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Aberdeen 0 - 2 St. Mirren

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 2 St. Mirren

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: McCrae, Knox

20/02/1932 | KO: 15:00


Aberdeen sustained another defeat in their Scottish League fixture at Pittodrie Park, and St Mirren's victory by two clear goals was well deserved. Throughout the visitors showed their superiority in attack and in their finishing, and they were worth more than the couple of goals which were so well taken by McCrae and Knox, both of whom worked in capital combination with the other front line players. Aberdeen's new player, Mooney, signed the previous day from Stenhousemuir was well watched by a crowd of over 10,000, but did little of note till about fifteen minutes from the close, when he tested Fotheringham with a very likely shot which was saved at the expense of a resultless corner. St Mirren's outstanding players were Knox, McRae, and Rankine in the front line, and the backs, Hay and Strain, who frustrated many an Aberdeen attack. Aberdeen's weakness lay in ineffective attack, poor finishing too frequently disappointing the spectators. Love was one of the greatest sinners in this respect, being off form and too often sending the ball past instead of between the goalposts. Even when there was a rearrangement of the front line midway through the second half, with Love going to the centre-forward and Warnock shifting from left to right wing, there was not much improvement.

Source: The Scotsman, 22nd February 1932

Superior finishing power was the main factor in enabling St Mirren to defeat Aberdeen at Pittodrie Park. The visitors' victory was well deserved, for they played the better football throughout. They held the advantage at half-back so far as constructive play went, and forward they carried a punch, which was entirely lacking from the home team?s attack.
St Mirren got an early lead. A powerful drive by Knox hit the cross-bar and McCrae headed the ball through from the rebound. Several chances to equalise were missed by Aberdeen before Knox put the visitors further ahead a few minutes from the interval. Aberdeen fought hard to reduce the leeway in the second half, but a sturdy defence and their own lack of penetration nullified their efforts. McCrae and Knox headed several dangerous raids for the visitors, and only smart goalkeeping by Smith prevented St Mirren increasing their lead.
Cooper was the better Aberdeen back. Mooney, Aberdeen?s recruit from Stenhousemuir, who was at left half-back, found Knox a difficult proposition, but cam away well in the closing stages. Love was Aberdeen's best forward, but the line as a whole lacked combination. In a sound St Mirren team Walker and Miller played a strong forcing game. Knox was the outstanding forward, and McCrae was not far behind.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 22nd February 1932

Aberdeen Team's Poor Marksmanship


Aberdeen once again disappointed their supporters on Saturday, when St Mirren triumphed at Pittodrie by two goals to nil. The home team were well beaten, and, after McRae had given the visitors the lead within four minutes, never looked like winning. The Paisley side revealed their best form and were superior in every department.

The discrepancies between the elevens were most marked at half-back and forward. The visitors' soundness in defence enabled their intermediate line to co-operate with the forwards, with the result that they were always dangerous in attack.
On the other hand, the Aberdeen halves did fairly well in defence, but failed to keep the in touch with their forwards. Th efront line dislayed a lack penetration. Several of the forwards showed smart individual touches, but there was little or no combined work, and not one of them carried a shot.
The changes made twenty mad twenty minutes from the finish, when Warnock went to outside-right, David to outside-left, and Love to centre, proved useless.

Aberdeen's Sound Defence

On the Aberdeen side Smith, Cooper, McGill and Falloon all played well in defence, but only Love of the forwards met with any success.
Warnock was never comfortable on the left wing, and Adam, although a hard worker, did not inspire confidence. Little was seen of David, who was completely subdued by Walker. Beattie showed glimpses of cleverness, but was no more successful than his colleagues.
Mooney, the left-half, whom Aberdeen secured from Stenhousemuir on Friday, was poor in the first half, but improved later, and should be better once he has settled down.
St Mirren were best served in defence by Hay, Walker, and Miller, and in attack Knox and McCrae were outstanding.

Description of Play.

Knox dashed away four minutes after the start, and his shot rebounded off the crossbar to McCrae, who headed into the net. Aberdeen immediately replied, and Love burst through to send past. Fotheringham punched clear from a corner, and shots by David and Adam were blocked.
Play was soon at the other end, where Smith held a smart shot from Rankine and punched away a dangerous lob from Workman.
Love took play to the other end, but although the St Mirren defence was well tested, Fotheringham was not troubled, and two corners was the only result of Aberdeen's pressure. Fotheringham was in action to a long clearance from McGill, and Warnock shot over from a Love cross.
McCrae, the Saints' leader, broke away, and, after eluding the two backs, let go a terrific shot which Smith did well to save. Three minutes from the interval St Mirren went further ahead. McCrae had slipped away, and while the home defence was wide open he slipped the ball to Knox, who scooped it into the net.
Aberdeen showed a slight improvement in the second half, and Beattie, after smart work, shot over. The homesters kept up the pressure but could not get in touch with Fotheringham. The ball bobbed about the St Mirren penalty area, but so well did the visitors cover their goal that every shot by the Aberdeen forwards struck a defender.

David Misses a Chance

From a nice Adam slip David had a chance, but lifted the ball over. St Mirren retaliated and Smith did well to save two excellent tries by Knox.
It was twenty-four minutes after the start when Aberdeen rearranged their attack, but it made not the slightest difference. Smith continued to be busy, and saved smartly from Miller, Mclndoe, and Workman.
Mooney broke through on the left and finished a smart run with an equally good shot, which, fortunately, Fotheringham was in a position to save.
Towards the close Aberdeen made a last desperate spurt, and Love and Falloon had good tries, but the St Mirren goal remained intact.

Attendance, 11,000.

Source: Press & Journal, 22nd February 1932

Aberdeen Teamsheet
Smith, Cooper, McGill, Fraser, Falloon, Mooney, Love, Beattie, David, Adam, Warnock.
St. Mirren Teamsheet
Fotheringham; May, Strain; Gebbie, Walker, Miller; Knox Workman, McCrae, McIndoe, Rankine
Attendance: 10,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: J. Baillie, Motherwell
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