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Aberdeen 6 - 1 Aberdeen University

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Aberdeen University

Scottish Qualifying Cup Third Round
Aberdeen scorers: Low, McAulay, Mackie, Mackie, Low, Mackie.
Aberdeen University scorers: McDonald

08/10/1904 | KO:

For the second Saturday in succession the above teams faced each other to decide which of them would struggle into the Scottish Cup proper. Aberdeen had some changes from last week, Strang taking his usual place at centre-half, Shiach going outside left in place of Ritchie while the general utility man, James Mackie, performed at centre forward. The 'Varsity had a similar team out except that Gerrard took the place of Brebner, who had strained a muscle of his leg. About 2000 spectators witnessed the start in cold, gusty weather, the teams lining up as follows:- Aberdeen - McFarlane; Murray and D. McNicol; Halkett, Strang, and Low; J. Robertson, G. McNicol, Mackie, McAulay, and Shiach. University - R. S. Clark; Gerrard and J. Clark; Ross, Sangster and Gourlay; A. Smith, A. Milne, J. Milne, McDonald and Anderson. Referee - Mr Nisbet, Edinburgh. Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off westwards, and though they had the worst of the wind, at once started to press. 'Varsity's goal underwent a narrow escape from a run down by McAulay and Mackie, Ross clearing at a very opportune moment. 'Varsity next had a look in but Allan Milne shot past the post after a good run by Smith. A run down by the "Wasps" resulted in Mackie being left with an open goal and missing badly. Mackie let Robertson off a moment later, but J. Clark dropped him when about to shoot. 'Varsity next got down through Anderson, but Allan Milne put his cross wide of the mark. Shiach, at the other end, shot wildly over the bar when favourably situated. Another dash by Anderson and McDonald resulted in McNicol flooring both of them just outside the dreaded line, Gourlay sending wide from the free kick. Aberdeen's left wing got down, and Shiach gave Clark a hot one to hold. The goalkeeper, however, cleared despite the close attentions of Jim Mackie, who was cautioned by Mr Nisbet for his robust tactics. Clark saved finely from Mackie and Halkett, but the 'Varsity again getting down made play on the left, the ball being cleared by McNicol after McDonald looked dangerous. A minute later Smith dashed away on the right, and on crossing over McFarlane missed his kick, and McDonald catching on, planted the ball in the net twenty minutes from the start. The 'Varsity did not enjoy their lead long, however, as Low, getting the ball about forty yards out, equalised half a minute from the kick-off amid loud cheers fro the Aberdeen supporters. 'Varsity had a good share of the play for some minutes after the kick-off, but Murray eventually relieved the pressure, and Clark's charge was subjected to a severe bombardment, the custodian clearing on several occasions from good shots sent in by Mackie, Robertson and McAulay. A good run from 'Varsity forwards made McFarlane look lively with a good shot by J. Milne, and the Aberdeen forwards going off with a rush afterwards, the "Reds" goal was absolutely bombarded, Jim Mackie especially being dead on the mark with his shooting. Aberdeen kept the 'Varsity in their own territory, except for an occasional breakaway by the Reds' outside men, though the fine efforts of the College halves and backs kept them from scoring. From one of these sudden dashes, a misunderstanding between Murray and McFarlane very nearly gave a goal away, and as it was the corner was only cleared temporarily, the return punt by J. Clark being narrowly sent past by McDonald. Anderson next got away for 'Varsity, but threw away his chance by sand dancing, which allowed Halkett to race in and clear. The Dundee man placed splendidly to Mackie, but the "fairmer" after a good run finished strongly but wide of the mark, being hampered by Gerrard hanging on to him. A rapid excursion east by McDonald made McFarlane look lively, but from now till the interval Aberdeen pressed heavily, though no further scoring took place. Half-time:- Aberdeen, 1; 'Varsity, 1.

Rain fell heavily during the interval, but had ceased "pro tem." when the teams reappeared. Mackie got hold of Milne's kick-off and made tracks east, but was finely pulled up by J. Milne. Two excursions by the Aberdeen forwards resulted in the ball being sent behind by McNicol and Shiach. A run and cross by Anderson was well taken by Smith, who shot hard and straight at goal, but Murray headed out before the ball reached McFarlane. Some exciting passages at arms next occurred between D. McNicol and Low and 'Varsity's right wing, in which the Aberdeen men emerged victorious. Clark in clearing a shot from Mackie ran out of his goal, and G. McNicol catching his throw-out, passed to McAulay, who had a clear field, and scored with a fast grounder ten minutes from the restart. Half a minute later Mackie got away and sent the ball into the net with a similar shot. Aberdeen with a two goal lead played strongly and G. McNicol missed unaccountably from close in. Low had a good shot which Ross diverted at the expense of a corner, which Gourlay cleared. After a few spasmodic attacks by the 'Varsity, Aberdeen kept up a very inaccurate bombardment of Clark's charge but most of the shots were simple or wide. At last Mackie tearing down the field caught J. Clark's kick on his shin and the ball bounded into the net out of R. S. Clark's reach. Immediately after, following a corner off Gourlay, Low got hold about 15 yards out and made no mistake about number five. The 'Varsity were now a beaten team though they still played pluckily, Sangster going "centre-back" to endeavour to keep the score down. Shiach sent across a good centre which Mackie missed after having the goal at his mercy, Robertson, however, catching the ball on the line hit the post with a terrific shot. Immediately afterwards Mackie got away on his own and easily beat Clark. Five goals in twenty minutes did not dishearten the 'Varsity, and Anderson and McDonald made several excursions towards McFarlane which were generally nipped in the bud by Halkett or Murray. Clark saved a splendid shot which G. McNicol sent in with lightning speed from the corner flag, and afterwards Shiach was dangerous on several occasions, the left winger being beautifully fed by McAulay. Robertson executed a brilliant run and cross, only to see his pass missed wildly. Gerrard shifted the ball up the field, Anderson initiated some refreshing runs to the other end but received little support from the other 'Varsity forwards, and as a result his crosses were always punted out by McNicol. Aberdeen slackened down towards the close, several of the players changing positions, and an uninteresting game ended with the scores:- Aberdeen, 6; University, 1. The gate amounted to £73.

Source: Aberdeen Free Press, Monday 10th October 1904

Aberdeen met Aberdeen University at Pittodrie in the replay for entrance to the fourth round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup competition. Cold and show the weather kept many from witnessing the match, and there was but a fair attendance. The personnel of each team was somewhat changed from the preceding Saturday, Gerard taking the place of Bremner for the 'Varsity at right back, while for Aberdeen Strang occupied his usual place at centre half; Shiach appeared at outside left, and Mackie displaced Ellis as centre. Teams:- Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, McNicol; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, G. McNicol, Mackie, McAulay, Shiach.
University: R. S. Clark; Gerrard, J. Clark; Ross, Sangster, Gourlay; A. Smith, J. Milne, McDonald, Anderson.

The 'Varsity won the toss, and chose to play with wind and sun in their favour. From the kick off the Aberdeen men assumed the offensive. A foul off Mackie gave the 'Varsity forwards an opportunity of getting down the field. Murray and McNicol, however, were equal to the location, and by smart clearing allowed the Aberdeen forwards to travel westward. Robertson almost got through. To the students, however, went the honour of opening the scoring, Macdonald from a pass from the touch line netting the sphere. The 'Varsity supporters were jubilant at this initial success, but scarcely had play been resumed when Henry Low equalised with a beauty of a shot from about thirty yards out, the 'Varsity custodian allowing the ball to slip through his hands. From this period on to half time the game was more evenly contested, Aberdeen having, if anything, the advantage. The students worked hard for an opening, but the Aberdeen defence, after last week's lesson, never allowed the opposing quintet near Macfarlane, though they were hard pressed for time by the 'Varsity's speedy forwards. On one occasion McNicol grassed two of the students' forward line when clearing, and from the resulting foul the ball was sent past. Sangster was the outstanding man in the 'Varsity's ranks, and was always to be found where the ball was. The teams stood even at half time.

A heavy shower swept the field during the interval, and there was a rush for the shelter of the stands. The shower had passed over when the teams again took the field, and the students had to face the sunshine. From the restart the Aberdeen bore down on their opponents, but faulty shooting nullified many likely openings. A weak save by Clark allowed McAulay to rush in and notch a second point for Aberdeen. The students were now falling away considerably in their play, and quite belied the reputation they earned the previous Saturday. In fact, the Aberdeen men were all over their opponents. Jamie Mackie frequently got the better of Sangster, who during the second period often miskicked. The third goal for Aberdeen was an easy effort of Mackie's. He shot from well out, and Clark seemingly made no effort to save. A few minutes later Mackie again scored, and the students appeared to feel that it was all up. They occasionally had a run down the field, but could never get past the backs, and Macfarlane was never called upon to handle. Low scored goal number five for Aberdeen after a scrimmage. Play was now becoming uninteresting. Several of the spectators appeared to find difficulty in keeping count of Aberdeen's score, and arguments were arising as to the number of goals scored. Play continued to centre around the students' goal, and it was only now a question of how many goals Aberdeen would score. Mackie brought the total up to six by slipping past the backs and beating the custodian with a low shot. The few remaining minutes of play with quite uninteresting.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 10th October 1904

Aberdeen Teamsheet
MacFarlane, Murray, McNicol, Halkett, Strang, Low, Robertson, McNicol, Mackie, McAulay, Shiach.

Bookings:  Mackie.
Aberdeen University Teamsheet
R. S. Clark; Gerrard, J. Clark; Ross, Sangster, Gourlay; A. Smith, A. Milne, J. Milne, McDonald, Anderson

Bookings:  J. Mackie
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh
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