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St. Mirren 2 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: Gebbie, Gebbie
Aberdeen scorers: Hill, McLean 60.

23/02/1931 | KO:


St Mirren's Freak Equaliser.


With a weakened team, Aberdeen effected a meritorious draw with St Mirren at Paisley, each scoring twice, but on the balance and standard of play Aberdeen deserved to win.

ln a postponed League game at Love Street, Paisley, yesterday, Aberdeen and St Mirren divided four goals. Both teams were under strength owing to casualties. With Yorston injured in Saturday's international at Ireland, Aberdeen made the experiment of playing Hill, Scotland s left-half at centre-forward, and Falloon, Ireland's inside-right figured at left-half, while McLean crossed from outside-left to outside-right. In addition Legge was brought in at left-back, Smith at outside left and David at inside left.
St Mirren, who are still in the cup-ties, also fielded a team below strength.

A Great Fluke.

On the run play and its quality, Aberdeen should have won well, and the fact that St Mirren got a draw was one the biggest flukes of the season.
This how it happened.
After the first few minutes of the second half, Aberdeen were making all the running, and Fotheringham and company had been performing prodigies, when the Paisley forwards broke away, and a cross shot by Gebbie, which Smith, the Aberdeen keeper, had taken position for and must have saved, struck Jackson on the leg and was deflected out of the goalkeeper's reach. When this happened, St Mirren looked more likely to fall further in arrears than draw level.
It was a freak of the game, and Aberdeen were the victims, because it made all the difference between the winning of two points instead of one.
It was a most interesting game. Aberdeen, after a rather hurried journey, took some time to settle down, and for the first fifteen minutes were almost entirely on the defensive. Smith, Jackson, Legge, and McLaren had done their utmost before Gebbie gave St Mirren the lead with a fast grounder from Stewart's cross in eleven minutes.

An Elixir.

That reverse proved an elixir for Aberdeen. They fought back in great style, and after Smith, Hill, McLean, McDermid and McLaren had gone close, Hill met a perfect centre by McLean to head a wonderful equaliser.
Subsequently Smith, the Aberdeen goalkeeper, had two great saves, one them at full length by McCrae being masterpiece, but on the general run of the game Aberdeen might have been leading at half-time.

McLean's Goal.

As in the first half, Aberdeen took some time to settle down in the second period, and their defence during a trying time stood them in good stead.
Gradually they took a grip, and for half-an-hour Fotheringham was the busiest player on the field. All the forwards, and McLaren and Falloon, had pops at the Paisley goal, and Fotheringham effected some fine saves.
After fifteen minutes it was only Aberdeen's due when McLean, close in, met a centre by Smith, to turn the ball into the net.
Subsequently, the Paisley defence was overwhelmed. Many shots were blocked in front of their goal, and several just missed by narrow margins.

Dramatic Equaliser.

St Mirren rearranged their attack in an effort to save the game. Reorganisation brought no improvement, but it was in a spasmodic raid that the Paisley team got the equaliser, which was all against the run of play.
Following this, Aberdeen came away with a terrific burst, and from Smith's cross, Hill had a great effort stopped in miraculous fashion by Fotheringham.
Until the end Aberdeen had the better of the exchanges, but, although they, deserved it, could not take the lead.

Aberdeen's Recoveries.

All over, Aberdeen gave a fine display of virile and clever football. They were slow to settle in both periods, but, having found their "feet," gave a grand account of themselves.
Smith was masterly and Jackson and Legge, especially the former, despite the accidental concession of a goal, were splendid backs. The mainstay of the outfield defence, however, was McLaren, who has seldom played better, his defence and initiation of attack being brilliant. It was the second half until Falloon found his form, when he was grand, and Black was splendid from start to finish.

Brilliant McDermid.

Easily the best forward on the field was McDermid. All over the place, his positional play never suffered. On one occasion he dribbled the ball for forty yards, and then gave McLean a chance to shoot for Fotheringham to tip over the bar. The Aberdeen captain was the outstanding personality on the field.
McLean at outside-right also played brilliantly, sending over many excellent centres. Smith and David did not touch their best form in the first half, but in the later period both came away in fine style.
Hill tried hard as centre-forward, but, although showing cleverness, was obviously out of position.

St Mirren.

St Mirren were lucky to save a point. They had to thank Fotheringham for much. Miller was the better back, and of the halves Colquhoun and Wilson defended well without having much of a constructive policy.
There was a certain amount of cleverness among the forwards, of whom Gebbie and Stewart were best, but Aberdeen always carried the punch.
There were 3000 spectators.

Source: Press & Journal, 24th February 1931

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Fotheringham: Walker, Miller; Colquhoun, Wilson, McDougall; E. Sloan, Gebbie, McCrae, Reilly, Stewart
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley
Referee: J. Baillie, Motherwell
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