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Aberdeen 1 - 2 Kilmarnock

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Kilmarnock

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Neilson.
Kilmarnock scorers: Cunningham, Carson

30/09/1911 | KO:

At Pittodrie, Aberdeen. The visitors were unfortunate to los Smart's services through being knocked out in preliminary goal practice. Shortt took his place and Clarke partnered Templeton. Kilmarnock were smarter in the first half, and Cunningham scored the only goal of the period from a corner kick by Templeton. Aberdeen (who were minus Millar during the closing stages of the first half) rearranged their team on resuming, Hume appearing at centre, the place he so shone in during the Continental tour. Gusty wind militated against fine play. Hume being fouled close in, Aberdeen got a chance. Shortt completely missed the ball, and J. H. Neilson walked it into the net. One back play kept Templeton pretty well offside whenever he tried to do anything. Carson, by a judicious header, put the visitors up again. This concluded the scoring, and Kilmarnock were deservedly winners by two goals to one after a mediocre game owing to the wind conditions.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd October 1911


Some excitement was caused previous to the commencement of the Aberdeen-Kilmarnock football match at Pittodrie Park on Saturday afternoon by an unfortunate accident which befell Smart, the goalkeeper of the visiting club. Along with other members of his team, he was engaged in a preliminary practice, when he was hit with terrific force on the jaw and rendered insensible. He was carried to the pavilion, where he was attended by Dr. Ellis Milne, the Aberdeen club doctor. After about half-an-hour, he revived, but was unable to take his place in the team, and complained of the effects for some time afterwards.
Dr. Ellis Milne explained that the mishap had had the same effect as and knock-out blow in boxing. Dr. Milne also informed a Journal representative that Smart's heart had ceased beating for a time, and that in the period mentioned Smart's condition was most critical.


By 2 goals to 1, and after a game in which the football never reached a high standard, the Aberdeen team suffered defeats from Kilmarnock in a Scottish League game at Pittodrie on Saturday. Only about 4000 spectators witnessed the game, which was contested under unpleasant conditions for players and spectators. The high wind which prevailed interfered crate play with the play, and the cold atmosphere and occasional showers of rain did much of the enjoyable element out of the game.
An unusual accident record before the commencement of the game. Smart, the Kilmarnock goalkeeper, was rendered unconscious by being hit in the face with the ball at the preliminary practice. He had to be carried off, and was not able to take up his position. Shortt, who had been selected, for inside right took up the position, and Clark, a reserve, was played in the forward line. Kilmarnock played one short for the first 10 minutes to give Smart an opportunity of resuming. Aberdeen also were not without their misfortune, Millar, the left half-back, strained his leg, and retired altogether after the first 20 minutes. The handicaps under which both teams played had much to do with the broken nature of the play. Aberdeen were by far the more aggressive side, but their old failing at goal was again in evidence. Kilmarnock, on the other hand, we're always nippy and quick, and allowed few chances to slip.


Shortt, the substitute goalkeeper, gave a most creditable display in the first half. He made one great blunder in the second which cost his side a goal. Greig, who substituted king in the home goal, gave a masterly display, and it was owing to some brilliant saving by him and grand clearances by Colman that Kilmarnock's margin of victory was not greater. At times Aberdeen were clever individually. They were often dangerous in the first period, when they had the assistance of the wind, but wretched finishing and Shortt's fine saving kept goals from them. Kilmarnock concentrated themselves on defence for quite a long period after the start, but once they had found Aberdeen's weakness and Millar had gone off the seldom lost opportunities to make ground, and Aberdeen's defence was often in difficulties. Aberdeen were the more dangerous for a time after the interval, when the experimented with their players, Hume going centre forward and Colman playing the one back game. This game upset the visitors repeatedly, yet in the later stages they fairly asserted themselves, and as stated, Colman and Greig, by brilliant play, staved off a heavier defeat for Aberdeen.

The first incident of note was a good dribble and shot by Wood, but Shortt knocked the ball down, and it was cleared. Keeping up the pressure, Aberdeen found the net through Wilson, but the goal was disallowed for an infringement. With their 10 men and against the elements, Kilmarnock put up stubborn opposition. The pact their goal, and numerous efforts by the home side with charged down. The visiting forwards, once they got on the run, were a swift moving a lot, and Carson, when admirably placed, lost a great chance by shooting badly. Shortt cleared a clever hook shot from Wilson, and later a drive from J. H. Neilson he tipped over the bar. Once Clark had taken the field, Kilmarnock altered their game and were as much in attack as in defence. Templeton secured a corner from Wyllie, and, following upon this, Cunningham scored with a low ball, which glanced into the net off the upright. On their respective sides, J. H. Neilson and Cunningham were prominent with smart dribbling, but none of the movement's originated by them were allowed to mature. Miller having retired injured, Wilson went right half, Davidson crossed to the left position, and for forwards were played. Aberdeen's goal had a narrow escape, Greig running out and picking up from Clark's toes when that player must have scored. Soye tried hard to break through the solid Kilmarnock defence. He was to be seen cutting over to the left, but all to no purpose, while he had a great drive which went high. Kilmarnock were not without their share of the pressure, and Armour, after a good dribble, had an effort, which struck the side net. While the game and generally was well contested in this period, there was really little to enthuse one, and Kilmarnock, considering they had the worst of the conditions, deserve their interval the lead.


The playing of Hume as centre-forward in the second half was regarded with mixed feelings by the crowd. On the Kilmarnock side, Clark and Carson changed places. Aberdeen were first prominent, Soye failing to centre after a good combined movement. Hume gave dash to the home attack, and was fouled outside the penalty area. The equalising goal followed in sensational fashion. Wyllie lifted the free-kick well into goal, and Shortt, going out to meet the ball, completely missed his kick, and left a yawning goal for J. H. Neilson to score. The visitors played determinedly after this, and Greig saved well from a corner. The goalkeeper was much in the game after this. He gathered the ball from the feet of Cunningham, and in quick succession saved at the expense of corners from Clark and Templeton. There was a period of end to end play. Colman repeatedly checked the Kilmarnock forward line, and on the opposite side Kirkwood and Mitchell, if not so brilliant, played very soundly. The winning goal came as the result of a run and centre by Templeton, Carson heading through. After this the leaders looked like increasing their advantage, and after Templeton had broken down the defence, Greig felled full length and effected a brilliant save. Near the finish Hume had a stingless effort at Shortt. The Aberdeen players and a section of the crowd claimed that the ball had gone over the line before it was cleared, but the referee paid no heed to the appeal, and Aberdeen retired beaten at home for the third time this season.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd October 1911

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Greig, Colman, Hume, Davidson, Wyllie, Millar, Soye, Neilson, Wilson, Wood, Lennie.
Kilmarnock Teamsheet
Shortt; Kirkwood, Mitchell; Orr, Barrie, Allan; Armour, Cunningham, Carson, Clarke, Templeton
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
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