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Aberdeen 2 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Pirie, Pirie.

17/01/1925 | KO: 14:30


Aberdeen with their rearranged team thoroughly deserved their victory over Partick Thistle by two clear goals, both scored by Pirie, who was tried at centre-forward. Pirie might, however, have made more of numerous opportunities he received from A. Jackson and Smith on the right and left wings. Both those players played the long passing game to some purpose. Aberdeen's forwards were greatly handicapped by the stubborn defensive play of Partick's custodian Ramsay, and the backs, Paton and Crichton, the latter a substitute for Donald, and also McMullan, left half-back. Ness and Miller were Partick's more aggressive forwards, and in the early stages of the match the latter had hard lines in not scoring. For Aberdeen, Hutton, Forsyth, and J. Jackson were a power in defence, and A. Jackson, R. Bruce, and Smith were prominent in a vigorous attack.

Source: The Scotsman, 19th January 1925

Aberdeen registered their first in 1925 at Pittodrie on Saturday, when they defeated Partick Thistle by 2 goals to 0. It was a stirring and gruelling encounter - reminiscent of a cup-tie at times - and was greatly enjoyed by 15,000 spectators. Aberdeen were the better team, but it was not until they attained their second goal, when the second half was well advanced, that their superiority became marked. Previous to that Thistle indulged in swinging passes, which often disconcerted the Aberdeen defence, but afterwards, when the home attack adopted a similar policy, the boot was on the other foot. In a desperate endeavour get better results, Aberdeen experimented with Pirie at centre-forward, and, as he obtained his team's two goals, the policy was justified and vindicated. Pirie used his height and weight to advantage. His bustling tactics greatly upset the Thistle defence, and, although he did not impress as a shot, he easily paid his way, as, apart from his two goals, he opened out the play well. Bruce, who was tried at inside right, gave a very effective display, and, in addition to having two of the best shots of the afternoon, he was always a forceful raider and plied his colleagues with many accurate passes. W. Jackson did not strike his best form until the closing stages, but then he initiated many clever movements, and the wingers, A. Jackson and Smith, had many effective runs. At half-back, J. Jackson and MacLachlan were always prominent, but Davidson, who took the place of Edward (injured), scarcely touched the form of the other two half-backs. Hutton and Forsyth put up a resolute defence, and Blackwell was very sure in goal.<.br> Thistle proved themselves a good team. Ramsay in goal effected several brilliant and daring saves, and it was due to him that his team did not sustain a heavier defeat. Paton, if often troubled by the speed and trickiness of Smith, was the better back, Crichton who substituted Donald left back, not having the speed to cope with A. Jackson. Among the half backs, McMullan was outstanding, indeed, he was the best on the field. Chatton and Gibson also played well, but were better in destructive than in constructive play. Miller, the ex-Aberdeen player, led the forwards skilfully, but, while he distributed the ball well, he was none too effective at close range, although very unfortunate not to score on one occasion when he sent a beautiful drive against the upright. Kinloch and Grove were tricky inside forwards, but the wingers, Ness and Salisbury, did not respond like the Aberdeen extreme men, whose centres were always more accurate and dangerous. In a gruelling encounter several players came by slight mishap, J. Jackson, MacLachlan, and Hutton on the Aberdeen side, and Miller and Ramsay of Thistle all required trainer's attention.


A warm pace was set from the start. Thistle were the first to get in a thrust, and, following a centre by Ness, Miller swept in a great drive which beat Blackwell, but the ball found the upright and rebounded into play to be cleared by J. Jackson. Aberdeen were kept defending for a time, and it was only good covering by the backs and half-backs that kept the attackers at bay. Ultimately, forcing play by Pirie caused Crichton to concede a corner, and Ramsay ran out and fisted clear from A. Jackson's well-placed flag-kick. Pirie and Bruce greatly troubled the Thistle defence, and there were several exciting passages in front of the visitors' goal. Bruce forced another corner, and Ramsay, at full length, eluded Pirie to scrape the ball behind, following a header by A. Jackson. The pressure by Aberdeen was maintained, and Hutton and Bruce both shot past. By long-swinging tactics Thistle ultimately got back to the attack, and Salisbury sent the ball against the outside of the net. He was more accurate a minute later, when he caused Blackwell to fist clear. The play ruled fast from end to end, and, following a free kick by W. Jackson, Pirie headed over. In a desperate rush by the Aberdeen forwards, Ramsay dashed out and kicked clear when Pirie had passed the backs, and later A. Jackson headed on to the roof of the net off an accurate return by Bruce. There was intense excitement when Smith centred, and, after Ramsay had failed to fist clear, Pirie headed the ball inches wide of the goal. Following this, Pirie gave A. Jackson a chance, but the winger shot wildly. The Thistle goal had another narrow escape when A Jackson cut in and put the ball to Pirie's foot. The centre-forward shot, but the ball was deflected, and Crichton just managed to avert disaster at the expense of a corner. Bruce and J. Jackson were both injured, and had to be treated at the side field. While the latter was absent, Forsyth went to centre-half and placed very accurately to the forwards, but they were slow to gather, and before they could recover the defenders relieved. Bruce volleyed in a terrific shot from 25 yards, and Ramsay just managed to deflect the ball against the crossbar, off which it bounced for a corner. Three minutes from the interval Pirie gave Aberdeen a well-deserved lead. A. Jackson centred accurately, and, from a crowd of players, the centre-forward Jumped high and headed the ball out of Ramsay's reach. Thistle came very near to equalising immediately, Blackwell saving finely a hard drive by Miller.


Thistle were first to make headway on resuming, and Davidson cleared a dangerous cross from Ness. Subsequent to this, there was a prolonged defensive duel in midfield, interrupted only occasionally by bursts away by the wingers on either side. Kinloch dashed ahead to let Ness off and square, but the first named overran the ball and Forsyth cleared. At the other end Paton disposed of a dangerous centre by Smith. Each defence was tested in turn after this. Miller shot against the side-net for Thistle, and Paton was fortunate to get in the way of a terrific shot by Smith. Following this the Partick right back conceded a corner when he misjudged a pass back just wide of the goal. Following the corner kick, Pirle was penalised for a charge on Ramsay, who was injured, but was able to carry on. Hutton conceded a corner, but offside gave Aberdeen relief, and following this, Blackwell had to hold a long high shot from McMullan. At the other end, Ramsay saved finely from A. Jackson, and immediately afterwards had a wonderful clearance from a terrific shot by Bruce. The Aberdeen wingers developed liveliness, and harassed by Pirie, the Thistle defenders were hard put to it dispose of their centres. After 35 minutes Aberdeen increased their lead. Smith swung over a beautiful centre, and similarly as he had done in the first half, Pirie headed the ball into net. The Thistle attack again came into the limelight, and Blackwell saved a tremendous drive off a free kick by Miller. On the home right, A. Jackson beat all opposition, and cut in towards goal, and it was a near thing when Ramsay dashed out and kicked clear when the winger was in the act of shooting. Following this, the Aberdeen forwards were rampant. Smith and W. Jackson had shots that went wide, and later Ramsay brought off a fine save from the home inside left. The game was interrupted while MacLachlan and Miller had injuries attended to, the latter changing places with Ness on resuming. In the closing stages, the Thistle defence was hard pressed, but no further scoring took place, and Aberdeen proved worthy winners of a thrilling struggle.

Source: Press & Journal, 19th January 1925

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Ramsay; Paton, Crichton; Gowan, Chatton, McMullan; Ness, Kinloch, Miller, Grove, Salisbury
Attendance: 15,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: J. Dougray, Barrhead