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Kilmarnock 3 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Kilmarnock 3 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Kilmarnock scorers: Howie, Douglas, Templeton
Aberdeen scorers: MacEchern, Niblo.

13/03/1909 | KO:

Return League fixture, at Kilmarnock, before over 4000 spectators. Interest in the game was entirely confined to the fist half, when no fewer than five goals were scored. A shot from Macecherne (Sic.) brought the first goal for Aberdeen, Aitken allowing the ball to slip through his hands. Kilmarnock got the equaliser from a corner kick. Howie had three shots before scoring. Shortly after Douglas gave the homesters the lead with an unsaveable drive. Clever play by Niblo and O'Hagan ended with the former again equalising the score with an oblique shot. Near the interval Templeton, with a well timed shot, gave his side the lead. Kilmarnock led at the interval by three goals to two. Play in the second half suffered by Dalgarno having to retire, and Niblo also being injured. Play was not so fast, but Kilmarnock, as in the first half, did most of the pressing. There was no more scoring, Kilmarnock winning by three goals to two.

Source: The Scotsman, 15th March 1909

Aberdeen played Kilmarnock on Saturday at Rugby Park. The weather was favourable, and there were 3000 spectators present. Teams:-

Kilmarnock: Aitken; D. Armour, Mitchell; Halley, Barrie, Glass; A. Armour, Ramsay, Douglas, Howie, Templeton.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; McEchern, Simpson, Dalgarno, O'Hagan, Niblo.
Referee - Mr. Murray, Stenhousemuir.

Kilmarnock kicked off, and Templeton stole away, and from an accurate pass by that player Douglas just headed past. A minute later Templeton was again prominent by outwitting Halkett and Colman, but his great speed was his undoing, as he ran the ball past ere he could steady for shooting. To the surprise of the home crowd the visitors opened the scoring. From a nice break away by McEchern, in which he passed all opposition, he shot with such force from 20 yards and although Aitken caught the ball, he could not hold it, and thus quite unexpectedly the visitors were a goal ahead in the early minutes of the game. Templeton immediately after this went off single-handed, and near goal he shot with power, but the ball went over the bar. Then Howie tested Mutch, followed by Templeton, who again gave the visitors' custodian some cause for anxiety. The game, however, if anything, favoured Aberdeen, I and, from a corner forced by Niblo, Dalgarno narrowly missed scoring. Then Kilmarnock got the upper hand, and repeatedly Mutch had to save. At length the scores were made level, Howie beating the custodian after three attempts from close range. After some quiet play the home side got away in a body, and a high ball was sent in to Mutch. He attempted to fisted out, but Howie, in his eagerness to score, managed to knock it through with his hands. Though penalised, the home team were not long in taking the lead, so persistent was the pressure. Douglas, who got the ball from Ramsay, dashed between the backs and scored with a fast low shot. The centre almost added a third point. It was a case of Kilmarnock pressing and the visitors defending, and Mutch effected several grand saves. As was the case with their first goal, Aberdeen got their second point unexpectedly, Niblo scoring after he and O'Hagan appeared to have become hopelessly mixed. The loss of this goal was largely due to the home defence taking matters too easily. Amends were made for this near the interval, when Templeton scored the third goal for his side. How we almost scored with a fourth.

In the first minute of the second half Niblo, profiting by a pass from O'Hagan, and making rapid progress, crossed in such deadly fashion that, had a comrade been in position, a goal would have accrued. Simpson and then Low had tries, but failed, and Dalgarno, in trying to beat Aitken, received an injury to his right leg and caused him to drop out for a little time. At the other end the home lot forced Mutch to handle. Simpson, McEchern, and Niblo were soon at the other end, but a foul against the latter near the goal spoiled a good opening. Dalgarno now the turn, but was limping badly, and Niblo also showed signs of an injury, being apparently lame. Dalgarno at this stage stumbled and fell. As his injured leg had given way, he had to be carried off. By comparison with the first half the game in this portion was not nearly so interesting, the play degenerating very much. Kilmarnock were invariably the aggressors, but weak at goal, while the visitors defended well. It was Kilmarnock's came till the end, and their score should have been greater on the run of the play.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 15th March 1909

,b>Another Reverse.

Up till a certain stage of the game at Rugby Park, Aberdeen were giving as much as they got, holding their own, and shaping as if they would at least divide the points. The injury to Dalgarno, and then Niblo going lame, gave the home forwards every opportunity to press, but they were running against a sturdy defence, which held them at bay. The start was not, at all to the liking of the home side after being beaten back, MacEchern neatly tricked the defence and delivered a high angular shot which beat Aitken all the way. Encouraged by the crowd, Templeton had some fine runs along the line, and from one of his passes, Howie equalised with a short hard drive which Mutch could not look at. The next goal came from a run by Douglas, who got between the backs very cleverly. Aberdeen ought to have taken the lead before this, and their next success was deserved, though the goal appeared soft looking. Dalgarno and Simpson by their dash made a lot of ground, but they were decidedly erratic in parting with the ball, though their intention, were good. Templeton got the leading and what proved the winning goal before half-time arrived. The second period saw a considerable falling-off in Aberdeen's play forward, having only three sound men to finish with due to accidents. Plucky play by Coleman, Hume, and Mach, assisted by the halves, kept the home attack from increasing the score, which all things considered, was quite value for the 3-2 victory which they secured in the first half.

,b>Chatty Bits.,/p> It soon became known that W. Low had been summoned to Glasgow, and excitement prevailed till it was known that he was not played. The Irish International did not produce any new star to brighten the atmosphere of budding players for honours. Walker, of Clyde, did not do so well as he usually does in club games.
Watson, of Middlesbrough, who has been capped before, and lost sight of for a time, has again leapt into favour. He was slow to begin with, but soon regained his old form.
The Anglo-Scots' game should furnish fresh blood for the Crystal Palace game.
What is exercising Dundonians just now is - Can their team win the League Championship?. Their success at Paisley has reopened the question.
Dundee are suffering pretty severely from accidents just onw, and it will depend pretty much on their visit to Tynecastle.
Celtic's defeat and consequent injuries to players ought to assist the Dundonians.
England stand a good chance of winning the international championship if they put on a good team at Crystal Palace. They have already two wins, while Scotland have only one. Wales succumbed to England by 2-0 after a hard game on Monday. This result should give the English side confidence, when Scotland were defeated by 3-2.
The new Reserve League is now an accomplished fact, and all that remains is that their constitution pass muster at Carlton Place.
As was to be expected, this has caused a great flutter in Northern League circles, who naturally fear the formation of such an organisation.
At a meeting of representatives of the clubs in the Northern League, it was decided to persevere with the competition next year.
Aberdeen "A" have qualified for the Dewar Shield competition and, a meeting is to be hold shortly to set the ball a-rolling for the season.
It seems that Dalgarno's injury is more serious than was thought, and he will not be fit to play for weeks, if he again takes the field.
The Home Scots team was selected on Monday night after the Irish International, and is as follows:- Grant: Law and Richmond; McNair, Stark, and Hay; Bennett, McMenemy, Quin, Macfarlane, and H. Paul.
The Anglo-Scots team will be as follows:- Lyall; McConnachie and Cameron; Tait, H. Low, and Logan; Cameron, Higgins, Reid, Turnbull, and Anderson.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th March 1909

Kilmarnock Teamsheet
Aitken; D. Armour, Mitchell; Halley, Barrie, Glass; A. Armour, Ramsay, Douglas, Howie, Templeton
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Referee: Mr. Murray, Stenhousemuir
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