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Milosz Ochmanski Squad Index
2021-22 Squad Number:
Date of Birth:
21st May 2006
Career History:
NOTE: Player Career history has been temporarily removed for data cleanse.
"Milosz has been on our radar all the way through the academy. He is a great example of someone who never gave up and has shown tremendous determination because he's been on trial here a number of times at various age groups. Each time he never quite made it, but always took on board the feedback and went away and improved. Two and a half years ago he finally came in and signed, and he's really developed since then in. We've seen a player there who really takes in information and he's just someone who we really aim to develop into a good player. He's a really good lad who has started to show some strong leadership qualities too.
"He's played in the Under 18s, he played up a year in juvenile football and signed from a very good Cove Boys Club side. He can play left-back or left centre-half but longer term, we're probably looking for Milosz to be challenging for the centre back position."
Gavin Levey, Academy Direcor, 20th June2022