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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Clyde

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Clyde

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: McKay.
Clyde scorers: Wylie

15/01/1910 | KO:

At Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, in windy weather. Play opened very fast, with Clyde the better team, and after fifteen minutes' play the visitors scored through Wylie. Five minutes later Aberdeen equalised, MacKay scoring as the result of a faulty clearance by McTurk. The game was hotly contested right up to the interval, with the exchanges very even. Half-time - Aberdeen, one goal; Clyde, one goal. In the second half play was very keen, Aberdeen enjoying most of the game, but their light forwards were no match for the heavy defence of the Clyde. There was very little shooting on either side, and consequently the goalkeepers had little to do. After defending for almost twenty minutes, Clyde came away with great dash in the closing stages, and twice Mutch cleared dangerous shots, while Stirling missed an open goal. The pace was fast to the close, but there was no further scoring, and the match ended - Aberdeen, one goal, Clyde, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 17th January 1910

We had anticipated witnessing a good game at Pittodrie after the stirring tussle that took place at Shawfield, but on the whole, we were disappointed with the display of both teams on Saturday. Throughout the ninety minutes' play, there were great opportunities presented to the players, who could make nothing of them, and what scoring there was came about by the goalkeeper in each case having his view obscured. Rabid supporters of the home side were a. bit shocked to find that more accidents had rendered the front rank almost topsy-turvy from what we know it. Hume had been confined to the house all the week with a chill, while Lennie had not sufficiently recovered as to be considered absolutely safe for a hard game, and Charlie O'Hagan was suffering from a festered foot. Harper, who filled the position in the defence, has barely recovered from a severe illness, and was not so sure as he usually is, though his play, as a whole, was creditable to himself under the circumstances from which he was suffering.
The early passages were fast, Sterling getting In a vest amount of running, his centres being accurate and dangerous. There was little combination as a whole, the halves on either side chipping in too frequently and upsetting cohesive action. After the play had been pretty equally balanced, Wylie got the ball in a melee in front of goal and let fly to the right of Mutch, who was taken somewhat unawares, as he seemed to think the centre was marked. The ball just got past the goalkeeper and nothing more. It was a surprise move, and one that not only paid, but put life into the play. Within a few minutes Aberdeen were on equal terms, through Mackay; who fastened on to a header from Soye, and clean beat McTurk, who also had his vision obscured somewhat by one of his own men. Still we thought the effort was very clever on McKay's part.
This proved to be all the scoring, though the players could have improved on some of the crosses received, but unaccountably failed to take them up. Aberdeen pressed most in the second period, but it was not till towards the end that the forwards seemed to realise that something more than out-field work was required to win the match, McTurk stopping one or two good shots, but power was lacking in each case. The Clyde forwards were little better in their efforts at goalmouth, the weakness in finishing being as apparent, though we expect a home side to be a little stronger in their own pitch, other things being equal. It was fair that a one-goal draw should have been the result on the run of play, but we were disappointed all over at the exhibition, and will for something better this week.


Clyde were well served by McTurk and Com¬pany in the defence, and the halves were a sturdy trio, Wylie being most conspicuous by clever footwork. In the attack Sterling was most dangerous, and required careful watching, and he got more rope on this occasion than at Shawfield, for Harper did not hold him so well as Hume. Wise is a rushing centre, who kept Wilson on the trot all the time. On the home side Mutch was safe and Colman improved on his previous week's display. Harper, as already remarked, will do better once he has completely recovered, and got into hard work again. Millar and Davidson were on a par for honours, with Wilson very close behind them. In the attack, Murray and McEchern easily took the honours, with Mackay not far behind, though the lad lacks the inches to be successful in League football. Soye did some smart things, but got terribly mixed with some of his crosses. Simpson seemed to be dead out of form, and failed to get there several times, when we have seen him snap up the same chances without an effort. As he has not lost a game this season, perhaps he has gone a bit stale, and a week's rest might do him good.

Chatty Bits

The political excitement and meetings had an appreciable effect on the attendance at Pittodrie on Saturday.
Mister D. Liddell, who officiated as referee, objects to being barracked by the "standites," and he administered a rebuke to the offenders. While we disbelieve in barracking either player or official, the referee on Saturday was singularly unfortunate in some of his decisions. Who should say that one penalty - a very glaring one on the part of one of the Clyde players - was let slip, while he gave a corner against Aberdeen, which, if anything, should have been a goal kick. Altogether, we have seen Mr. Liddell perform better on the field than he did on Saturday.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th January 1910

Aberdeen opposed Clyde in a Scottish First Division League match at Pittodrie on Saturday afternoon. Aberdeen were somewhat below strength, lacking the services of such players as Hume, O'Hagan, and Lennie. Clyde were fully represented. There were 4000 spectators present at the start. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Harper; Davidson, Wilson, Miller; C. V. A. McEchern, Simpson, Mackay, Soye, H. Murray.
Clyde: McTurk; Watson, Blair; Walker, Wyllie, Robertson; Stirling, McCartney, Wyse, McGeachan, Grier.
Referee - Mr. D. J. Liddell. Glasgow.

The visitors were early on the move, and Stirling forced a corner in the first minute, but this like one which followed under similar circumstances immediately afterwards proved futile. H. Murray brought relief to the homesters, and his pass to the right was weakly centered by Simpson and Blair cleared. Aberdeen followed up, and Mackay was nearing McTurk when he fouled Watson and the danger was averted. Colman returned nicely, and Soye getting possession started a movement which his partner nullified by crossing high. A long kick by Watson which was followed up saw Harper concede a corner. This was cleared, and McEchern relieved matters by centring neatly, but H. Murray misjudged his cross and lost a likely chance of opening the score. Neat placing by Davidson again let the amateur right winger away, but he crossed badly. After this, Clyde, through Stirling, invaded the homesters territory, and Wyllie had a long effort at Mutch, who easily cleared. Wilson led the way for Aberdeen, but a judicious pass back from Blair to Wilson brought relief and a goal in its wake. Wyse rushed in and Harper and then Mutch cleared weakly and Wyllie scored with a shot that was obviously meant to be a pass forward, the ball bouncing over Mutch's head into the net. Mackay sounded the retaliation note for Aberdeen, but Watson's kick was defiance, and Aberdeen were again sent to their own end, where Wyse and Grier in turn lost a great chance of increasing the visitors' lead by missing a cross from Stirling. Wilson and Simpson headed an Aberdeen rally, and the last named's centre was headed to Mackay's foot by Soye in the centre equalised after McTurk handled. The homesters attacked spiritedly after this, and strong kicking by Colman helped to keep play in Clyde territory, and Watson fouled the scoring-like drive by Murray a penalty area but the referee did not see the incident. Stirling, who had all along been prominent with wing dashes, again came to the assistance of his side, but the attack was repulsed. Then followed a period of uninteresting play, and the sequence was only broken when Mutch had to fist away a long punt from Blair. Clyde got a corner through sterling, but Simpson headed an Aberdeen sortie, and a long kick by Wilson bounced in front of McTurk and went an inch over the bar. Played became dull, and on several occasions the homesters were pulled up for offside, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Colman robbed Wyse when the Clyde pivot was about to shoot, and at the other end McTurk cleared weakly, and Soye, catching on, headed inches high. Aberdeen attacked near the interval but did not look like scoring.

After the first minute flash by McEchern for Aberdeen, Grier sent squarely over in front of Mutch, but Colman cleared. Give and take play of an uneventful nature followed for a time, each side being inclined to hesitate, and this lost both opportunities to make ground. Mackay was a steady Trier for the locals, but his sparsity of the inches and weight told in Clyde's favour. For a time the teams gave a miserable exhibition and a number of spectators left the ground early, obviously owing to this fact. Dilly dallying with the ball and overdoing off the dribbling game were the chief faults of the homesters, and bad placing and lack of cohesion those of Clyde. The visitors were the oftener dangerous, and Mutch was not without anxious moments. Grier forced a corner, and Robertson catching up the clearance had a 30 yards drive which struck the side of the net, while a minute later, Clyde keeping up the pressure, Mutch had to clear from Wyse. At McTurk's end Mackay got in a shot, but the custodian easily cleared. At times Clyde were prone to use their superior weight and the crowd showed its disapproval. McCartney missed a golden chance for Clyde when he shot wide from 2 yards' range. Clyde were superior in the closing stages, and more than once their inrushes looked as if they would be capped by goals. None came, however, and a disappointing game ended in a draw.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 17th January 1910

Clyde Teamsheet
McTurk; Watson, Blair; Walker, Wyllie, Robertson; Stirling, McCartney, Wyse, McGeachan, Grier
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. D. J. Liddell, Glasgow
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