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Celtic 2 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Celtic 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Celtic scorers: Quinn, Johnstone

09/04/1910 | KO:

At Glasgow. Aberdeen had the assistance of the breeze in the first half, and for the most part were the attacking side, but they were well held in check by the steady play of the home defence. The Aberdeen front rank played fine football up to a point, but were weak finishers. The second half was a repetition of the first, only the boot was now on the other foot. The Celtic monopolised play. The Parkheaders' first goal came from Quinn, who with a characteristic drive from outside the penalty line completely beat Mutch. Johnstone added a second, after Mutch had saved splendidly from McMenemy, the goalkeeper falling after the save. Result :- Celtic, two goals, Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 11th April 1910

Aberdeen dropped two goals and two points to the Celts on Saturday. The play was pretty much a repetition of the cup tie when Aberdeen were at Parkhead last. In the first half the Wasps held their own, though they never got many chances to shoot. Once Lennie got an open goal, and shot wildly past, and Nichol had a good drive later on. Both goalkeepers were never tested in the first half, the backs being able to account for any danger that came their way. In the mood in which the Celts were, we thought that Aberdeen played the wrong game altogether. Instead of fine combination they should have lashed the ball ahead and kept the halves running in the same manner that the Celts did, who were out to win at any price. It was anybody's game till half-way through the second half, when Quinn opened the score from an angle that few would have supposed he could have shot from. The ball deceived Mutch, struck the inside of the crossbar and rebounded onto the net. A most glaring foul inside the penalty area was overlooked by the referee, whose decisions on several occasions did not go down with the visitors at all, and this one especially was very patent to all but the official. Very seldom did Aberdeen do anything right after this, but the defence averted danger till Johnstone scored a second goal. Celts deserved to win, and they are pretty certain that the two points will do them a lot of good. Play never reached a very high standard, Aberdeen's left wing doing next to nothing in the second half, with Nichol left pretty much alone all through. It would appear as if there was a dead set against this player, for he got very little of the ball to show his powers. The right pair were more prominent, but stuck rather closely together at times, we thought. The halves were good, though Davidson was unfortunate to get hurt for a time. Colman was great at back, and Hume was also in good form. With the exception of the first goal, Mutch did very well, but it appeared to most as if he could have saved Quinn's shot.

Chatty Bits

the proposed visit of the Celtic to Aberdeen for charity may be postponed, as the Celts are down to play a Glasgow charity tie on the date arranged for.
So far as known, there are no signatures attached to paper as yet for Aberdeen.

Source: Bon-Accord, 14th April 1910

Owing to the counter attraction at Ibrox Park, there was only a fair turnout of spectators at Parkhead, Glasgow, on Saturday, when Aberdeen met Celtic in their return League fixture. At no period during the game were there over 3000 spectators. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Wilson, Millar; H. Murray, Simpson, W. D. Nichol, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Celtic: Duncan; McNair, Hay; Young, Loney, Dodds; Kivlichan, McMenemy, Quinn, Johnstone, Hamilton.
Referee - Mr. Stark, Airdrie.

Aberdeen had the wind at their back during the first half. Play opened in favour of the Celts, who early made the acquaintance of Mutch, but the goalkeeper had little difficulty in clearing a slow shot from McMenemy. Aberdeen were kept within their own half of the field during the first 10 minutes' play, but Colman and Hume were equal to the occasion, both kicking strongly and tackling with effect. The game was lacking in vim, the players on both sides taking matters quite easily, and all over there was little enthusiasm around the enclosure. Aberdeen's first attempt to make headway came from the left wing, but McNair and Young easily held Lennie and O'Hagan, the write half in particular being very difficult to beat. His height was of great value to his side, and for a time the visiting left wing pair were completely overshadowed by the tall Celtic half-back. Still Aberdeen at this stage had, if anything, the best of matters, Simpson and Murray opening out the play on the right, but somehow the Celtic backs invariably stepped in just when the visitors appeared likely to open the scoring. A long pass down the centre of the field was picked up by Quinn, who got the better of Colman, but Hume dashed in and covered up his partner. So far the goalkeepers had not been seriously tested, mainly due to the effective play of the backs on both sides. On one occasion, however, a judicious cross from Murray was missed by Hay and McNair quite close to the Celtic goal. Lennie closed in and caught up the pass, but shot outside the upright when in a splendid position for scoring. Quinn also lost a fine chance at the other end, when he shot high over the bar after Hamilton had crossed the ball from the left. Both teams were weak in their finishing, although Aberdeen were the worst offenders in this respect, for they had the most likely chances of scoring. Wilson relieved the monotony with a hard drive which almost brought a goal, Duncan being beaten, but the ball went skimming over the bar. The Celts' forwards could not get into their stride, McMenemy and Quinn being well held by Wilson and Millar. Hamilton, however, forced the play on the left, but the Celtic centre forward was quite unable to catch up the crosses sent in by Hamilton. Nicol got a fine chance of giving Aberdeen the lead after Murray had crossed the ball from the right, but the centre forward could not get round quick enough in order to get his shot in. The Aberdeen half-backs - Wilson in particular - got through a lot of useful work, and prevented the opposing front rank from getting into their usual close-passing game. There was an entire absence of shooting on the part of both teams, although Murray, Hamilton, and key of luck and crossed the ball repeatedly only to witness the backs clearing before any of the inside forwards got a chance of scoring. Young was one of the most prominent men on the Celts' side, where he'd not only tackled effectively, but also fed his forwards most judiciously. Wilson was conspicuous for Aberdeen, closely followed by Hume and Colman. Latterly the forwards fell away greatly, Murray being the best of the lot. Near half-time the Celts applied pressure at the Aberdeen goal, and but for Colman and Hume the visitors would have been a goal down at the interval. Quinn almost beat Mutch with the clever header, the centre forward catching up a high cross from Hamilton with his head, but Mutch was on the look out and cleared smartly. The home team pressed hard, but failed to beat the Aberdeen defence, and the teams crossed over level - no scoring.

The Celts started the second half in business-like style, and were evidently determined to open the scoring right away. Quinn made a lovely opening for Hamilton, who had simply to run in and shoot for goal, but the left winger sent the ball wide of the uprights. Again Hamilton got away, and once more he failed to improve upon Quinn's work. Lennie Leno raid on the Celtic Cole, which was checked by Duncan clearing, and soon the eager Celts' were at the other end of the field. Quinn was leading the front rank with marked skill, but there was a lack of finish in power on the part of the forward line as a whole. Ten minutes after the interval, however, the Glasgow men took the lead. Quinn was the scorer, and he accomplished his object with a left-foot drive from fully 5 yards outside the penalty area. Mutch was completely beaten, for he made no apparent effort to save the shot, the ball striking the under part of the crossbar and rebounding into the net. The goal had a great effect on the Celtic players, who were now playing a winning game, whereas Aberdeen appeared to lose heart. Immediately following his opening goal, Quinn tested Mutch with a terrific drive along the ground, which the goalkeeper saved on his knees. Loney next had a capital drive, the ball going straight for the net when Wilson luckily got in the way of the ball, which struck him on the back. The Celts were now all over their opponents, Aberdeen being seldom across midfield. The visitors eventually shook off the opposition, and just when Nichol had the goal at his mercy he was badly fouled by Hay inside the penalty area. It wasn't wearing infringement, but the referee ignored Aberdeen's appeal for a "penalty." Following upon this incident Celtic forwards attacked hotly, the ball being repeatedly sent into the Aberdeen goal area, where Hume, Wilson, and Colman but splendid defensive work. Mutch got rid of fast shots from Quinn and Loney, but failed to clear a hard drive from McMenemy. The ball slipped from the goalkeepers hands, Johnstone, rushing in, had simply to walk the leather into the net. The issue was now practically a foregone conclusion. Aberdeen rallied near the close, but generally found McNair and Hay ready for all emergencies.

The half-time verdict was quite in accordance with their arm of the play, but the second half went greatly in favour of the Celts, who were quite value for their win.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th April 1910

N.B. The match was played in opposition to the Cup Final, which was played at Ibrox Park between Clyde and Dundee.
Celtic Teamsheet
Duncan; McNair, Hay; Young, Loney, Dodds; Kivlichan, McMenemy, Quinn, Johnstone, Hamilton
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Celtic Park, Glasgow
Referee: Mr Stark, Airdrie
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