen's lead, the shots sent in by the last named being specially good, for the goalkeeper had to spring from one end of his goal to the other in order to effect a clearance. 20 minutes from time the game took a sensational turn. Pressing on the left wing, Motherwell soon had the Aberdeen backs in difficulties. Colman slipped when on the point of clearing, I and, before he could recover, Donaldson quickly seized his opportunity and banged the ball past Macfarlane. Two minutes later Motherwell were on an equal footing. The Aberdeen goalkeeper had saved a fast grounder from Reid, and the ball rebounded into play. Hume rushed back with the intention of clearing, but unfortunately turned the ball right into the net before Macfarlane had time to clear. With a game equal, both teams played for all they were worth. The rain came down heavily but this had little effect on the players. Aberdeen improved every minute, and nothing but sheer desperation enabled them to pull off the game. 5 minutes after Motherwell had drawn level the visitors made a determined attack on the Motherwell goal. Simpson began the movement in midfield. He slipped round the left half, and then passed out to Macdonald on the wing. The outside right easily beat the back for speed, and that once cut into goal with the ball had his feet. A judicious cross along the ground gave Lennie his chance, and the outside left settled the game with a fast shot clear of the goalkeeper. Write to the finish the game was exciting to a degree, and the end came with the scores - 3 goals; Motherwell 2.

This is Aberdeen's first win away from home this season, and fully deserved on play. There was no weakness in the team, and more points are bound to follow if the players maintain their present form. The gate amounted to £80.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 18th November 1907

A Reversal.

Last year, at Fir Park, Motherwell defeated Aberdeen by 3 goals to 2. Saturday's result gave Aberdeen the same verdict, with a somewhat different tale which has to be recorded. Sat¬urday was anything but a pleasant day when the men from the north set foot in Motherwell. There was a strong wind, amounting almost to a gale, while there had been plenty of rain, which left the pitch very greasy and heavy. When the spin came Halket named the right side and chose to play with the hurricane and rain behind his men. Slackness prevailed at the start, the home side showing the best form. The backs coped ably with the first rush and then Aberdeen carried play to the other end. Lennie and O'Hagan were so tantalising in their kicking that Robertson and McLean began to throw their weight about. A beautiful bit of work on the left, right down to within a few yards from goal - a lovely cross from the foot of Lennie, which Macdonald snapped up and the ball was in the net. A few minutes after this another successful run was initiated in which Murray put on a second goal with a fast drive, the ball keeping low all the time. Macfarlane next distinguished himself by picking up a good shot from Reid, Motherwell exerting themselves to the very utmost to keep down the score, which finished till half-time.
It was a funny second half. Aberdeen were expected to fall away when they had to face the elements, but instead they went off as fresh as at the start, and were round the home goal in a cluster, Macdonald saving twice in as many minutes. Up till a certain point Aberdeen were doing better than in the first period. Motherwell could not help getting away now and then, but their efforts were weak. From a miskick by Colman, the ball sticking in the mud, Donaldson, the inside left, dashed in and scored. Worse luck followed, for a hard drive from Reid, which Macfarlane only was able to scoop out to Hume, who intended to drive into touch but instead put the ball into goal out of Macfarlane's reach, looked as if Aberdeen's defence were going to nullify the fine forward play. A little steadying up at the right time and Aberdeen were away again, and they held the whip hand till the finish, Lennie scoring the winning goal, amidst great cheers, for the home crowd recognized that their side had been gifted with the goals they got. A fine game ended Aberdeen 3, Motherwell 2.

The Players.

Aberdeen did not carry a passenger on their side on Saturday. Every man seemed to rise to the occasion and play up to their very best. There were one or two outstanding features in which more work had to be given than by the others. Macintosh had a difficult man to hold in Reid, and came through the ordeal capitally, while Halket had the strongest wing to deal with, and did it well. Colman and Hume made two bad mistakes, and were a bit unsteady for a time; still they did some smart things to cover the bad ones. Macfarlane could not have been better. Macdonald saved Motherwell from a big beating. The backs were none too safe, while the halves were not above stopping a man in any way. In Reid and Donaldson, they have two for-wards that require watching, for they are good marksmen.

Chatty Bits.

It is not often that, Aberdeen have a couple of wins in one afternoon.
No wonder that there is some elation, on the part of the management, over this success.
The forwards were all in great trim at Motherwell, and it would have been a task to have picked out a weak one.
Murray gave the best display at centre he has yet done since he joined the team.
Hume's face was a study when he scored the second goal for Motherwell. A snapshot of the episode would have been a treasure to the spectators.
Rab's cheery rejoinder put Hume right and steadied him up for further effort.
Colman was keenly watched by the home crowd, who were pleased at his display. Still; we have seen him in better form.
Aberdeen A are in great scoring mood just now. Four goals off East Fife is a fine performance.
East Fife seem to be an unfortunate lot for weather, for they seldom get a good day when they visit Pittodrie.
They have several good men, too, in their eleven, their left back being a class man.
Aberdeen's new centre, Collins, is a much improved player since he last appeared at Pittodrie. There is word that Aberdeen want to fix him up permanently.
They could be doing with a worse recruit for that position meantime. He will require to get some training in the spikes.
Now that both teams are going well, the management will require to safeguard some of the players and not overwork them.
A judicious rest at intervals would do some of them a world of good when heavy grounds are the order of the day.
Henry Low was in the Sunderland team on Saturday against Manchester United.
The injury which Gault received the other week has not been so serious as at first thought, for he was out for West Ham, on Saturday.
The topic this week is N'ewcast1's capture of Geordie Wilson, the left winger of many clubs.
The transfer fee is reported to be above anything ever paid for a player in previous seasons.
Just fancy paying anything above £1000, when the new rule, which comes into force on 1st January, limits the price to £360. Will this rule be observed strictly ? If it is, it will hit some clubs very hard.
If Wilson does not prove a more tractable player to Newcastle than he has been to some of his other clubs, they will have made a dear bargain.
R. S. McColl was greatly missed by the amateur forwards at Parkhead on Saturday.
Clapton Orient have taken on W. Stead for a month's trial. This is the goalkeeper who only put in a few practice games for Aberdeen at the commencement of last season.
Motherwell Teamsheet
Macdonald; McLean, Rattray; Robertson, McNeill, McCallum; Nicol, Stewart, Reid, Donaldson, Robertson
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Fir Park, Motherwell
Referee: Mr. R. T. Murray, Stenhousemuir
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