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St. Mirren 2 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: St. Mirren 2 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: Weir 5, Milne

31/12/1910 | KO:

Before an estimated 8000 spectators, at Paisley. From the onset St. Mirren went off with great dash, and the forwards gave the Aberdeen defence a good deal of trouble. Continuous pressure was maintained for some time by the Saints, and at last their efforts were rewarded, when Weir, one of the home half-backs, beat King with a fast shot from about twenty yards out. The visitors went away strongly after this reverse, but they could make nothing of the home defence. Repeated efforts were abortive, and then Milne added to the paisley score from a corner finely placed by Husband. From this point to the interval St. Mirren showed undoubted superiority, Aberdeen seldom crossing midfield, and but for the sturdy defence of Colman and Hume the local forwards would, more than probably, have scored more goals. The second half was very much a repetition of the first in respect of the character of the play. From a fine cross by R. Cunningham, Milne headed the ball through, but as one of the Aberdeen players had handled it on its journey, the Saints were awarded a penalty. J. Cunningham took the kick, but King brought off a good save. After this his stronghold suffered severe bombardment. Up to the last Aberdeen played a vigorous game, and managed to keep the Saints from a greater victory. Result:- St. Mirren, two goals; Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd January 1911

The return League game between Aberdeen and Saint Mirren was played off at Love Street Grounds, Paisley, on Saturday, and resulted in a win for Saint Mirren by 2 goals to nil. About 7000 spectators witnessed the match in dull weather. The teams were:-

St Mirren: Duncan; Reid, E. H. Riddell; Paton, Robertson, Weir; R. Cunningham, J. Cunningham, McDougall, Milne, Husband.
Aberdeen: King; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Wyllie, Millar; Soye, Murray, McIntosh, Travers, Neilson.
Referee - Mr. J. R. W. Ferguson, Falkirk.

St Mirren won the toss, and during the first half played with the breeze in their favour. After each goal had been visited in turn, the Saint Mirren took the game in hand, Colman and Hume being kept fully employed. Good work by the brothers Cunningham led up to a fine opening, were the outside right shot past when in a favourable position. Keeping up the pressure, the home team came very near scoring on the left, but Colman managed to get the ball a way. 5 minutes after the start, however, Weir scored for the paisley team with a fast drive from 20 yards' range. The goalkeepers you appeared to be blocked, although he managed to get at the ball with his hands, but failed to retain possession of the leather. This early success had a marked effect on the St Mirren players, and all were they were easily the better side. Forcing tactics by travers and Neilson brought the play to the other end of the field, but the strong return by Reid carried the ball right into the Aberdeen goalmouth. A corner followed, the outcome being a narrow escape of the Aberdeen goal, a header from R. Cunningham just missing the net. Effective blocking by the Saint Mirren half-backs prevented Aberdeen from settling down in the front rank. Robertson, centre half, was prominent with a lovely drive for goal, which King saved right under the bar. A breakaway by Neilson was followed up with a cross from the left winger, the ball travelling to the right wing. Murray, however, made a bad miss in his effort and goal, sending the ball high over the bar. Play seldom lingered for any length of time in Saint Mirren territory, the Aberdeen forwards being easily held off by the home backs, Riddell in particular playing a grand defensive game. McDougall was prominent in the Saint Mirren attack, but was somewhat erratic in his shooting. On one occasion, however, is quick following-up methods almost brought a goal when Hume bind the ball against the centre forward. The leather rebounded in the direction of the net, but luckily for Aberdeen it passed outside the post. St Mirren continued to monopolise the game, and a heart attack by husband, Milne, and McDougall was followed by a corner kick. The ball was sent across to the Aberdeen goalmouth, where a scramble resulted. Several Aberdeen men attempted to get the ball away, but failed in their efforts, and finally Milne landed a second goal for his side. Wyllie tried hard to force the game for Aberdeen, and on one occasion carried the ball from midfield up to within a yard of the penalty line, when he was brought down by Robertson. Paton, however, got the ball away, but Aberdeen returned to the attack, when Soye lost a comparatively easy opening. This was followed by a daring bit of play by McIntosh, who dashed past the backs, and got quite close to goal. Paton, however, caught up the centre forward, and tackled him ere he had time to get his shot in. Saint Mirren once more to cut the attack, but there was no further scoring up to half-time, and the game stood - Saint Mirren 2, Aberdeen 0.

Aberdeen had the wind in their favour during the second half, and were soon busy at the Saint Mirren end of the field. Read shooting, however, characterised the play of the forwards, Murray sending the ball wide of the posts when well placed in front of the goal. Playing against the breeze was no handicap to the home team, and this was evident when the brothers Cunningham, splendidly back up by Paton, almost brought out a third goal. The right half went away on his own, but was forced off the ball near the goal line. A corner fell to the Saint Mirren, who would undoubtedly have scored a minute later but for a timely clearance by Wyllie under the bar. Saint Mirren maintained their good form, while Aberdeen, on the other hand, played a good deal below their best form. This was specially noticeable in the front rank, the forwards being rarely dangerous, even although at times they indulged in smart passing runs. The home defence stood up well, and were seldom in difficulties, Paton, Robertson, and Riddell being prominent. Travers and Neilson raised the hopes of the Aberdeen team with a neat movement on the left, but Neilson's cross was headed away by Robertson ere McIntosh could catch up the pass. For a time the play was dull and uneventful, both teams slowing down considerably. In Saint Mirren burst away on the right, a free-kick followed, and the ball was finally placed in the net, but the goal was knocked off for an infringement by mill. At this stage the home team were all over their opponents, and would have added to their scored but for a case of handling in the goalmouth by Hume. A penalty was awarded the Saints, but King saved grandly. Near the close the game died down considerably, the finished the most uninteresting, the only noteworthy event being a bad miss by husband, who failed to score off a pass from Paton when within a few yards of goal.

The Saint Mirren were easily the better team, and held the upper hand throughout. They were particularly strong at half-back, sound in defence, and combined two advantage in the front rank. Aberdeen played a great deal below their best form. King, however, did well in goal, although he might have saved the first point. The backs were unsteady, clearing well at times, but miskicking occasionally. 1/2-backs were all good, but the forwards deficient in shooting power. Wyllie, centre half, was injured, and left the field a quarter of an hour from the close.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd January 1911

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Duncan; Reid, E. H. Riddell; Paton, Robertson, Weir; R. Cunningham, J. Cunningham, McDougall, Milne, Husband
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. R. W. Ferguson, Falkirk